Date    04/05/2017    

Venue   8th Floor Hall

Resource Person   Mr. Abhishek Saha

Participants  III -V and VI - VIII                 

Highlight   It was very innovative and interactive with suitable audio visual aid. Everyone enjoyed the event a lot and gained a lot of knowledge.


Workshop on Cancer Awareness

Date - 29/04/2017                    

Organized By - Global Cancer Concern, India

Resource Person - Dr. Poonam Datta

Participants - Teachers 

Highlight - Precautionary measures for cervical cancer and breast cancer were pointed out to the female staff of our school making them more aware.

Workshop on cyber security and ethical hacking

  Date -  28/04/2017  to 29/04/2017

  Organized By - IIT KHARAGPUR

  Resource Person - Mr. Animesh Shaw

  Participants - 51 students from Classes IX‑ XII

 Highlight -   They had practical hands on experience on cyber security and the tools of ethical hacking. Based on their performance in this workshop, Vedant Sharma (X), Varun Kanoria (X) and Priyal Jain (XI) were selected to be a part of the Spring Fest of IIT Kharagpur.

Date – 4th May 2017

Resource Person - Dr. Uttam Kumar Lenka

Organized by - Glenmark

Participants – Classes IX to XII

Highlight – Students learnt various ways to handle their skin problems.

 Counselling - American Universities

Date                         10/04/2017                                    

Organized By            KIC Univ Assist

Participants               X‑ XII

Highlight                  Informative session. Students could interact on a one to one basis with the university representatives. Know about the  courses they offer.

Workshop on Handwriting

Date                        07/04/2017                    

Resource Person    Mr. Mohan Bose

Participants            VII‑ VIII

Highlight                 Students learnt tips to rectify their handwriting and save time during examinations. They also learnt certain rules that should be applied in their writing to build up a good moral character.

Workshop on general discipline

Date                           07/04/2017                                    

Venue                        Ground floor assembly hall

Resource Persons    Mrs. Meena Kak, Mrs Anjali Chopra, Mrs Sohini Jain

Participants              III - V

 Highlight                  The workshop highlighted some of the major areas of concern regarding general discipline like coming to school in proper uniform, greeting teachers and support staff, sitting in correct posture in class, maintaining class cleanliness, punctuality, use of vernacular language etc. The children were also made aware of the increased use of abusive language in school, aggressive behaviour among peers and the consequences of such in disciplinary acts.

Date                           07/04/2017                                    

Resource Person       MRS. ANITA CHANDRA

Participants                IX and X

Highlight                    It was an effective and informative interactive session supported with a video presentation. Students were reminded of the ideal code of conduct. 

Workshop on Physical Fitness and Ageing

Date : 31/03/2017

Venue : AV ROOM & Assembly Hall

Resource Persons : Mr. Arnab Bhattacharjee & the PE Department

Highlight : This workshop dealt with how to cope up with problems related to ageing. 

Workshop on Classroom Management

Date     29/03/2017 & 30/03/2017                                      

Event   Workshop for teachers on Classroom Management

Venue  School

Organized By CBSE

Resource Person Mrs. Kalpana Chowdhury and Mr. R. P. Singh

Highlight It was a platform to refresh our classroom management techniques and acquire a few new ones. Teachers from Mahadevi Birla World Academy, South Point High School, Gokhale Memorial Girls School, KV Ballygunge and Future Campus were a part of the workshop along with 28 teachers from our school.

Date: 10/02/2017

Event: Regional Summit of School Principals

Venue: Hotel Hindustan International

Organized By: ICTRC

Resource Person: Dr. Ravindran


Highlight: Requirement for counseling to make children understand themselves better. Principals must be learning leaders. An insight was presented into inclusion, ability grouping and resourceful lesson plans. We should turn our institutions into 'Emotionally Intelligent Institutions.

Date: 02/02/2017

Event: ISA Action Planning Workshop

Venue: Aurius Hotel

Organized By: British Council, Kolkata

Resource Person: Mr. Mrigank Mouli Mukherjee


Highlight: It was relating to the International School Award‑action planning submission procedure for the year 2018.

Date: 04/12/2016




Resource Person: JODOGYAN

Participants: ANINDITA  PAL

Highlight: Special ways of introducing decimals and fractions were taught. Concepts of 3‑d shapes and the relation between their number of sides, vertices and faces were discussed. Different games were shown to us which will make the classroom teaching more interesting and interactive.

Date: 03/12/2016

Event: Jodo Gyan Workshop

Venue: Calcutta International School

Organized By: Jodo Gyan

Resource Person: Mr E.K. Shaji


Highlight: It was an enlightening session on pre‑ school mathematics focussing on the curriculum enrichment programme. It dealt with basic mathematics concepts to be taught in pre‑ school and the ways to teach the same. The workshop comprised many activities and games that could be included in day‑to‑ day teaching to make the teaching‑learning process more fun and enjoyable along with strengthening of concepts.

Date: 15/11/2016

Event: Dealing with parents and their issues

Venue: Teacher's Centre , Loreto House

Organized By: Teacher's Centre , Loreto House


Highlight: Workshop taught us how to face challenging situations while dealing with parents

Date: 10/11/2016

Event: Workshop on Story Telling

Venue: British Council Library

Organized By: British Council Library


Highlight: Different techniques to conduct a story telling session

Date: 12/11/2016

Event: The idea of Nationalism

Venue: Harrington street ARTS CENTRE

Organized By: Seagull Foundations

Resource Person: Peace works project ‑Seagull Foundation.


Highlight: Idea of Nationalism, was brought forth by various Professors of history from the subcontinent,highlighting politics, culture,curriculum designing,students politics and left wing politics. we dealt with the history of North east in this conference, and spoke about influence of movies and other media in shaping nationalism all over the world.

Date: 16/08/2016

Event: Workshop -  'Children as our Reflection'.

Venue: Loreto House

Organized By: Loreto House

Resource Person: Soma Chakraborty


Highlight: It was an interactive session where teachers of different schools shared their experiences about their children.

Date: 09/08/2016

Event: Workshop on Mental Health Problems in School Children

Venue: Hotel Hindustan International

Organized By: ICTRC

Resource Person: Prof B S Ravindran, Prof Samuel & Mr. Keshav Singh


Highlight: The workshop threw light upon the mental health disorders that begin from the age of 4 years. It also focused on the following areas‑  > Causes, prevention and management of mental health problems

           > Types of mental disorders in children and ways to identify them

           > Training and equipping the school staff with specialized courses

Date: 04/07/2016



Organized By: CBSE

Participants: Maam MEENA  KAK and Maam ANJU  MUNSHI,

Highlight: Implementing vocational education effectively under National Skill Qualification Framework, which enables students to aim for both vertical and horizontal mobility in desired skills .



Venue: Haryana Vidya Mandir

Organized By: Haryana Vidya Mandir

Resource Person: Ma'am Kajri Bose

Highlight: It dealt with extempore speech. Students came to see the manner in which impromptu speaking may be handled.

Date: 17/01/2017

Event: Workshop on issues related to child rights

Venue: Haryana vidya mandir

Organized By: Haryana vidya mandir

Resource Person: Maam Moon

Participants: XI‑D

Highlight: Students of Class XI Legal studies stream attended this workshop along with their teacher. The session was very interactive,interspersed with videos and power point presentation. Ma'am conducted the session smoothly. Topics ranged from juvenile justice to POCSO.Children learnt about their rights and whom to approach in case of violation of their rights.

Date: 13/01/2017

Event: script writing workshop

Venue: GD Birla Sabhagar

Organized By: Centre Stage Creations

Resource Person: Dr Anand Lal


Highlight: Mesmerizing session Resource person was very knowledgeable.parameters for script writing was explained well.

Date: 10/11/2016



Organized By: MINDLER

Resource Person: Mr. P. Dhinda, Mr. P. Bhargava

Participants: IX‑XII

Highlight: The students were given a report based on their tests, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. The session was conducted in batches with the parents.

Date: 03/11/2016

Event: Career counselling workshop

Venue: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Organized By: J.K.University

Resource Person: Dr. Raina

Participants: XI‑A1

Highlight: It was an informative career counselling session for classes XI & XII.

Date: 01/09/2016




Participants: XI and XII

Highlight: This session brought together 13 different universities from USA in our school premises.

Date: 01/07/2016


Venue: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Organized By: Indian Space Research Organisation

Resource Person: Mr. D.Dutta

Participants: IX-XII

Highlight: All the students of classes IX‑XII participated. The lecture was an insight on satellite rockets, space communication etc.

Date : 28th April 2016

Event : Workshop – Gift of God

Teacher incharge : Ms. S. Rajalakshmi

Resource person :Mr Raju Raman

Participants : 23 students from classes 8-12

Highlight : Students enjoyed the workshop on public speaking.

Date : 23rd April 2016

Event : Shakespeare on Leadership Power

Venue :  British Council Library, Kolkata

Organised by : British Council, Kolkata

Resource person : Ms. Mini Joseph

Participants : MS. S. R. Dey, Ms. R. Chattaraj, Ms. U. Roy

Highlights : Mini Joseph discussed leadership models and frameworks with some famous examples from Shakespeare’s plays. She help up for the audience characters from his plays, facing conflicts, dilemmas and challenges.

Date : 23rd April 2016

Event : Panel discussion on Shakespeare…The World voice for Europeans

Venue : British Council Library

Organsied By : British Council Library

Resource Person : Eminent personalities like Mr Debjyoti Mishra (Music Director), Kaushik Sen (Actor-Director), Riddhi Sen (Actor), Srijato (Poet), Malavika Banerjee (Director Kolkata Literary Meet)

Participants : Ms. Apurva Banerjee

Highlight : Very enlightening event. Highlighted how the bard and his works lives in 2016. Discussed different aspects of his dramas and characters. Mentioned how it was linked with music and write-up of other creative artists.

Date : 22nd April 2016

Event : Workshop on Maximizing Education Leadership Competencies.

Resource person : Brig. Dr. B.K Khanna and Mr Rakshit Tandon

Organized by : Educational Testing Services

Venue : Hotel Kenilworth

Participants : Ms. Sanzeeda S Mirza and Mr Hari Shankar Jaiswal 

Highlights : The first half of the seminar discussed cyber security for adolescents and adults, the threats of the cyber world and enlightened us about the mistakes that is committed unknowingly while working and downloading various apps which in future can lead to various troubles. The second half dealt about the importance of Disaster Management Training in educational institution.

Date  : 20th April 2016

Event : Orientation programme for Earth Reel

Venue : iLead, Topsia

Organised By : iLead

Teacher In charge : Mr Soumyo Ghosh

Participants : Harshvardhan Jalan (VIIA), Tarun Goenka(VIIA), Shristi Sultania (VIIC), Anikait Saraf (XB), Ankit Rai(XB)

Highlights : It was an orientation for a film making competition viz: Earth Reel. Students came to know about the themes, rules and regulations of the competition.

Date: 27th January 2016

Event: Career Counselling Workshop by NDA

Organized by: NDA

Resource Person: SQN Leader J Chowdhury

Venue: School Premises

Participants:  All Students of Class IX & X

Highlights: The Workshop was held to guide the students of classes IX & X for a careerpath in Armed Forces in India.

Date: 16th January 2016

Event: Apeejay Literary Fest

Organized by: Apeejay School

Venue: Apeejay School, Park Street

Participants:  Rishika Bajaj Nishtha Shukla, Resham Mehta, Riyaaz Roy XA, BhavikaJaswani, Anjali Rai Shreyan Gupta, XC Rahul Vanjani XD, Priyal Jain IX B, Aayushmita Mishra IXC

Highlight: This workshop attended to the problems faced by the teenagers and offered solutions to the same.

Date:14th January 2016

Event: Workshop of University of Buckingham

Organized by: Workshop of University of Buckingham

Resource person: Ms Trisha Chakrabarty

Venue: School premises

Participants: Class X and XI

Highlight: Opportunities in the fields of law, business, science and humanities.

Date: 8th January 2016

Event: Junior NBA Workshop

Organized by: JR NBA

Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium

Participants: Mr Joy Chakravarty

Highlight: It was an enriching experience as few new concepts in Basketball were discussed.

Date : 15th December,2015

Event : Workshop on Hygiene in Menstrual Cycle

Organized By: SHARP

Venue: School premises  

Participants: Girls of Class VI to XII 

Highlight – An interactive session to spread awareness among girls about the problems faced during the period and how to manage them.

Date: 7th December 2015

Event:  Our History, Their Times

Organised By: Modern Academy of Continuing Education

Venue: South Park Street Cemetery

Participants: PragayaBasu, DevikaBharany, ShrishtiChoudhary, Urvashi Mehta Shreeja Mukherjee, Raghavi Bohra, and AayushiRathi XID

Highlights: This Project started on the 8th of August and continued till the 5th of December,2015.The students researched winding their way through history, archaeology, socio-cultural scenario of the times and later created an exposition through peepbox, poster, kite collage etc. The exposition was held on 7th December 2015. A wonderful way for students to explore their minds and the city they inhabit.

Date :  Started from 30.11.2015; Ongoing December,2015

Event : e-Waste Workshop

Venue: School premises

Organized by HulldeK

Participants: Anmol Tibrewal  Rohan Sharma 6A; Shreyansh Jain 6B; Harshit Jain 7D PrathamJalan 8A Chirag Surana 8B; NimishaKhetri 9A; AnikaitSaraf 9B; Anjali Rai &Shreyan Gupta 10C Devansh Agarwal 11A KritinSaraf 11C

Highlight – It was an initiative to make the students and their families aware of electronic waste, their harmful effects and proper disposal method.

Date : 21st& 22nd November, 2015

Event : Mathematics Teachers Workshop

Organized By: Ramanujam Mathematical Society and Azim Premji University

Venue: Calcutta International School

Resource Person: Swati Sirkar, SouravSenguptaMrinal K. Sarkar SabyasachiMitra Dr PradiptoBandyopadhyay

Participants: Mr Asim Kumar Das

Highlight – A beneficial workshop for those who are working with Maths research.

Date : 6th November 2015

Event : Meditational Workshop by Mr Jhawar

Venue – School premises

Participants : Classes IX to XII

Highlight: An interactive session with the students was beneficial.

Date : 12th October 2015

Event : Function attended by Dignitaries

Organized by : NSHM

Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium

Resource Person: Supriya Banerjee

Participants : Shivansh Mishra 11A, Avirath Parekh 12C, Krishnan Malpani 12B

Highlight: The presence of dignitaries, SauravGanguly, Pele and AR Rahman made a difference. They asked questions from the children.

Date : 1st October 2015

Event : Portfolio Development Workshop & Contest

Organized by : Pearl Academy

Venue: LakshmipatSinghania Academy

Resource Person: Mr Kunal Dutta, and Mr PrasanaBaruah, Faculty at Pearl Academy, Delhi

Participants : 75 students in total. From:LakshmipatSinghania Academy, Sushila Birla Girls School, DPS Ruby Park, Future Foundation Ashok Hall Girls HS School BILAMS

Highlight: A successful motivational workshop.

Date: 8th September 2015

Event: Evolution of Environmental Studies

Organised by: Teacher’s Centre

Participants: Ms. Tikshna Chopra and Ms. SharmilaBera

Resource person: Ms. ChitralekhaBhaskar

Highlights: The need for teaching the subject was discussed along with emphasis on projects, activities and role play. It was also advised that the teachers should try to explore the environment themselves to provide accurate facts to the children.

Date: 31st August and 1st September, 2015                           

Event: Financial Education Training Program

Venue: Apeejay School, Park Street

Organised By: National Centre for Financial Education

Teacher-in-charge: Mr D. S. Gill

Resource Person: Mr S Kar, Mr Sanat Kumar, Mr Bharadwaj

Highlight :  It was an outstanding workshop where the importance of Financial Literacy in Global and Indian scenario was discussed.

Date:18th August 2015

Event:  Workshop: Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Classroom

Organised by:  Teacher’s Centre (Loreto House)

Venue: Loreto House

Resource person: Ms. Arna Seal

Participant: Ms. MitaliMukhopadhyay

Highlights:The workshop primarily dealt with the need of conceptual based learning where constructivists approach towards teaching-learning process is preferred over gathering knowledge and remembering facts. It also dealt with the SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time bound) which needs to be included in our lesson plans and should be shared with students to make learning more effective.

Date:   13th August, 2015                               

Event:  ISKON Golden Jubilee Event, 2015

Venue  :Netaji Indoor Stadium

Organised By: ISKON, Kolkata

Participants:    Mukti Bohra (IXB), Priyal Jain (IXB), Anant Agarwal (VIIID)

Highlight   : This event is a tribute to His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder Acharya of ISCON who embarked on the mission of inundating the world with Indian heritage, love in devotion and happiness through loving service to the divine.

Date:11th August 2015

Event:  Magic with Mathematics

Resource person:Ms. ChitraBhaskar

Organised by:Teacher’s Centre ( Loreto House)

Participants :Ms. Manmeet Kaur and Ms. Bindiya K Gill

Highlights:The workshop dealt with strategies for success in teaching Mathematics. It focussed on the concept development and developing mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.

Date: 7th August 2015

Event:  Demo class for Piyali Learning Centre

Resource person: Brother Brenden Mac Carthaigh

Participant: MS. SohiniMitra Jain

Highlights: The workshop highlighted on ways to improve the classroom environment and to help the students learn and perform better through more effective learning techniques and to minimise stress in the classroom.

Date: 3rd August 2015

Event: Paper Pulp Workshop

Organised By: Victoria Memorial Hall

Venue: Victoria Memorial Hall

Participants: AnushkaSachan IXC; Kashvi Agarwal IX B; Priyal Jain IXB; RashiMaghugaria IXD; NandiniBhatter IX C

Highlight: The students designed very attractive and creative masks.

Date: 3rd August 2015

Event: Film It Workshop

Organized by: INTACH

Venue: Sri Sri Academy

Participants: AayushSmita Mishra IXC; Ankit Rai &AnikaitSaraf IXB

Highlight: It was a very informative workshop. Children learnt how to design films using Windows Movie Maker.

Date: 1st August 2015

Event: Workshop on NSE Financial Quest Principal’s Conclave

Organized by: National Stock Exchange

Venue: Hyatt

Resource Person: Mr Willibrod George

Participants: Principal Mrs MeenaKak& Ms. Anju Munshi

Highlight: It was a financial awareness in schools & informative workshop.

Date: 1st August, 2015                        

Event: Workshop on Diabetes

Venue: Delhi Public School, Ruby Park

Organised By: Apollo Hospitals

Participants: Ms D Das, Ms M Mukherjee, Ms Malkit Roy

Resource Person: Dr TirthankarChoudhuary

Highlight: The workshop highlighted the tips to diagnose students suffering from Type I Diabetes and how to provide a supportive environment in school to prevent diabetes in young generation by promoting everyday PE and healthy Cafeteria.

Date: 1st August 2015

Event: Workshop on Pranic healing

Venue: School premises

Resource Person: Ms. Chanda Choudhury

Participants: Teachers of middle & senior school; PSI to Class II

Highlight: It was an interesting awareness session for the teachers.

Date: 1st August 2015

Event: Workshop: A survey on our children followed by Mathematics workshop

Resource person:  Ms. Milinda and Ms. ArunaBhaskar

Participants: All the mathematics teacher of our school from class I to class VIII

Highlights: As the basic concepts of mathematics are introduced in class II and V, hence on 20th July Class II Carnations and V Bluebells appeared for a research based mathematics assessment conducted by Professor Milinda from the US. The objective of the assessment was to find out the strengths and weaknesses of our system and the ways to strengthen the areas of concern. The above assessment was followed by a workshop.

Date:  29th July 2015

Event: Workshop on Bullying – A Case to Answer.

Organized by: British Council

Venue: British Council.

Participants: Principal Ma’am Mrs. MeenaKak, Ma’am Anju Munshi, Ma’am Anjali Chopra attended the workshop.

Highlight: It was a learning experience.

Date:  28th July 2015

Event: TTIS Careers in Fashion & Designing Workshop.

Organized by; TTIS

Venue: Senior A.V Room.

Participants: Classes XI- D and XII -D

Highlight: It was a learning experience.

Date: 25th July 2015

Event:  Workshop on Value Education in School

Venue: St Joseph College, Kolkata

Participants: Ms. Krishna Nandy, Ms. Pronita Gupta and Ms. Sohini M Jain

Resource person: Dr.  Brenden Mac Carthaigh

Organised by   : SERVE

Highlights: The workshop threw light on the importance of value education in schools. It stressed upon the fact that it is absolutely imperative to incorporate value education in the school curriculum.

Date: 6th July 2015

Event: Corporate Social Responsibility & Strategic Management

Organized by: I lead

Venue: I Lead Campus

Resource Person: Dr Lars Isaksson – Australia & Dr R P Basak – IIT Kanpur

Participants: Ms A Munshi

Highlight: It was a discussion on sustainable business models and business strategy in emerging economies.

Date: 3rd July 2015

Event: Audio Visual/ Experiential Learning & Robotics in school

Organized by: Fun Scholar

Venue: I Lead Campus

Resource Persons: Mr Pradip Chopra, Ms SatabdiBhattacharjee, Mr RajibBasu, Mr SagarSanghvi

Participants: Ms J Misra

Highlight: It was a promotional workshop for RobokidzEduventuresPvt. Ltd.

Date: 2nd July 2015

Event: TTIS CESC Conservation Workshop 2015

Venue: School premises

Organized by: TTIS

Participants: Class VI

Highlights: It was an energy awareness program.

Date: 18th – 25th May 2015

Event: NIE Summer Training Camp

Organized by: Times of India

Venue: Times of India Office at S. N. Banerjee Road, TOI Printing Press in Sector V at Salt Lake, Bennett & Coleman Office, Radio Mirchi 98.3 Office at Shantiniketan Building.

Participants: Ankita Chandra (XII D), ShikhaChandrashekhar (XII D), Trivikram Choudhury (XI A)

Highlight: It gave the students an insight on every aspect of journalism and a few want to take it up as a career.

Date: 8th May 2015

Event : Workshop on Dealing with Criticism Positively

Organized by: British Council

Venue :  British Council Library

Resource Person: Ms Tumpa

Highlights: We explored skills to deliver and deal with criticism in a constructive manner.

Date: 21st – 24th April 2015

Event: Aerospace Science Camp

Resource person: Mr. Sam Gibbs and Mr. Sameer Arora

Organized by: Atlantis

Venue: School premises

Participants: Students from classes III to X

Highlight: The students were exposed to a day’s Science Workshop in the “Year of Light” for increasing their scientific mindedness and to remove superstition from their mind.

Date: 20th April 2015

Event: Earth Reel News Capsule

Venue: ILEAD Campus

Organized by: ILead&BichitraPathshala

Resource Person: Mr. Snehasis Sur (Journalist)

Participants: SiddharthMurarka (XIIB) , Rohan Choraria (XIIC) and BhavnaKankaria (XIIA)

Highlight: The students learnt how to make a News capsule and came back beaming with ideas.