Connecting with Nature: Environment Conscious Citizens as Part of Eco Clubs

SEWA 26-Apr-2022

Venue: Online classes
For: Students of class 9
Highlight: Go on a walk in a school campus/park/garden/forest nearby. Prepare a portfolio for the Species capturing and getting the detailed information about them. Students tried to connect with Nature, acquired the skills to be an active leader and initiator of Change.

“Dignity of Labour” Project Focus – Empathy and Compassion

SEWA 26-Apr-2022

Highlight: Organizing a discussion in class where people were victimized due to their profession and how Human Rights were violated in such situations. The focus was on the celebration of World Human Rights Day (10th December) and Labour Day (1st May). Students addressed the issue through creative arts, perform street plays, interviews of the helpers (getting to know them better). Students understood the importance of knowing how to work with the hand.

Prakriti Mahotsav

SEWA 12-Sep-2018

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Class IX
Highlight: The Students participated in Prakriti Mahotsav where they identified 11 trees of native species and each tree was given a unique name of a martyr for proper identification and personal touch.