Ms Meena KakThe ongoing pandemic has been a challenge to the whole world. We have been able to face it with great strength and belief in ourselves. Your cooperation and hope in us helped us go through this very tough period and we were very happy to have kept the children in touch with their teachers and classes even though online.

And yes we have learnt a lot in this phase of online learning. Besides digital awareness, we have learnt to connect successfully with our students from across the screen with the same warmth care and personal attention. It has been a new platform for learning and an opportunity to delve into the digital realm.

Some of us have faced this virus closely with all our strength and resilience and recovered fully too...

I wish them all the best.

The pandemic has been rude but the take home been that we could inculcate within ourselves tolerance and compassion. We have been passing each day in the quiet and safe premises of our homes learning how to be self-reliant.

We have developed empathy for people who are lesser privileged.

We have learnt the art of doing our jobs ourselves without relying on anyone else however menial the work is. We have been restful watchful of nature and the environment around us. We have had the time to understand the different hues of the sky changing from crimson to yellow. To watch every sunset with leisure and pleasure, to breathe in pure nontoxic air. We have actually paused to look around us without running everywhere doing everything.

Now where? Is the question that everyone wants to know.  Honestly speaking there is no sure answer.

But there sure is light at the end of the tunnel as change is the only constant.  This too shall pass for sure

We could use this time to gather our energies which have taken a dip in the new normal.  Staying fit and mindful is the call of the day.

I call upon all the parents and children to harbour hope in their hearts not to give up, for nothing stays everything changes.

Hope in a new tomorrow has sustained us all this while and the same will carry us forward.

The worst is behind us and very soon we will be triumphant and with this win against the virus!

Till then stay safe and cheerful.






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