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"Education is not only reading and writing and knowing a number of subjects, but education is for life, that is to make a person more understanding and humble, and I believe that more educated person is, more humble he is than an uneducated." 
News Flash : CONGRATULATIONS! The school has been adjudged in West Bengal No.3 and in the City of Joy, Kolkata No.3 Day Co-ed School in the Education World India School Rankings 2014.
1. Open House for VI-XII
2. Montessori Agenda n List of material
3. List Of Materials- Class V
4. materials req. class-4
5. III-List of materials
6. General Info - Uniform
7. Assembly wk 20 on Durga Puja
Beyond Curriculum>> Circulars
Title Posted On Download
Open House for VI-XII 20/10/2014 Select
Montessori Agenda n List of material 13/10/2014 Select
List Of Materials- Class V 13/10/2014 Select
materials req. class-4 13/10/2014 Select
III-List of materials 13/10/2014 Select
General Info - Uniform 29/09/2014 Select
Assembly wk 20 on Durga Puja 19/09/2014 Select
Selected candidates for PS I GIRLS Admn 16/09/2014 Select
Selected candidates for PS I BOYS Admn 16/09/2014 Select
Circular on School closing early due to Chess 15/09/2014 Select
PMs Address to students 04/09/2014 Select
Sports Coaching Notice 03/09/2014 Select
Change in schedule for SA 03/09/2014 Select
Circular for Sri Lanka Trip 03/09/2014 Select
Assembly wk 17 on unity is strength 30/08/2014 Select
Assembly wk 16 on janmashtami 21/08/2014 Select
Montessori 2015 18/08/2014 Select
Assembly wk 13 on eid 02/08/2014 Select
Admission Notice for Pre-School 2015- 2016 01/08/2014 Select
Monsoon WK 12 28/07/2014 Select
Montessori Selected candidates (2014-15) 17/06/2014 Select
CIRCULAR FOR MONTESSORI 14-15 17/06/2014 Select
Notice for Parents of PS1(2014_15) 12/03/2014 Select
LIST OF HOLIDAYS 2014 19/02/2014 Select
Uniforms & Stationery PS-1 2014-15 18/02/2014 Select
LSA Live December 2013 27/12/2013 Select
School Prayer Meaning 21/12/2013 Select
Cir.No.51 (Car Pool & Bullying) 20/11/2013 Select
Notice to Parents 17/08/2013 Select
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