ABHILASHA 2021was organised on November 2, to celebrate the tween years and to give a creative direction to the youthful energy that this age group possesses. Like the previous editions had involved students of classes VI – VIII. This year's theme was ‘Chasing Happiness’.

As always Since the fest was virtual, we were fortunate to involve students from other countries like Greece, Nepal, Ukraine & Russia too and make it more participatory. 23 schools had participated including the host where 4 were international schools, 10 national schools and 9 regional schools.

The opening ceremony had some wonderfully choreographed dances by the students of the organising school followed by an address of Ma'am Meena Kak, Director,Lakshmipat Singhania Academy. Since this fest was a non-competitive one, she very rightly said, “You do not need to compete with others. When you compete with your own self, you come out with the best." While narrating an incident of the famous violinist Itzhak Perlman, Ma'am Kak also pointed out that sometimes in life when we run out of certain things, we should not stop there. Instead we must use things that are with us and create a new way of living. She also praised the students all over the world in the way they have bravely fought the pandemic.

The chief guest of the evnt was Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Senior  Consultant Psychiatrist and incharge, Institute of Mental Health & Life skills promotion, Moolchanch, New Delhi. He is also the Programme Director of Expressions India. The vote of thanks was delivered by the school's Vice Principal Ma'am Jaya Misra.

Abhilasha 2021 had 5 planned events and one surprise detox event for the participants.

Events description:

  1. WORDSWORTH – a quiz played on Kahoot focussing on riddles, books, authors, films and music.
  2. MEGALO EPISTIMONES – At LSA, we believe that Science is not a collection of thoughts but a process of discovery. Discovery itself is seeing what everybody else has seen, but thinking what nobody else has thought. So in this event it was about unleashing the scientist in the student by demonstrating some interesting science experiments (maximum 2) which was performed using materials easily available at home. The display of experiments were supplemented by explanation of the basic underlying principle. On the final day, there was an interactive session with the participants.
  3. AMBROSIA – The students were encouraged to prepare a healthy, balanced, native meal comprising a Health drink, a main dish and a dessert in which 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes are involved and noticeable. The participant had to highlight the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used. Calorie content of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to be calculated and energy content of each item was Students looked attractive and almost resembled professional chefs while they were cooking.
  4. FASHION FIESTA – This event was about showcasing the fashion or indigenous textiles native to the students' country. Detailed information on the origin, location, climatic influence, supply of raw material, textile, spinning mechanism, market techniques were also mentioned. Students also used props to look better and used music as a background score for better professional approach.
  5. HAPPINESS GENIE – This event was an interesting one where students had to create a comic strip with their own avatar depicting a storyboard of spreading happiness, using pixton, a Web based free comic and storyboard maker app.
  6. DETOX EVENT – It was a surprise event for the participants where they had to play variety of games. This acted as a stress buster for the young ones.


Abhilasha in Hindi means 'desire' was perfectly able to quench the thirst of the young souls who had participated across the globe. This event brought in harmony across countries and once again proved that happiness has nothing to do with colour or language.


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