The central objective of the LSAMUN team is to give the students an insight into world problems and enable them to understand foreign policy, develop political awareness and more.

In the year 2021-2022, the LSAMUN Core team conducted weekly simulations aimed at making the club members more confident orators and knowledgeable global citizens. The pandemic couldn't hold us back from what we were trying to achieve; online mock sessions were conducted throughout the year on agendas related to political developments. The team expanded and students from middle school were welcomed into the team. Newcomers were taught the basic prerequisites and how to craft their speeches, research, deal with their country’s unique foreign policy and draft paperwork for the same.

Through the orientation sessions, they learnt about different UN bodies, the basics of international law, ICJ and the UN Charter. This was followed by simulations on dynamic issues like the India - Pakistan conflict, the South China Sea dispute and the Syrian Civil War, which put the knowledge gained from these workshops into practice.

Moreover, we represented our school on various platforms by sending out delegations to various reputed Model UN conferences like BoscoMUN, CISMUN, JacoMUN, SSMUN, MBWAMUN and many more which provided the newcomers with the much-needed exposure. The team as a whole won the Outstanding Delegation award at CISMUN and BoscoMUN, and bagged awards in other conferences like HarvardMUN, MBWAMUN etc. Members of the team also served as Assistant Directors in certain prestigious conferences such as Oxford Global MUN and Harvard MUN India.

All in all, the team maintained its reputation in the Kolkata MUN circuit and witnessed significant growth this session. Active participation in multiple conferences provided the team with a lot of exposure.

Win or loss, the spirit of the LSAMUN team remained intact.


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