International Cyberfair

 Date 26/05/2017      


Organized By  Global School Net

Highlight  We won Platinum Award in category 8: Local Music and Art form. The art chosen by us was "Patachitra". It was a Global arena to showcase talents of our school students inclined towards technology and heritage. Globally 14 schools participated in this  category, total 110 participants across the world.

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

 Date 09/05/2017                                     

Event  Rabindra Jayanti

Highlight Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated with an opening Ceremony,Solo Song recital and a musical based on excerpts taken from Tagore's compositions.

Date   19/04/2017 

Event  Class activity‑Logo Designing

Venue  Classrooms

Participants Classes IX and X

Highlight  Students made logo for our IT Meet‑exe.BIT. It was a class activity and they did during their scheduled computer classes. The theme was surfing the net. Specific dimension and colour scheme was provided to them in advance.

Annual Award Ceremony 2016 -17

Date : 24/03/2017

Venue  : 8th floor Assembly Hall

Highlight : Mrs. Rita Chatterjee,Principal, Apeejay Park Street,  was the Chief Guest. All awardees of 2016‑17 were felicitated.

Overall Physical Fitness

Date : 17/03/2017

Venue : Ground floor assembly hall

Resource Person : Mr. Kuntak Gupta

Participants : Classes III to VIII

Highlight : It focused on physical fitness and the benefits of it. There were different physical activities that kept the students engaged and entertained.


Workshop on how social media can be an educational tool

Date: 17/03/2017

Event: Workshop on how social media can be an educational tool

Resource Person: Ms. Sanzeeda S. Mirza

Participants: Classes VI-VIII

Highlight: The workshop started with a video presentation on ill effects of social medias, and then went on explain how we can use the social media for language development being in a group, development of ones talent by taking in feedback from groups and also a safe media to show case our talents. The students were asked to use the social media but under able guidance of the parents and elders because at times we get carried away with the posting and we are not aware about where to draw a line.  

Motivational Workshop

Date: 16/03/2017

Event:  Motivational Workshop

Resource Person: Ms. Anju Munshi

Participants: Classes VI-VIII

Highlight: Students enjoyed the motivational workshop on "travelling through the mind". 

T-Shirt Designing

Date:   16/03/2017

Event:  TShirt Design

Participants: Classes VI-VIII

Highlight: Students enjoyed the t-shirt design activity. The theme was "Surfing the Net". It was an activity for our IT meet-exe.BIT.

Happy Endings

Date                              15/03/2017 - 17/03/17                                     

Event                            Happy Ending- magic Show

Participants                  Montessori

Highlight                       Students enjoyed the magic show.

Doodle making

Date                              15/03/2017                                      

Event                             Doodle Art

Organized By                Infotech Department

Participants                  Classes III‑V

Highlight                       The students of classes 3‑5 enjoyed creating the doodle of exe.BIT (our annual IT meet) text based on the theme "Surfing the Net "

ISKON Workshop

Date                             15/03/2017         

Event                             ISKCON WORKSHOP

Organized By                Iskcon

Resource Person          Purushottam Prabhu

Participants                  Classes III‑V

Highlight                       Value Education on Ethics and well‑being was presented which stressed on the fact that we must appreciate our selves and our qualities. One must never compare ourselves with others. Each one of us is Unique. The Supreme Lord has made us with a lot of care and love. We must learn to appreciate His creation. A video was shown on Pandavas and Kauravas which showed how Bheema was destined to become stronger by the God's mercy even after his cousins meant to kill him. Students interacted very well.

Workshop on Dance

Date:    14/03/17

Event:   Workshop on Bharatnatyam Dance

Resource Person: Ms. Arupa Lahiri

Participants: Classes VI-VIII

Highlight: Students enjoyed the interactive training session on Indian classical dance i.e. Bharatnatyam. It was an initiative taken by our academy and SPICMACAY.

Handwriting Workshop

Date:   14/03/2017

Event:  Handwriting Workshop

Resource Person: Mr. Mohan Bose

Participants: Classes III - V

Highlight: Children enjoyed learning about various techniques involved in writing neatly. They also learnt that a particular type of handwriting reveals some particular personalities.



 Date                             08/03/2017                                         

Event                            WORKSHOP ON FITNESS FOR ALL

Resource Person          Mr. Kuntak Gupta

Participants                    Classes VI-VIII

Highlight                      Students were told the difference between aerobic and anaerobic activities. the difference was explained very well through visual aids.

Workshop on Importance of Reading Books

Date                             08/03/2017                                     

Event                           Workshop on 'importance of reading books'

Resource Person          Ms. Subhra Shah

Participants                  Classes VI‑VIII

Highlight                      Children were asked about their reading habits. The author's book ‑ 'Leatherback's Big Win' was discussed. Students were asked to read out some excerpts from the book followed by an interactive session. Posters of various illustrations from the book were given out.

Workshop on 'How to use your time meaningfully'

Date                             08/03/2017                                        

Event                            Workshop on 'How to use your time meaningfully'

Resource Person          Ms. Anju Munshi

Participants                  Classes III‑V

Highlight                       The children were told about the disadvantages of electronic gadgets and social networking sites. They were motivated to utilize their free time in doing something creative. A video was also shown on how they could make several things using a hanger. Activities like think and identify the voice, enactment of a given situation and tongue twisters made the session interesting and interactive.

Workshop on 'Importance of Reading Books'

Date                             08/03/2017       

Event                           Workshop on 'Importance of Reading Books'

Resource Person         Shubhra Shah Agarwal

Participants                  Classes III‑V

Highlight                       Children were asked about their reading habits. The author's book ‑ 'Leatherback's Big Win' was discussed. Students were asked to read out some excerpts from the book followed by an interactive session. Posters of various illustrations from the book were given out.

Grandparents Day

Date: 09/02/2017

Event: Grandparents Day

Venue: Ground Floor Assembly Hall

Organized By: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Highlight: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy for the first time celebrated Grandparents Day on 09.02.2017.No stone was left unturned to make the event a grand success.The assembly hall was filled with fun,fervour and frolic and grandparents reliving their childhood once again.The enthusiasm was seen amongst the grandparents as they turned up in large numbers.There was a lot of effort put in by the teachers to the fullest.The games were appreciated by all and the grandparents blessed each one touching all.


Date: 22/12/2016




Highlight: Students participated in huge numbers.various games stalls were put up. Students loved to solve mathematical   puzzles in each stall.


Date: 22/12/2016


Venue: Navanir Old Home & Orphanage

Participants:  IX‑A, IX‑B, IX‑C, IX‑D, X‑C

Highlight: Guides Section of our school distributed toiletries to the Senior citizens and the orphans. They sang songs, played games with the inmates.

Cyberfair CRAFT WORKSHOP, Craft Mela

Date: 19/12/2016 to 23/12/2016

Event:  Cyberfair CRAFT WORKSHOP, Craft Mela



 Resource Person: 10 CRAFTS PERSONS

Highlight: From Monday to Friday the students of class 9 were exposed to various crafts of India like patachitra, doll making, shell craft, wood carving, mask making etc. They were given a hands‑on experience to sensitise them about the traditional crafts of the country. On Friday we even organised a craft bazaar and invited parents of our students and students from other schools.

Spectacular Astronomy

Date: 01/12/2016

Event: Spectacular Astronomy

Venue: 8th floor AV room

Organized By: SDRO

Participants: III-VIII

Highlight: The real visual presentation of Manglayaan,the satellite launched by India to find out the presence of life in Mars was very interesting. 187 children from classes III to V participated in the event.

Constitution Day

Date: 25/11/2016

Event: Constitution Day

Venue:  Assembly Hall

Organized By: Students of Middle and Senior school

Highlight : Spirit of Nationalism evoked through the week during the assembly hour. There were talks on DEMONETISATION, CONSTITUTION AS A LIVING DOCUMENT, PREAMBLE reading, Screening of the MAKING OF THE CONSTITUITION documentary, PLEDGE TAKING and singing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM.


Date: 11/11/2016



Organized By: CBSE

Highlight: To celebrate National Education Day, the primary section of our school organised events like, essay writing, slogan writing etc. We even submitted reports on our ongoing projects on community outreach‑teaching children of kailash vidya mandir, regular life skill classes, Inclusive education done by our special educator etc.

Date: 03/10/2016

Event: Touching Young Hearts‑ An awareness campaign by Fortis

Venue: School premises

Organized By: Fortis Hospital

Participants: IV‑V

Highlight: Vidisha Mundhra of class IV received the first prize in the drawing competition on the theme 'Keeping your family's heart young and healthy'. Around 10 schools from all over the city participated in the event.

Swachhata Abhiyan

Date: 02/10/2016

Event: Swachhata Abhiyan

Venue: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Organized By: NDTV and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Participants: IX & X

Highlight: Selected students from class IX, all the students from class X and student council members took part in this movement. They divided themselves in groups and cleaned different areas in the school premises.

Go Green

Date: 22/08/2016 to 26/08/2016

Event: Distribution of saplings

Venue: Lakshmipat Snghania Academy

Organized By: Go Green NGO

Highlight: Distribution of sapling motivated the students to be concerned about the Global Warming and how each one can participate to contribute to Mother Nature for it's sustenance.


Date: 16/08/2016



Organized By: CBSE

Highlight: Cards were made for Jawans by students of classes I to VIII. Essays were written by students of class IX to XII.

World Yoga Day

Date: 21/06/2016

Event: World Yoga Day

Venue: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Organized By: CBSE

Highlight: 21st June was celebrated as the World Yoga Day throughout the nation. We too contributed to spread awareness among the young minds, the importance of yoga and mediation. A special session was conducted by showcasing a PowerPoint presentation on the various benefits of yoga and how we can lead a healthy life by only contributing an hour each day. The students also observed yoga exercise and the little minds projected some beautiful ashanas leaving the audience awestruck.