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International Student Exchange Programme

Beyond Boundaries 30-Mar-2019

Event: International Student Exchange Programme
Venue: Rural Development Academy Laboratory School and College Boghura Bangladesh
Participants: 13 students from classes VI-VIII along with 2 teachers attended this exchange programme.
Highlight: The LSA team was received at the Hili Border. The students did 13 collaborative academic projects through interactive presentations and group discussions. LSA students attended a symposium highlighting the mass genocide during Bangladesh’s freedom war against Pakistan. Team India celebrated Bangladesh Independence Day by putting up a rhythmic dance show. They were also taken for various sightseeing tours to religious and archaeological sites. The students visited the 60 acres farmland where they had the opportunity to learn about rice cultivation, visited a dairy farm, a fruit orchard, and a vegetable research field. The students of both schools have framed a TREATY that has made both schools long term partners. The TREATY has been signed by Principals of both LSA & RDALS&C.
An overview: The students experienced a different culture and social order from very close quarters. They interacted with the teachers and students of RDALS&C and presented their own Academy with great respect.

Workshop on Critical Thinking

Workshops 26-Mar-2019

Event: Workshop on Critical Thinking
Resource Person: Jayati Goswami
Participants: Teachers
Highlight: All the teachers found the workshop interactive and crisp.

Annual Scout Guide Camp

Educational Trips 20-Mar-2019

Event: Annual Scout Guide Camp
Venue: Kolaghat
Participants: Students of classes VI-VIII
Highlight: 29 Campers from classes VI to VIII participated. A lot of activities ranging from lashing to treasure hunt was organized. It was well organized and well executed.

Exchange Programme to Nepal

Beyond Boundaries 16-Mar-2019

From Date 08/03/2019 To 16/03/2019
Event: Exchange Programme to Nepal
Venue: Shuvotara 3 Angles School, Pokhara, Nepal
Resource Person: Shuvotara 3 Angles School, Pokhara, Nepal
Participants: Vanya Nathani, Vaanya Agarwal, Navya Khemka, Yug Kedia, Sara Gupta, and Saurya Bothra along with two teachers
Highlight It was an exchange programme for our upcoming International School Award. It was a great experience for the students, through thorough interaction with students and teachers of the school in Nepal. Our students were excited to teach the girls of class7 karate as self-defense. They did projects on:– Nomenclature Nuances; Zone-In: The Case of Space; Love Thy Neighbour; Comtech – Communication & Technology and Cast a Spell – Wonder and Magic.


Activities in LSA 11-Mar-2019

Event: Convocation
Participants: Students of classes II- V
Highlight: The students of classes II and V were given a formal farewell by celebrating the Convocation. The Ceremony was held to felicitate the students with the Convocation certificates and bidding them adieu as they move to the next level of class. The headmistress ma’am conducted the oath taking ceremony followed by principal ma’am giving away the convocation certificates to the respective HRTs of the graduating classes. Students of class II presented a dance performance. To culminate the ceremony the help staff were given gifts for which the students had contributed.

Visit to BITM

Educational Trips 08-Mar-2019

Event: Visit BITM
Venue: BITM
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children enjoyed their visit. They enjoyed the television show and enthusiastically played in the children's play area

Visit to the Horticulture Garden

Educational Trips 07-Mar-2019

Event: Visit the Horticulture Garden
Venue: Horticulture Garden
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children enjoyed their walk in the Horticulture Garden and were attracted to the vibrant Colorful flowers. They enjoyed playing in the children's park.

National Conference on Inclusion

Workshops 05-Mar-2019

Event: National Conference on Inclusion
Venue: India International Centre, Delhi
Organized By: Expression India
Resource Person: Expressions India and Nepmed
Participants: Anita Chandra
Highlight: Great exposure and a lot of exchange of views. Learned about many new laws regarding inclusions and its classifications.

AFS Annual Presidents, Board Members & Staff Meeting

Beyond Boundaries 09-Feb-2019

Venue : Ashok Country Resort, New Delhi

Organized by : AFS

Resource Person :  Ms. Divya Arora, National Director

Participants : Ms. Jaya Misra

Highlight : It was the first time that Kolkata Chapter attended this meet. We got an opportunity to display, in front of the Board Members, all that we have done in the session related to the  AFS Exchange programs. The work done by the school was appreciated at the National Level in front of all the chapters under AFS.

 Trip to BITM

Educational Trips 07-Feb-2019

 Venue : BITM

Participants : Students of Class III 

Highlight : The children visited the Mock Coal Mine where they saw machines used for cutting and extracting coal. They enjoyed the Science Magic Show which was based on some scientific  experiments. Some children also got a  chance to participate in those experiments. The 3D show on Solar System was enthralling. The children enjoyed the Science Gallery where theysaw some simple machines and experiments based on Air Pressure and Mirror Image.

Interactive session on 'Mental Health ‑ Breaking the Stigma'

Workshops 02-Feb-2019

Venue : ICC Auditorium , ICC Towers

Organized by : Ms.Minu Budhia, Caring Minds

Resource Person :  Dr. Manoj Shah (Psychiatrist) & Dr. Prerna Shah (Neuropsychologist)

Participants : Ms.Soma Pal Roy, Ms.Nabamita Dutta Gupta, Ms.Sumona Das Gupta

Highlight : It was an interactive session on 'Mental Health‑Breaking the Stigma. Mr. Bruce Bucknell‑British Dy High Commissioner, Dr. Sashi Panja‑Hon'ble Minister (WB), Dr. Manoj Shah Psychiatrist (USA), Dr. Prerna Shah‑Neuropsychologist (USA) and Ms.Minu Budhia ‑ Chairperson were the eminent speakers.


Art Competition

External Events 02-Feb-2019

Venue : Future Foundation School

Organized by : Future Foundation School

Participants : Students of Classes IV, VI & VIII - Havish Doshi, Nishhank Gadia, Yuvraj Dujari, Srikar A., Disha Doshi & Pramit Banerjee

Highlight  : Children participated in the art competition divided in 3 different groups. The theme was about 'Caring'.


Visit to the Alipore Zoological Gardens

Educational Trips 01-Feb-2019

Venue : Alipore Zoological Gardens

Participants : Students of PS‑I to Class II (on different days) 

Highlight : Children enjoyed the trip thoroughly and the weather was suitable for an outing. All the animals were visible to the children. They were thrilled to see The Royal Bengal Tiger and Emu and could relate with the lessons taught in class. Some classes also did projects related to their trip. 

Math Challenge

Activities in LSA 30-Jan-2019

Event: Math Challenge
Organized By: Times of India
Resource Person: Meritnation
Participants: Students of Classes VI-IX 
Highlight: Students enjoyed Logical Thinking Questions and gave aptitude based assessment.

Capacity Building Workshop Career Guidance

Workshops 29-Jan-2019

Event: Capacity Building Workshop Career Guidance
Venue: Apeejay School, Salt Lake
Organized By: CBSE
Resource Person: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes XI & XII
Highlight: It was a two-day workshop and there were 45 participants. The students experienced the different methods that can be used for creating career consciousness.

CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018

Activities in LSA 28-Jan-2019

Event: CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018
Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Various Schools
Highlight: CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018 was organised from 27th to 28th January 2019 for the first time at the school premises. 32 schools from all over West Bengal and some from the eastern region of India participated in the exhibition displaying 52 exhibits by nearly 104 students. Out of the 52 exhibits, 15 were selected to compete in the Nationals to be held at Delhi. Mr. T. Mate, RO Bhubaneshwar presided as the chief guest on 28th January and congratulated all on the grand success.

Class picnic

Activities in LSA 28-Jan-2019

Event: Class picnic
Venue: Monobitan
Participants: Students of Classes III to V
Highlights: The school organised a class picnic to Monobitan. All the students enjoyed as they were engaged in various games and fun activities. They enjoyed the magic show that was hosted for them. Overall it was a fun filled day for them.

Class Picnic

Activities in LSA 21-Jan-2019

Event: Class Picnic
Venue: Joyland (Amtala)
Resource Person: Travel India
Participants: Students of Classes VI-VIII
Highlight: 358 students of class VI-VIII along with 19 teachers and 3 support staff members went to Joyland for the class picnic. 7 buses were arranged. Students and teachers had a refreshing time there and spent quality time bonding with the teachers.

National Championship

External Events 20-Jan-2019

Event: National Championship
Venue: IIT Delhi
Organized By: Makeintern
Resource Person: Makeintern and Tryst IIT Delhi
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 5 students namely, Chirag Surana, Debopam Dutta, Pratham Jain, Pratham Jalan, Yashaswi Kedia of class XI attended the event. 54 schools and colleges from across our country participated in the event. No awards won but we came back with a lot of appreciation from our co-participants.

Accreditation Orientation Programme

Workshops 19-Jan-2019

Event: Accreditation Orientation Programme
Organized By: Business Analyst Group
Resource Person: Mr. Runu Bagchi and Ms. Ruchira Mujherjee
Participants: Staff of LSA
Highlight: An orientation programme was held for the staff of our academy to know the processes of accreditation programme. Various formats were explained, Committee members were chosen and target dates were also set in this meeting.

Visit to the Zoo

Educational Trips 16-Jan-2019

Event: Visit the Zoo
Venue: Alipore Zoo
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children were very happy to visit the zoo. They learned about different wild animals. They also followed the code of conduct.

Crafts and Textile Mela

Activities in LSA 15-Jan-2019

Event: Crafts and Textile Mela
Participants: Craftsmen of Bengal
Highlight: This was held to sensitize the children to textile and craft heritage of Bengal and it was to support the craftsmen. The feedback was positive as the children came and bought things and enjoyed the mela, parents also came in and bought materials from the mela.

Testing Meet of Scout Section

External Events 13-Jan-2019

Event: Testing Meet of Scout Section
Venue: The Scout Pavilion
Organized By: South Calcutta Association
Participants: Students of Classes IX & X
Highlight: Ayman Kabir, Nilesh Kothari, Krishang Gupta. Shubham Gupta, Pranav Asar attended the Testing Meet of Scout Section for Dwitiya Sopan. They were tested on Pioneering, Fire, First Aid and Estimation. Students did well in all the tests.

Workshop on Photography

Workshops 07-Jan-2019

Event: Workshop on Photography 
Venue: Alipore Zoo
Organized By: Ahava Communication
Resource Person: Ahava Communication
Participants: Students of Classes VI - VIII
Highlight: Students learned the basics of photography.

Sensitivity in Teaching

Workshops 05-Jan-2019

Event: Sensitivity in Teaching
Organized By: HLS India
Resource Person: Mr. Amitabh Mohan
Participants: Teachers of our Academy
Highlight: The renowned psychologist and teacher trainer Mr. Amitabh Mohan stressed on the need to focus on the teacher for a better teaching-learning environment. The analysis of the interpersonal style of the teachers was useful for the teachers. He also discussed about the staff room environment and its effect on the teachers. Sensitivity in dealing with the children and the parents was also discussed. It was a good learning experience. The teachers learned different ways to handle students and to motivate them in different aspects.

School Excursion for Class XI

Educational Trips 04-Jan-2019

Event: School Excursion for Class XI
Venue: Haridwar, Rishikesh, Musoorie
Organized By: Travel India
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 73 students along with 5 teachers boarded the train on 24th of December and returned on 29th December. It was great fun for the students. They enjoyed the trip and the freezing climate.

Poem Recitation in Hindi

External Events 03-Jan-2019

Event: Poem Recitation in Hindi
Venue: Federation Hall
Organized By: Sambhunath
Resource Person: Sanskritik Punarnirman Mission
Participants: Students of classes IV & VII
Highlight: Students gained confidence.

Cubs and Bulbuls camp

Educational Trips 24-Dec-2018

Venue: Puri, Orissa
Participants: Students of Classes IV & V
Highlight: 23rd Annual Cub Bulbul camp was organised at Puri, Orissa with 94 campers, 7 teachers and 2 sub-staff. All the campers learned a lot from camping life. Games and activities based on badges were organised which was appreciated by all.

Khelo India workshop

Workshops 22-Dec-2018

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi
Organized By: CBSE AND SAI
Resource Person: SAI
Participants: Mr. Arnab Bhattacharya
Highlight: Interesting, motivating and helpful for the students.

Cyber Safety Workshop

Workshops 14-Dec-2018

Venue: ITC Hotel Sonar
Organized By: KIPS learning solutions Pvt Ltd
Resource Person: Mr. Dheeraj Bhatia
Participants: Sudakshina Datta
Highlight: More than 200 educators from West Bengal attended. It was an effective guide to avoid cybercrime and ensure cyber security among students. Various case studies were discussed. New threats like Cybertension, Sextortion, Cyber jihadi, Sugar daddy were explained. The role of a school, a teacher was discussed, ground level remedies were told.
They even discussed the process of Intervention Officer Official Training programme. This workshop can be done with our teachers and parents.

Art Workshop

Workshops 08-Dec-2018

Venue: Modern High School for Girls
Organized By: Modern High School for Girls
Resource Person: Art Mela
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: Hanishi Shah and Ashwarya Tiwari participated in the Art Workshop. Children learned how to make cartoon drawings and they enjoyed the experience.

Field trip to Kalna

Educational Trips 07-Dec-2018

Venue: Kalna
Organized By: Sourina Bose
Participants: Students of Classes VII, IX & XI
Highlight: Students of Mass Media Studies & Lensocraft visited Kalna for Outdoor photography & monument film making.

Visit Naval ship

Educational Trips 04-Dec-2018

Venue: Khiddirpur dock
Organized By: Indian Navy
Participants: Students of Class VIII
Highlight: The students gained an enriching experience, learning about the parts of the ships, missiles, the training and working of the Indian Navy during a visit to INS Sumedha at the Indian Naval Base

Workshop on Sensitivity in Teaching

Workshops 01-Dec-2018

Organized By: HLS India
Resource Person: Mr. Amitabh Mohan
Participants: Teachers
Highlight: The teachers learned about the different techniques to motivate and educate the children in various ways. It was a good experience and enriching for all.

Awareness Workshop on Correct Behavioural Approach

Workshops 01-Dec-2018

Organized By: National Bureau of Human Rights & Legal Research.
Resource Person: Mr. Animesh Sanyal, Ms. Avantika Sanyal and Mr. Prasun Das
Participants: Non-teaching staff, Office staff , Management officials and Communicators 

Highlight The workshop was divided into three sessions. There was an open session where the support staff could interact and clarify their queries from the resource people. Certain guidelines were discussed for the support staff to avoid any kind of trouble.

Behtar India waste collection

Activities in LSA 30-Nov-2018

Organized By: Behtar India
Resource Person: Raza
Participants: Students of Classes III – VIII & X
Highlight: Students collected a large amount of waste paper for three months from houses and around the residence. They learned to reuse the paper.

National Stock Exchange Funancial Quest

External Events 28-Nov-2018

Organized By: Team NSE FUNancial Quest
Participants: Students of Classes VIII – IX
Highlight: National Stock Exchange presented a unique experiential financial literacy event to teach the students the intrinsic value of their financial resources. NSE sees it as essential that they learn this 21st-century life skill while at school, a prominent place of learning in their lives.

English Teaching workshop

Workshops 24-Nov-2018

Venue: The Lalit Great Eastern
Organized: By Oxford
Resource Person: Ms. Anahita Lee
Participants: Ms. Kulbir Kaur and Ms. Shreerupa Banerjee
Highlight: It was very enlightening and innovative in terms of what can be done in the classroom like voice modulation and stress-busting techniques. The participants were also given hands-on learning experience with regard to the practice of literary devices like alliteration and hyperbole which is commonly used in poetry.

23rd Founder’s Day

Activities in LSA 24-Nov-2018

Venue: Sangeet Kala Mandir
Resource Person: Students and Management of Our Academy
Participants: Students of Classes II – XII
Highlight: The programme started with an inspiring opening song. Then the prize distribution ceremony was held. The prizes were given away by the chief guest Ms. Patti Hoffman, US Consul General in Kolkata, Shri Bharat Hari Singhania and our Principal Ms. Meena Kak.
This was followed by a drama ‘Vaidehi Katha’ which showed the condition of women in today’s India. A large number of parents and students attended the function.

Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration

External Events 23-Nov-2018

Venue: Maidan near Shaheed Minar
Organized By: Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Kolkata
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: Dane Liebermann, Aarushi Surekha, Samriddhi Gupta, Muskan Goyal accompanied by two teachers were a part of this celebration. They offered prayers, did Sewa (chopped vegetables, washed utensils, served food and made rotis). It was an enriching and satisfying experience for all.

Math Workshop

Workshops 23-Nov-2018

Venue: Kenilworth Hotel
Organized By: Oxford Publishers
Resource Person: Mr. A.T.B. BOSE. ( Ramanujan Museum)and Maths Education Centre
Participants: Susmita Roy, Tikshna Chopra
Highlight: Workshop based on Math activities. We learned about CPA ( Complete, Pictorial, and Abstract) representation of numbers. Introduction of 'Zero' was well explained. Activities related to Addition and Subtraction were well explained.

Start Up Your Life

External Events 22-Nov-2018

Venue: Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, New Town
Organized By: Vedanta Institute
Resource Person: Swami Parthasarathy
Participants: Arkaprovo Roy(XI), Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann (XI), Ms. Jaya Misra, Mr. Kanak Shankar Mukherjee
Highlight: It was a session on the role of education in one's life and activities offered by Vedanta Institute.

YES Program (2019 - 20)

External Events 19-Nov-2018

Venue: American Centre
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Mr. Aadil, Mr. Vyom
Participants: Akhilesh Jhawar (XI), Kunaal Mundhra(X), Shreyansh Jain(X) 
Highlight: Kunaal Mundhra and Shreyansh Jain had the final interview for the YES Program. Akhilesh Jhawar was asked to Volunteer as a YES Alumni. It was a new experience for him and he assisted in the selection process.

Green Diwali Fair

Activities in LSA 17-Nov-2018

Organized By: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants: Students of classes III to XII.
Highlight: To sensitize students and parents about keeping our environment healthy and sustainable, our school has taken an initiative to celebrate 'Green Diwali'. On 5.11.18, card stickers and badges with a slogan 'SAY NO TO CRACKERS' were distributed among students. An exhibition cum sale was organised to sell diyas, candles and greeting cards. Five NGO's, who work with underprivileged and Intellectually and physically challenged children, namely IICP, Asha Niketan, The Hope Foundation participated in the event. 


External Events 17-Nov-2018

Venue: New Delhi
Organized: By Amity International
Resource Person: Ms. Ujwal Singh
Participants: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann(XI)
Highlight: Dane got an opportunity through AFS to participate in AIMUN. He represented Iceland in the General Assembly Committee. It was a good learning experience for him.


Activities in LSA 15-Nov-2018

Venue: Rajarhat
Organized: By green for life
Participants: Students of class VIII
Highlight: Students planted saplings and learned to be sensitive towards the increasing pollution.

Children's Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 14-Nov-2018

Participants: Students of classes I to XII

Highlight: The Children's Day was celebrated with a lot of fervour and gusto. The students of Pre-primary sections enjoyed themselves on the crazy castle and various fun games. They were also happy to watch a movie. For the students of classes III to XII, a carnival was organised by their teachers which included table and field games, the latter being an added attraction for them. The ground floor hall was decorated with balloons and food counters were also put up for the students.

INFINITY 2K18 - Maths Mela

Activities in LSA 31-Oct-2018

Organized By Maths Department & Students of Classes III-XI
Participants Students of Classes III-XI
Highlight: Numerous interesting mathematical games and riddles like Maze, Crossword and other activities were showcased to strengthen numerical acumen. The students enjoyed the games a lot. The event had maximum participation.


International Informatics Olympiad

Activities in LSA 30-Oct-2018

Organized By: Silverzone
Participants: Students of Classes III XII
Highlight: 141 students from classes 3 to 12 participated in 15th International Informatics Olympiad. Result awaited.

Young Innovator's Programme 2018

External Events 28-Oct-2018

Organized By: IIT Kharagpur Branding and Relations Cell
Resource Person: IIT Kharagpur
Participants: Divija V Agarwal(IX), Mahak Garodia(IX) and Priyanshi Saraogi(IX)
Highlight: The competition had 4 rounds. In the 1st round more than 100 teams, 300 students from all over India and abroad registered. After a strict screening, only 24 teams qualified for Round 2 who got the opportunity to display their projects in front of 7 eminent judges. From round 2 only 6 teams qualified for Round 3 and 3 teams were selected. The participants demonstrated their deep knowledge, high levels of confidence and an innovative streak. 

Trip – Lucknow & Agra

Educational Trips 24-Oct-2018

Organized By: Travel India
Participants: Students of Classes VI & VII
Highlight: Students enjoyed alot. It was a lovely and fruitful trip. The students had an enriching experience.

AFS India Navratri Celebrations

External Events 16-Oct-2018

Venue: Ahmedabad
Organized By: AFS India
Participants: Dane Liebermann and Divya Shah
Highlight: Dane Liebermann and Divya Shah attended workshops on Garba and were hosted by Gujarati families in Ahmedabad. They had a taste of Western India and how Navratri festival is celebrated. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet students from different parts of the world who are visiting India on different AFS programs.

Fete Cum Exhibition on various Subjects

Activities in LSA 12-Oct-2018

Participants: Students of Classes IX & X
Highlight: Presentation of the projects undertaken by the students on different subjects was showcased to the parents. The same was received and appreciated by the parents who were present for the event.

Hope Foundation distribution of clothes and shoes

Activities in LSA 11-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Kundu
Participants: our school students and staff
Highlight: As a part of the 'Joy of Giving Week Celebration' the school donated around 90 sets of clothes and shoes for the students of Kasba Girls'Home and Be Kind Boys' Home. Some students had come to receive the gifts before the festive season. It was a pleasure to see their smiling faces in the morning assembly.

Hope Foundation distribution of clothes and shoes

Activities in LSA 11-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Kundu
Participants: our school students and staff
Highlight: As a part of the 'Joy of Giving Week Celebration' the school donated around 90 sets of clothes and shoes for the students of Kasba Girls'Home and Be Kind Boys' Home. Some students had come to receive the gifts before the festive season. It was a pleasure to see their smiling faces in the morning assembly.


Activities in LSA 07-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants: Students of Classes VIII-XII
Highlight: 14 Schools took part in the MUN. There were 173 delegates who attended the conference.

Re Meducate

Activities in LSA 04-Oct-2018

Organized By: Hope Foundation
Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Kundu
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 2 cartons of medicines and 1 carton of old spectacles were handed over to the Hope Foundation which will be used in the Hope Hospital at Taratala.


Activities in LSA 04-Oct-2018

Participants: Students of Classes VI – VIII
Highlight: 11 Mainstream Schools along with our school participated in Abhilasha. Students from 6 Special Schools also participated in it. Around 400 students participated across all 6 events( on stage and off stage). Our school emerged as the overall champion followed by Modern High School.

Project Citizen – Inter House

Activities in LSA 03-Oct-2018

Participants: Students from Classes III – V
Highlight: All the four houses took up topics of public as well as individual interest. The participants put across the problems related to the topic and dealt with the existing policies and the Action Plan. Each house had some good speakers who put across their views confidently. The presentations were very informative. All the children in the audience enjoyed the presentation. The topics were: Being Late to School, Road Safety for the Pedestrians, Swach Bharat Swach Vidyalay & Noise Pollution.

Workshop of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Workshops 03-Oct-2018

Organized By: Behtar India
Participants: Students of Classes VI-VIII
Highlight: Students have learned about reduce, reuse, recycle. They enjoyed and were very much motivated by the program.

YES Abroad Mid Stay Orientation

Beyond Boundaries 02-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Mr. Roshan Sajan
Participants: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann
Highlight: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann (XI A1) attended the Orientation at Jodhpur.

YES Program

Beyond Boundaries 02-Oct-2018

Participants: Students of Class X
Highlight: Kunal Mundhra (Class 10) and Shreyansh Jain (Class 10) will attend the interview on 19th November 2018 for the AFS session 2019-2020.

Blood Donation Camp

Activities in LSA 29-Sep-2018

Organized By: Kothari hospital
Participants: Entire school and parents
Highlight: Blood donated for the cause of humanity

Accountancy Workshop

Workshops 28-Sep-2018

Venue: Mahadevi Birla Word Academy
Organized By: Sultan Chand Publishers
Resource Person: T.S.Grewal
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: The workshop was informative and interactive. It was attended by Swati Banerjee and Sanjeeb Banerjee.

Story Telling

External Events 28-Sep-2018

Event: One story at a time ending gender-based violence
Venue: American Center
Organized By: American Center
Resource Person: American Center
Participants: Students of Class X – XII
Highlight: Learnt the art of storytelling for films.

AFS Mid Stay Orientation

Workshops 26-Sep-2018

Date: 22/09/2018 To 26/09/2018
Venue: Chennai
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Mr. Roshan Sajan
Highlight: Rebekka Klinge went to Chennai for the Midterm Orientation with other AFS participants

Dental Camp

Activities in LSA 24-Sep-2018

Organized By: Kothari Hospital
Participants: School students
Highlight: Students had their dental checkup with doctors advice. 

JKLU Workshop

Workshops 24-Sep-2018

Resource Person: Pratishtha Ghosh, Associate Dean, Centre of Communication, JKLU
Participants: Students of Class XI & XII
Highlight: Students were given an idea about how to be 'job ready' and 'life ready'. They were enlightened about the importance of learning different skills.


Karo Sambhav School Programme

Workshops 19-Sep-2018

Resource Person: Karo Sambhav
Participants: Students of Classes VII – X
Highlight: The workshop gave the students a clear idea of waste management. Students got the idea on different types of wastes, especially E wastes and the harmful effects of these unless treated properly by experts.

Book Launch of a new Mathematics series

Workshops 18-Sep-2018

Venue: The Park hotel
Organized By: NIIT Nguru
Resource Person: Dr. Norhuda Musa
Participants: Mitali Mukhopadhyay
Highlight: Book Launch of a new Maths series 'My Pals Are Here' based on Singapore teaching methodology was followed by a workshop on Problem Solving in Maths. The workshop focused on the understanding of the concepts to ensure all students achieve a level of mastery in Mathematics that will serve them well in life.


Workshop at BITM

Workshops 08-Sep-2018

Organized By: Collins
Resource Person: Dr. Padmini Shankar
Participants: Kulbir Kaur, Suranjana Chakrabarti
Highlight: The mentor with 26 years of teaching experience conducted the workshop on English Language Teaching Methodologies. It focused on interactive and learner-directed methods to incorporate movement in their language class. It also focused on the attributes of a good teacher. Other areas that she touched upon were: Creating a positive learning environment in the classroom, Psychological distance between teacher and student.

Discovery Day YES Program

Workshops 02-Sep-2018

Venue: Jamshedpur
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Mr. Roshan & Mr. Suraj
Participants: Students of Class X
Highlight: Kunal Mundhra (Class - X) and Shreyansh Jain (Class - X) were shortlisted for this round of interview. Both of them have reached the next level of the selection process.



International Career Coach Certification

Workshops 01-Sep-2018

Venue: New Delhi
Organized By: Mindler
Resource Person: Mr. Prateek Bhargava, Mr. Parikshit Dhanda
Participants: Jaya Misra
Highlight: Jaya Misra has successfully completed the credentialing requirement of the International Certified Career Coach Program by Mindler and Career Development Alliance (USA) and has been awarded a completion certificate.


Educational Trips 01-Sep-2018

Venue: Kejriwal House
Participants: Students of Montessori 
Highlight: The children enjoyed their visit to the Kejriwal house. They were amazed to see the toy train and other scenes depicting Lord Krishna's life. They were also very happy to receive "prashad".

Collection for Kerala flood victims

Activities in LSA 31-Aug-2018

Participants: Students of Classes PS I to Class XII
Highlight: Items like a towel, rice, pulses, wheat flour, unused clothes, bed sheets, unused electrical appliances like wires, sockets, switches along with mosquito repellants, bandages, antiseptic liquids, sanitary napkins were collected through a collection drive from students and teachers
It was handed over to Kolkata Kairali Samajam who had set their base collection camp at Garden High School. The collection was huge which showed the empathy of all towards the affected.

eWaste Workshop

Workshops 30-Aug-2018

Venue: SOS circle
Organized By: Karo Sambhav
Participants: Indrani Das, Manidipa Lahiri
Highlight It was a well-appreciated awareness program for all showing how schools can play a vital role in the handling of e-waste.

American Universities Fair

Activities in LSA 16-Aug-2018

Organized By: KIC
Resource Person: Ms. Sweta
Participants" Students of Classes XI & XII
Highlight: 18 American Universities were a part of the fair (list in the email to be added) It was a wonderful platform for students of Classes XI & XII to address their queries and get details about the different Universities.

Visit by AFS Officials

Activities in LSA 16-Aug-2018

Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Mr. Adil Fahim
Participants: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann(XI A1), Rebekka Klinge(XD)
Highlight: This was a visit to meet the exchange students, their teachers, counsellors etc and find out about their progress.

Independence Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 15-Aug-2018

Highlight: Gaiety and patriotic fervor marked the Independence Day celebrations in our school premises on 15th August 2018. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Amitabh Sen Gupta.
The programme began with the ritualistic flag hoisting ceremony. This was followed by a melodious rendition of a medley of patriotic songs by the school choir. The speeches by our principal, Mrs. Meena Kak, and the Chief Guest inspired all. This was followed by the much awaited Inter House Dance Competition.

Re-entry Orientation for YES Program 2017-18

Beyond Boundaries 11-Aug-2018

From: 09/06/2018 To 11/06/2018
Venue: New Delhi
Organized: By AFS
Resource Person: Ms. Divya Arora, Ms. Sonam Luthra
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Subhi Sarda and Akhilesh Jhawar returned from the USA on 9th June to India. They attended the re-entry orientation at New Delhi and landed on 11th June in Kolkata. They joined the school on the next day and have come back enriched with a number of ideas.

Educators Meet

Workshops 10-Aug-2018

Venue: The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel
Organized By: Juana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Resource Person: Ms Carrie Ann Gibson
Participants: Niladri Kumar Motilal
Highlight: Learned about 2 applications read & write and equatIO

Safe Drive Save Life

External Events 10-Aug-2018

Venue: Alipore Zoo crossing
Organized By: Kolkata Police
Participants: Students of Class IX
Highlight" Class IX students of our school performed a street play and displayed placards, which were based on Road Safety issues for public awareness, in front of Alipore Zoo in collaboration with Kolkata Police.

Green Drive

Activities in LSA 06-Aug-2018

Venue: New Playground
Participants: Students of Class VII C
Highlight: Students of classes VIIC Pulkit Bhadani and Madhuram Lakhotia planted a tree in the new playground of the school and they water the plant every day.

YES PROGRAM Gateway Orientation 2018

Beyond Boundaries 05-Aug-2018

Venue: New Delhi
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Ms. Sonam Luthra
Participants: Jash Shah
Highlight: Jash Shah departed for Delhi for the Gateway Orientation on the 5th. He departed for USA on the 7th of August 2018 where he will be attending the Arrival Orientation at Washington DC before he leaves for Arundel High School, Gambrills, Maryland. He would be returning to India in June 2019.

Ponder, Protect and Prevent

Workshops 01-Aug-2018

Venue: Rotary Sadan
Organized By: Rise Against Child Sexual Harm and Abuse (RACSHA)

Participants: Mitali Mukhopadhyay, Nabamita DuttaGupta

Highlight: The session included two-panel discussions, the first one, Way to Sunshine by the young adults who are RACSHA members followed by a discussion, Understanding Child Sexual Abuse with eminent personalities from various fields.

CBSE Workshop on Remodelled Assessment Structure

Workshops 31-Jul-2018

Venue: Apeejay School, Salt Lake
Organized By: CBSE
Resource Person: CBSE
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Details of Periodic Tests, Notebooks, Subject Enrichment were discussed.

Workshop on Digital E Commerce

Workshops 28-Jul-2018

Venue: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Organized: By Makeintern
Resource Person: Mr. Gnan
Participants: Students of Classes IX & XI
Highlight: 50 students from classes IX and XI participated.
5 students were selected for the National Round to be held at IIT Delhi in the month of January.

Indradhanush (for classes II - V) - An endeavor to make a plastic free world (27th July 2018, Friday)

Activities in LSA 27-Jul-2018

Participants: Students of Classes II – V of various Kolkata schools
Highlight: Indradhanush 2018, a fest to spread awareness to beat the plastic pollution on Earth. 11 teams competed against each other through games and activities. Teams were named after famous environmentalists. 1st prize went to the team Salim Ali comprising Lakshmipat Singhania Academy and Sushila Birla, the Second prize to Team Arun Krishnamurthy comprising Mahadevi Birla Girls' School and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, the Third prize to team Claude Alvarez comprising Sri Sri Academy and Modern High School for Girls.


CLICK - Photography event of exe.BIT

External Events 14-Jul-2018

Venue: Horticulture Garden
Organized By: exe.BIT
Highlight: Click, a photography event of exe.BIT Infinity 2018 was held in Horticulture garden, Alipore. 15 schools participated in the event from classes VI-XII and teachers also. The theme was Nature pertaining to the exe.BIT theme of Digital Detox. The participants had to come back to school and click photographs of Raths decorated by the Pre-primary students, as 14th July was Rath Yatra. The event went off smoothly and the students enthusiastically clicked photographs and submitted the same

All Faith Prayer

External Events 07-Jul-2018

Venue: Sri Sri Academy
Organized:By Sri Sri Academy
Participants: Students of Classes VII & VIII
Highlight: The atmosphere was very peaceful and everyone participated with due devotion.

Pre Departure Orientation for YES Program

External Events 20-Jun-2018

From: 18/06/2018 To 20/06/2018
Event: Pre Departure Orientation for YES Program
Organized by: AFS India
Venue: New Delhi
Participant: Jash Shah of XI B
Highlight: It was an intensive training provided to all the participants who will be traveling to the USA under the YES program in August 2018.

Workshop on Detox

Activities in LSA 20-Jun-2018

Resource Person: Ms. Sanzeeda Mirza
Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: A workshop on Detox was conducted for classes III V about how life has changed with the advent and over usage of technological devices like smartphones televisions gaming consoles etc. A comparative analysis of the lifestyle of ten years back and present day was shown. The after effect like vision problem, obesity, posture defects were also discussed. The young ones were also advised to deal with the current situation through physical activity and ‘no screen Sunday.

Workshop on Yoga

Workshops 20-Jun-2018

Resource Person: Rachna
Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: The students of classes III to V had a workshop on Yoga. It focused on the basic pranayamas and their importance in day to day life. The students were told how important these exercises are for their mind, body, and soul and how one should make it a practice to include them in their regime. Overall it was a useful session.

22nd Annual Camp (IX - XII)

Educational Trips 09-Jun-2018

From: 03/06/2018 To 08/06/2018
Venue: Lolegaon
Organized By: 3rd LSA Group
Participants: Students of Classes IX - XII
Highlight: The weather was ideal and the students enjoyed various new activities. Had a good learning experience. 


External Events 25-Apr-2018

Venue South Point High School

Organized By South Point High School

Highlight YUVRAAJ JHAWAR from VIII, PRAMIT BANERJEE from VIIB and SOMDYUTI DAS from XII participated in the event. Students performed very well. They were appreciated by the judges as well.

Sit and Draw Activity at Laskar War Memorial Ground

Educational Trips 09-Mar-2018

Venue: Laskar War Memorial Ground, Napier Road
Organized By: Laksmipat Singhania Academy- Cyberfair 2018
Highlight 28 students from classes VI - VIII participated in the Sit and Draw competition, organised by the school as an event of International Cyberfair competition 2017-18. The students sketched the Laskar War Memorial to get sensitized about preserving the built heritage of Kolkata. The competition was followed by video presentations by Commander Suruchi Gaur on the various career options that are available if one joins the Indian Navy as Indian Army is not the only option that all know.

Tinkering Fest 2018

Activities in LSA 22-Feb-2018

Highlight: Tinker Fest 2018 - Students are presented with the challenge of building a bridge at various locations. They come up with four types: Truss, Arch, String Straighted and Suspension bridges. They demonstrated two natural forces -Tension and compression- common to all bridges and structure. Many peripheral skills were learned during the workshop such as dremel drill, Carpentery skills, engineering measurment and markings, etc. Class VI & VII demonstrated their skills in electricity and electronic structure.

Heritage Tram Ride

Educational Trips 14-Feb-2018

Venue: Khidderpore - Esplanade - School
Highlight: 8 Students of LSA and 12 Students of Navanir participated in the Heritage Tram Ride - an activity that sensitized students to the built cultural heritage of our city and appreciate the value of maintaining this rich heritage for generations to come. This journey helped the students realize the beauty of our City of Joy that brings millions of tourists to our city.

Project Sahayta

Activities in LSA 24-Jan-2018

Venue: NGO - Chhaya
Highlight: Selected Scouts and Guides from Class X visited the NGO with biscuits, pedigree etc for the animals kept there. It was an enriching experience to hear the rescue stories of the animals and to see how these animals have been kept by the NGO. They have rescued more than 450 dogs, horses, cows, buffaloes, bull, eagles etc. There is a Vet Hospital too. Our students observed Solar panels within the campus, a bio gas plant and interacted with the dedicated staff at Chhaya.

Sahodaya Science Exhibition

External Events 18-Jan-2018

Venue: Sushila Birla Girls' School
Organized By: CBSE

Participants : Jagrit Bhojnagarwala, Tarun Goenka, Animesh Sachan & Nishant Agarwal 
Highlight: Total 28 schools participated. We were one of the few schools who made working models, on the topic ‘Save Environment’.

CBSE Science Exhibition Regional Level

External Events 08-Jan-2018

Venue: Apeejay School Salt Lake
Organized By: CBSE
Highlight: Pratham Jain & Yashasvi Kedia of Class X participated. The exhibit is a belt attached with sensors which will help the visually challenged person to walk comfortably along with the other people. The team qualified for the National Level.

Road Safety Week

Activities in LSA 08-Jan-2018

Venue: National Library Crossing
Organized By: Kolkata Police
Highlight: 40 students were a part of this Road Safety Week Celebration in association with Kolkata Police. The students campaigned on various days on topics like - No Horn Campaign, No to
Riding without Helmet Campaign, No to Use of Mobile Phones while Driving Campaign and No to Drink and Drive Campaign. On the final day students put up a Nukkad Natak as a part of the 'No to Use Mobile Phones while Driving' Campaign.

Spicmacay Heritage Walk

Activities in LSA 06-Jan-2018

Organized By:  Spicmacay & Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Highlight: Students were taken around the BBD Bag area to show the iconic colonial structures of our city.

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

Activities in LSA 09-May-2017

Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated with an opening Ceremony,Solo Song recital and a musical based on excerpts taken from Tagore's compositions.

Overall Physical Fitness

Workshops 17-Mar-2017

Venue : Ground floor assembly hall

Resource Person : Mr. Kuntak Gupta

Participants : Classes III to VIII

Highlight : It focused on physical fitness and the benefits of it. There were different physical activities that kept the students engaged and entertained.

FILMIT 2018 Orientation


Venue: Sri Sri Academy
Organized By: INTACH
Resource Person: FILMIT INDIA
Participants: Students of Classes VI – VIII
Highlight: The orientation for 2018 FILMIT INDIA was introduced

Karo Sambhav School Program


Date - 19th September 2018

Participants - Class VII - X

Artsforward has partnered with Karo Sambhav this year. The program is one-of-its-kind and aims at creating awareness on critical environmental issues - such as - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE), engaging students on preventive environmental strategies and inspiring them to create a more sustainable world through their daily actions.