Inter House Project Citizen Competition

Senior 24-Jan-2024

 Participants: Students of Classes VI – XI

 Highlight: All the four houses were extremely competitive. Vayu House bagged the first position and their topic was Human Displacement. There was a tie between Prithvi and Agni for the second position. The event was enjoyed by all.

Interhouse Sports Quiz – Happy Hour

Senior 28-Jun-2023

Participants:Students of Classes IX to XII
Highlight:Every house member attended and participated in the quiz enthusiastically. Agni House won the quiz and Vayu house emerged as the first runner up.

Workshop on Recreational Games Happy Hour

Senior 03-May-2023

Venue: Ground Floor Assembly Hall, Ground, Volleyball and Basketball Court
Organized By: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Resource Person:Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants: Students of classes IX - XII
Highlight: There were four different set ups for Recreational Games like Pittu, Catch the Stick, Modified Dog and the Bone and Relay Tag games. The participants enjoyed the workshop and showed great enthusiasm. Due to rain, the workshop was interrupted and got over before the scheduled ending time as the activities were all outdoor.

Inter House Debate Competition

Senior 28-Apr-2023

Participants Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight The Houses debated on the topic Technology is controlling us, we are no longer controlling technology. Vayu House won the debate, Prithvi house bagged the second position. The debate was enjoyed by all.

Interhouse Quiz Competition: Dr. B.R Ambedkar and Constitution

Senior 12-Apr-2023

Resource Person Quiz Master: Ms. Sneha Singh
Participants: Selected students from all the four houses
Highlight: Students of Class IX to XII enthusiastically participated in the quiz competition. They were happy to know about Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and his contributions. It was very informative and the quiz ended with an extraordinarily good performance of Agni House.

Project Citizen (Inter House Event)

Senior 27-Jan-2023

Participants Students of Classes VI - IX and XI
1. Innovative posters and Power points were made.
2. Question- answer round was interesting.
3. It was significant to know that two of the jury members were an alumnus of the school.
4. The topics selected were relevant in context of current problems faced worldwide.

Interhouse Football

Senior 23-Nov-2022

Participants Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight The matches were very competitive. The students displayed lot of coordination and agility skills with a lot of precision in passing and dribbling. Jal house bagged the first position and Prithvi house was runner up.

Interhouse Volleyball for Boys

Senior 17-Sep-2022

Participants Students of Classes XI – XII
Highlight Agni House won the tournament. Vayu House was the Runner up. The matches were very competitive.

House Meeting 2022-2023

Senior 16-Sep-2022

Organized By Happy Hour Representatives
Participants Students of Class III - XII
Highlight Various points were discussed. The house captains along with the House mistresses / masters were able to identify the various talents of their house. Students were boosted for March Past and to participate in the upcoming co-curricular activities along with project citizen activity.

Heritage City (9 12)

Senior 30-Apr-2022

Participants Students of classes IX - XII
Highlight Agni house secured the 1st position. Vayu, Prithvi and Jal bagged 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively. The event was theme based and the audience enjoyed and cheered the participants heartily. The students learned about the cultural diversities and rich heritage of our Indian cities.

Project Citizen (Seniors)

Senior 28-Jan-2022

Participants Students of Classes VI – XII
Highlight The competition was keenly contested with the participants answering the queries thrown by the jury with confidence. The participants had to use their presence of mind in tackling the questions from the panel of judges. A lot of analytical skills were involved too. Vayu House won the competition.

Happy Hour - Speak Not But Act

Senior 30-Jul-2021

Participants Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight It was a wonderful event as the participants showed their mime skills using gestures and well-coordinated movements. Audio visual aids were used to good effect. Prithvi House bagged the first spot, Jal was second.

Laughter, the best medicine

Senior 25-Jun-2021

Participants: Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight: Everyone enjoyed the one act comedy as all the themes were based on current issues. Agni House was the winner of the event and Prithvi House emerged as the runner up.

Constitutional Quiz (IX - XII)

Senior 30-Apr-2021

Participants: Students of classes IX – XII
Highlight: The participants and the audience got to know about the framework of our constitution, contributions of great men like B.R Ambedkar, Surendranath Mukherjee and others and facts regarding RTI.. Agni House won the event. Vayu, Prithvi and Jal occupied the 2nd , 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

The quiz was conducted in a technically sound manner by Pranav Chowdhary, our Head Boy. The participants performed well. There was valuable information
shared between rounds.

Project Citizen - Senior and Middle school

Senior 08-Jan-2021

Organized By - Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Participants - Students of classes V to XII

Highlight - The speakers were well trained and presented their projects with confidence and conviction. The projects focussed on the present socio?economic issues like, water scarcity, food control etc. The event helped them to be aware of Government policies, analyse them and design action plans based on these pertinent issues.

Inter House Hand Shadowgraphy Competition

Senior 18-Dec-2020

Participants - Students of Classes VI – XII

Highlight - All the participants showcased their talent of creating images and stories with the help of hand shadows. The competition was enjoyed by all.

Inter house Parliamentary Debate Competition

Senior 15-Oct-2020

Venue - Zoom online platform

Participants - Students of Classes IX – XII

Highlight - It was the first parliamentary debate organized by the school and was enjoyed by all.

Online Debate Competition (Senior school)

Senior 05-Jun-2020

Venue :   It was hosted using Microsoft Teams
Participants : Animesh Sachan(XI A), Divija V Agarwal (XI A), Ishaan Jain (XI A), Khushboo Gupta (X C), Kritin Bansal (XII C), Priyanshi Saraogi (XI A), Shubham Agarwal (X A), Varenya Mehrotra (X C)
Highlight : It was organized entirely on an online platform and was conducted smoothly. The speakers spoke with enthusiasm and energy and the event was keenly contested with the First position being shared jointly between Agni and Prithvi sharing 20 points each. Jal bagged the third position with 10 points and Vayu , fourth position with 5 points. Divija Agarwal and Kritin Bansal were adjudged the best speakers for and against the motion respectively.

Inter House Cricket Competition

Senior 01-Feb-2020

Venue : School                        

Participants : Classes IX and XI          

Highlight : Jal won the tournament beating Prithvi in the final convincingly. It was well organised and enjoyed by the audience.

Start Up

Senior 30-Jan-2020

Participants     Students of Classes IX - XII    
Highlight    Vayu House emerged as the winner. Second position was won by Prithvi House. The event was enjoyed by all and was very competitive.

Keep Fit

Senior 20-Apr-2019

Event: Keep Fit – Happy Hour
Participants: Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight: All the of the Houses were very competitive and the competition was won by Jal House. Vayu, Agni and Prtithvi were 2nd,3rd and 4th respectively.

Sand Art

Senior 31-Jan-2019

Participants : Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight : It was a very innovative event and there was a lot of enthusiasm among the participants and spectators. Jal House won the event and Prithvi House was adjudged as the first runner up.

Inter House Mini Cricket

Senior 31-Jan-2019

Event: Inter House Mini Cricket
Participants: Students of Classes IX-XII
Highlight: The participants enjoyed the contest and all the matches were closely contested. Prithvi House won the event and Jal bagged the second position.

Inter House Quiz

Senior 26-Sep-2018

Participants: Students of Class IX – XII
Highlight: The audience enjoyed the quizzing. The quizmaster was good. Agni House was the winner.

Inter House Dance Competition

Senior 15-Aug-2018

Participants: Students of Classes IX-XII
Highlight: Vayu House won the event and the audience enjoyed a lot.

3 minutes to fame

Senior 17-Jan-2018

Highlight: All students enjoyed a lot. Mostly new students took part in this competition.

Inter House Volleyball