Lakshmipat Singhania Academy hosted Ekalakshya which comprised three mega events – Abhilakshya, an innovative cultural meet, which was held on 3rd July as well as Bullionaire, a dynamic commerce meet, and Iris, an insightful psychology meet, which was held on 4th July. This year’s theme is “Visualize, Strategize and Illuminize”, inspiring students to light the way to innovation and success. The school choir presented an enchanting song “Follow your Dreams” by Sheryn Regis which surely raised the enthusiasm of participating schools.

The school’s Director Meena Kak highlighted on the importance of different types of fests and how it enriches a student’s learning journey. She also emphasized on the literary theme of Abhilakshya and said that in future she would like the school to work on Bengali or Hindi literature. Dr. Sumita Bannerjea, the chief guest, is an accomplished author and educator. In honour of the event, she emphasized on the importance of creativity, finance and a healthy emotional quotient, and their significance in leading a balanced and healthy life. She elaborated on various types of quotients that constitute a human being and made all present familiar with the varied significances of the quotients like Social Quotient, Adversity Quotient, etc. and their impact on our life and future. Principal Jaya Misra extended a warm welcome to the chief guest, the judges for various events and all the students and teachers from the participating schools.

The following events were held on the first day:

Novel Adornments {Abhilakshya} : Participants were tasked with interpreting themes, characters or settings of a literary piece and had to create prototypes of jewelry pieces. 

Page to Stage {Abhilakshya}: A cosplay competition was held on the basis of characters from famous literary pieces like Hamlet and theme traits were explained via a presentation.

Picture Perfect {Abhilakshya}: Participants were supposed to present the theme “climate change” in a storyboard format through paintings and illustrations.

Monoplay {Abhilakshya}: It was a monologue-based roleplay and recitation competition. Enticing performances were presented on literary classics, like ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘Waiting for Godot’.

Tiny Tales {Abhilakshya}: Rather than following the traditional linear approach to storytelling, writers embarked on a reverse journey, beginning with the destination—the last line— and working their way back to the starting point which tested the limits of their creativity.

Book Quest {Abhilakshya}: A scavenger hunt in which five students from each school participated. Students of classes 6-7 and 8-9 were each given one clue through which they would gain an object that would be their key to finding the required book from the library.

Rhythms of Rhymes {Abhilakshya}: It was a dance competition on the basis of selected poems by the participants.

Wordless Wonders {Abhilakshya}: Participants had to narrate a regional folklore of their choice through a mime.

Inkpressions {Abhilakshya}: It was a limerick writing competition in which seven schools participated.

Cover Creations {Abhilakshya}: Participants had to design a cover and write a book review. Novels like The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Room of Many Colours by Ruskin Bond were taken inspiration from.

Insightopia {Abhilakshya}: In this event, participants unravelled the profound meanings of a single word, uncovering unique interpretations and in order to reveal unexpected connections and truths, showcasing language's power to evoke emotion, provoke thought, and inspire change.

The events on day 2 were:

Catharsis {Iris}: A “best out of waste” event where schools were provided with waste products and their aim was to repurpose them. The participants came up with a plethora of ideas, from building stress-relieving toys like fidget spinners to mimicking a garden set-up. Keeping the vision in mind, participants found creative ways to portray stress disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by using items like plastic bottles and cardboards.

Projection {Iris}: Participants were tasked with shooting and editing a film on the theme “identity crisis”.

Perception Paradox {Iris}: A psychology based competition involving puzzles, riddles and experiments based on Kohl’s Block Design. Participants were put in a room which resembled a therapist’s clinic where they were given the puzzles, other riddles: incrementally they were given more clues. 3 hints were provided if needed to each team. The goal was to escape the room the fastest. 

Psychethon {Iris}: Participants were involved in three different rounds, the first one being a silent identification round, where one of the two participants had to draw a disorder while the second had to guess it. Round two was a Wordle round where they had to guess a word through a colour-based box filling system which gave them certain responses. The third was a psychology based rapid fire quiz.

Luminary {Iris}: Participants were required to act as counsellors for subjects provided by the host school, all of which enacted a certain disorder. While one of the participants was counselling, the other wrote a report file regarding the conversation. The participants were asked questions about the behaviour of the subject and if provided with more time, what suggestions they would give to the subjects. Some of the disorders depicted were Eating Disorders, Paranoia and ADHD.

Cataclysm Conundrum {Bullionaire}: Participants were tested on their crisis management skills and had to come up with thorough and effective strategies to curb the problem. Participants were faced with data breach, economic crises and issues relating to inadequate customer services and prepare solutions for solving the problem.

Spike and Sell {Bullionaire}: A sports-based event divided into three parts, quiz, auction and volleyball. The quiz started with each team letting two players participate on stage. The budget of each team was decided via this quiz. The auctioned players were divided into brackets in the form of ranks with the lower ones having the most valuable players. After each team obtained 8 players, the third part i.e., the volleyball competition started.

Capital Quest {Bullionaire}: Participants were supposed to select 3 small-cap stocks (below 10000 crore) before the event and had to convince the judges to invest in them via presentations.

Marketing Mania {Bullionaire}: Participants were given a product/service a week prior and were tasked with creating a short advertisement video. On the basis of this, 6 schools qualified for the final round. Participants were presented with a hypothetical scenario where they discovered their competitor in the market offering a similar product or service. They then had to justify why their offering is superior, as compared to the competitor’s.

Couture Convention {Bullionaire}: Participants were assigned different fashion genres on the basis of which they had to build a brand and were tasked with pitching their brands to potential investors. Participants walked the floor with poise and elegance exploring various themes like cultural fusion, reflecting purpose, style and comfort with their choice of clothes.

Closing Ceremony:

After two days of enthusiastic participation, the moment had finally arrived for the Prize distribution ceremony. The ceremony commenced with an enchanting dance performance by the students of LSA, followed by a motivating speech given by the Guest of honour, Mr. Subrato Dutta, an entrepreneur who incubated The George Telegraph Institute. He encouraged all present with his sound advice, “To be successful in life, one must have the willingness to be successful.” The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony where the host school, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy was declared the winner for all three events. Thus, the fest came to an end with the Head Boy Taraksh Garodia and Head Girl Vidisha Mundhra extending the vote of thanks and singing of the national anthem. 





Loreto Day school Bowbazar – 2nd runner up

The BSS School – 1st runner up

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy – Winner



Bhavan’s Gangabux Kanoria Vidya Mandir – 2nd runner up

Sushila Birla Girls’ Schgool – 1st Runner Up

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy – Winner



MP Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School – 2nd Runner Up 

Sushila Sushila Birla Girls’ Schgool – 1st Runner Up

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy – Winner


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