IRiS 2021 October 1, 2021, marked the commencement of the third edition of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy’s Psychology fest- IRiS. It is the only Psychology fest in the city. This fest spotlights mental health in all it’s glory and is a stellar amalgamation of psychology based events as well as events with an interdisciplinary approach. This fest was one such endeavour to help us battle out the stigma of mental disorders created by the society and emerge victorious happily.

The academy’s Director Meena Kak aptly said “No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has their own strength and weakness…and everyone tries to build up on their weaknesses. IRiS is all about “The World as we see it.” Dr. Manisha Dasgupta, an acclaimed Professor of the Psychology department, University of Calcutta graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Ma'am Kak also urged the students pursing Psychology to counsel their family members and friends in these trying times by becoming ' peer educators' if they are under any threat of depression and make this world a better place for all.

Apart from the host school, eight other Kolkata schools had participated in the fest. They are – Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Calcutta International School, The New Town School, Indus Valley World School, Sri Sri Academy, Birla Bharati, Abhinav Bharati High School, La Martiniere for Boys and Bhavan’s Gangabux Kanoria Vidya Mandir.

IRiS is a one day long fest where there were seven interesting events. 1. LUMINARY: Luminary is a live event where the participant's interactional and communicational skills will be tested. The participant must act as a counsellor or psychologist to the subjects prepared by the host school, identify the disorder he/she is suffering from and offer solutions to the subject 2. QUIZEPTION: Quizeption is an engaging mind sport, which will test the students’ knowledge of psychology through an interactive quiz. It will include questions ranging from historical facts about the subject, to more analytical queries which will test the understanding of the participants from each school. 3. BLURB: Blurb is a creative designing event, where the participants will have to come up with a company, its name, logo and an advertisement to market the product that will be allotted to them on the day of the event. This will be done keeping in mind the colour and consumer psychology to create the best product. They will also have to deliver and pitch the launching of their products. 4. INKBLOT: Inkblot is a creative writing event. The participants will be given the name of a psychological disorder at the beginning of the event and given around 2 hours to write a short story. They are free to decide the genre and plot of the story, but it must be about a person suffering from the given disorder and must be written from his/her point of view (either in 1st person or 3rd person). 5. CATHARSIS: Catharsis is an event that aims to bring out our artistic nature. An evocative poem will be sent to the students, and they will be asked to paint what comes to their mind on reading it. They will have the freedom to let the hues of their imaginations run wild during this event, thus allowing innovation to come in the limelight. 6. ACTROVERT: A unique blend of drama and psychology Actrovert aim at putting students in situations to test their problem-solving skills. All participants shall come up with suitable solutions to their problems keeping in mind the situations and conditions given to them. 7. CONFLICT CONVERSATION: It’s a debating event where the Freudian concept of unconscious mind is brought to life. In this event participants from different schools would assume the role of id, ego and superego and battle it out with words and wits to reach a feasible solution to a given dilemma

After a difficult battle, Mahadevi Birla World Academy became the overall winners while Lakshmipat Singhania Academy and Calcutta International School followed them for the second and third spot. Events at this fest aim at taking care of the mental wellbeing of the students and successfully it has been able to do so.



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