Lakshmipat Singhania Academy Celebrates 26th Intramural Sports Day with Joy and Thrills!

The Gitanjali Stadium came alive with a vibrant spirit as Lakshmipat Singhania Academy hosted its 26th Intramural Sports Day. Students, adorned in their respective house colours, created a kaleidoscope of energy, filling the air with cheers and excitement.

Over three days, the Academy transformed into a stage for athletic prowess. From senior boys and girls in the 'A' division to the youngest participants in the 'D' division, everyone showcased their talent in a diverse range of events. The final day saw thrilling races like the 400m and 4x100 Relay, alongside fun events like the 100m Dash and Skipping with Hula Hoop Race. A captivating welcome song set the mood, followed by inspirational speeches from esteemed guests.

The celebration of tradition was alive with drills by students showcasing classic games like Lattu, Gulel, and Aankh Micholi. The majestic march past by the four houses, accompanied by the school band, added a touch of grandeur. The passionate oath by the sports captain ignited the spirit of competition, leading to exciting displays of skill in various events. The karate drill by senior students showcased their discipline and focus.

A special highlight was the inclusion of children with special needs from nearby schools, who participated in the 100m Race, receiving warm cheers and support. German exchange students also had a unique experience, trying their hand at the traditional 'matka' balancing race, fostering cultural exchange. The day wasn't just about student athletes; there were exciting races for parents, ex-students, teachers, and support staff, ensuring everyone could be part of the fun.

Finally, the much-awaited moment arrived - the announcement of results. Vayu House emerged victorious as the Best House, while Agni stole the show with the best March Past. Jal House received the award for Best Cheering, and Prithvi House was applauded for their Best Decoration. The Head Girl and Head Boy expressed their gratitude, bringing the event to a close with the National Anthem.

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy's 26th Intramural Sports Day was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication of students, teachers, and parents. As the curtains closed, everyone left with cherished memories and the anticipation of another thrilling winter sports day in the years to come.

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