Student Council/ Committee Election - Voting and Declaration of results

Activities in LSA 10-May-2024

Participants: Students of VI to XII
Highlight: Voting was conducted smoothly on 9th May 2024. The speeches of the nominees were shared with the students a day prior to enable them to choose the right leader. The result was declared on the following day. 

Rabindra Jayanti

Activities in LSA 08-May-2024

Highlight: The 163rd birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore was celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm in our Academy. The celebration included Tagore’s songs and poems. A dance drama titled Tagore and the Melody of Earth was performed dealing with the poet's vision of nature and the present condition of Earth. Students enjoyed the celebration of the legacy of the versatile genius.

Rice Donation - Samaritan Service

Activities in LSA 19-Mar-2024

Participants: Students of Classes VI – VIII
Highlight: The students donated 160 kgs of rice as a samaritan service to Soroptimist International of Calcutta Organisation.

Saraswati Puja

Activities in LSA 14-Feb-2024

Participants: Students, teachers and staff members

Highlight: Saraswati puja was celebrated in LSA with great fanfare. Students from classes I to class XII attended the puja ceremony. There was a special puja for the students of classes X and XII. After the puja, Prasad and Bhog was distributed among the students and staff.

Annual Picnic for Teachers and Staff

Activities in LSA 09-Feb-2024

Venue: Shiv Shakti Gardens
Participants: All teachers and staff
Highlight": Staff picnic was arranged for the LSA and LSAI family members after 3 years. All the members enthusiastically participated in various activities like quiz, mishti melody, balance game, memory game related to Rosogolla for the members.
Group song with the guitar, cricket and housie were other events which were enjoyed by the staff members. It was a refreshing event.

Republic Day

Activities in LSA 26-Jan-2024

Highlight:The tricolor flag was hoisted with full honor and decorum. The event was celebrated with grace.

Formal Farewell

Activities in LSA 20-Jan-2024

Participants Students along with parents of class XII
Highlight A very solemn occasion for LSA which unfolds the meticulous blend of tradition and emotion. Each
graduating student approached the Director, Ms. Meena Kak, and the Principal, Ms. Jaya Misra, with
a diya, to receive the light of knowledge and to light up their own lives. The yearbook, 'Au Revoir,'
was inaugurated during the occasion. The event took a personal turn as parents, students, and class
teachers shared their feelings, about the profound impact the school has had on the growth from
the toddler to a matured adolescent. Teachers and students could not control their emotions and
were in tears when they tried to recollect and share their memorable experiences of the days spent
with each other. The event represented the unique bond between every member of the LSA family.

Tana Bana

Activities in LSA 17-Jan-2024

From Date:16/01/2024 to 17/01/2024
Resource Person:Textile Exhibitors
Participants:Students of Classes VI – IX
Highlight: It is a textile exhibition cum sale organized by the Academy to sensitize students to the various textile traditions of India. Parents were also invited to encourage and appreciate the skills of the local artisans. The exhibits were on sale to motivate them.

Christmas Celebration

Activities in LSA 22-Dec-2023

Organized By: Students and teachers of LSA
Participants: Students and teachers of LSA
Highlight: Christmas was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Classes PSII to class 8 witnessed the Christmas
programme which had nativity play and fashion show, dance by preprimary, skit on essence of
Christmas, Nukkad natak followed by Christmas carols sung by teachers. Santa Clause visited all the
classes from Montessori to class 2 and gave them gifts. Students enjoyed every bit of the
programme and participated in singing carols.


Activities in LSA 25-Nov-2023

Participants:Students of Classes IX – XII and 8 Reputed Schools
Highlight LSA Model UN simulations help students to learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. International Peace Corps, UN Security Council and UN Office on Drugs and Crimes are some of the wings of this event. Total 8 reputed schools participated in it. St. James School secured the 1st position and Sri Sri Academy secured the 2nd position.

Commemorating Lala Lakshmipat Singhania Ji's Birthday

Activities in LSA 23-Nov-2023

Organized By:Dept. Of Nutrition & Dietetics and Social service Committee
Participants: Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight : To commemorate Lala Lakshmipat Singhaniaji's birthday, the Social Service Committee members in collaboration with the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics organized a sumptuous meal for 30 students of the NGO Tomorrow's Foundation.

Children's Day celebration

Activities in LSA 20-Nov-2023

Participants: Teachers of LSA
Highlight:Children's Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and pomp. Teachers put up a grand show for the students which consisted of medley of songs, dance , skit, game shows and fashion show. Students enjoyed watching their teachers perform for them.

Chak De `India` - make us proud once again

Activities in LSA 17-Nov-2023

Participants:Students of Classes Pre School I – XII
Highlight: As India prepared to face their final opponent, we stood united in our support and unwavering belief in their ability to bring home the ultimate glory. Throughout the day, students performed different kinds of activities, to show their support for the team.

Movie Screening for Children's Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 16-Nov-2023

Resource Person: Ms.Subha Das Mollick and Sabarno Sinha
Participants: Students of Classes III – XI
Highlight: Students were shown animated movies as well as rare world documentaries like Please Vote for Me and Little Peace Within. After the movie screening, students also participated in activities related to the movies shown.

Conserve my Planet Programme, SHARP NGO

Activities in LSA 30-Sep-2023

Organized By: SHARP NGO
Resource Person: Schneider, Electric India, Ma’am Simrah
Participants: Students of Class VII
Highlight: Students enjoyed the Green Assembly and session one of onserve my Planet programme because it was an enriching session. The methodologies to live a sustainable life was shared, students were given green t shirts, green caps and power pledge cards. All took the oath to save power and be a responsible citizen. It was an interactive session to understand and focus on saving electricity and to be a green ambassador.

CPR Training Session, Healthy Heart talk by Cardiologist Dr. Anjan Siotia

Activities in LSA 25-Sep-2023

Organized By: B.M. Birla Heart Research Institute

Resource Person: B M Birla Hospital, Dr. Anjan Siotia

Participants: Teachers and students of Class IX

Highlight: Students had a training session conducted by specialists from B.M. Birla Heart Research Institute on handling patients suffering from cardiac attacks in emergency. They demonstrated how to give CPR techniques on a mannequin. Dr. Anjan Siotia, one of the leading cardiologists in the city, practicing in B.M. Birla Heart Research Institute interacted    with the students of class 9 and teachers regarding the causes and remedy of general heart diseases.


Edquest Project 2023-24

Activities in LSA 02-Sep-2023

Resource Person: LSA Samaritans Volunteers of class IX and X
Participants:Students from Tomorrow's Foundation
Highlight: The students from Tomorrow's Foundation attended the sessions on IT and Sports which were taken by LSA Samaritans Volunteers of classes IX and X.

Anti corruption Run up activities

Activities in LSA 31-Jul-2023

Venue: School premise (8th floor Avr)
Organized By: Vigilance department , Kolkata Port
Resource Person: Ms Rashika Dubey
Participants: Students of Classes VIII to XII
Highlight: The Students participated under various activities like poster making and essay writing competition conducted by Kolkata Port. Students collected cash prize along with certificate after evaluation process. It was a great experience for them. In poster making activity, Bavrabi Dutta stood 1st, Navya Mohta came 2nd and Taraasha Sharma secured 3rd position and received cash prizes of 1000/-, 700/- and 500/- respectively. In the essay writing activity Shravya Agarwal stood 1st, Panavi Agarwal came 2nd and Rishika Kala secured 3rd position and received cash prizes of 1000/-, 700/- and 500/- respectively. 3 little children came from Flower 2 school and recited poems in the junior assembly.


Project - Edquest

Activities in LSA 15-Jul-2023

Organized By: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy Social Service group LSA Samaritans
Participants: Avisha Gupta(XII D), Gaurav Poddar(XII A), Manvi Lohia(X B), Shlok Tahlani(X A), Suhani Bhagat (XI B), Urvi Murmuria(XII D), Vansh P Patel(XII D), Yuthika Sikaria(X B)
Highlight: LSA Samaritans volunteers of LSA are imparting their knowledge and skills to the marginalized students of few NGOs for the last five years under the Project Edquest. They teach four vocational subjects IT, Art & Craft, Sports and Spoken & Written English on every working Saturdays. 23 students from Tomorrow's Foundation came to take the training under the guidance of our school volunteers.


Activities in LSA 14-Jul-2023

Participants: Students of class X
Highlight: We celebrated Vanmahotsav week to create awareness among students, to raise awareness among individuals regarding the importance of trees and inspire citizens to plant more of them.The main objective of Van Mahotsav is to promote the conservation and protection of forests and to create awareness about the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance and ensuring environmental stability. Students were excited to plant trees as they planted banana saplings,
spinach, curry leaves. They learned the ways of soil tilling and soil rejuvenation too.


Activities in LSA 14-Jul-2023

Participants: Students of classes IX & X
Highlight: We celebrated Vanmahotsav week to create awareness among students, to raise awareness among individuals regarding the importance of trees and inspire citizens to plant more of them.. The main objective of Van Mahotsav is to promote the conservation and protection of forests and to create awareness about the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance and ensuring environmental stability. Students were excited to plant trees as they planted banana saplings, spinach, curry leaves. They learned the ways of soil tilling and soil rejuvenation too.

C20 999 Challenge for the Students

Activities in LSA 12-Jul-2023

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes VI to VIII
Highlight: 44 students of various section of class 6 8 participated in this challenge program. Participants of
the challenge have reported experiencing more optimism in their life perspective, better energy
levels and an overall sense of well being. This 999 challenge influence the integration of holistic
healthcare approaches into the global health care system.

Junior Investiture Ceremony

Activities in LSA 03-Jul-2023

Participants: Students of Classes IV and V
Highlight: The Investiture Ceremony of the Junior Student Council for the academic session 2023 2024 was held in the school premises on 3rd July 2023. The House Captains, Vice Captains and the Sports Captain were officially handed over their badges and appointment letters. The solemn occasion was presided over by the Director Ms Meena Kak.The Coordinator of the primary section, Ms Sohini Jain, administered the oath and the Principal Ms Jaya Misra delivered the vote of thanks.

Celebration of International Yoga Day

Activities in LSA 21-Jun-2023

Participants: All students of our Academy

Highlight:All the students participated in the yogic kriyas and asanas that was shown by the PE department. It was an enriching session.

Zero Shadow Day

Activities in LSA 08-Jun-2023

Venue Live Event
Participants Students of Classes I – X
Highlight Students were excited to see their own shadow and were enthusiastic to know the meaning of Zero Shadow Day. Students enthusiastically participated, uploaded their images and won digital certificates for correct responses. They came to the conclusion that residents of Kolkata had the opportunity to witness Zero Shadow Day, a fascinating celestial event, on 5th June, Monday at 11.34am. This extraordinary phenomenon occurs twice a year when the Sun is directly overhead, causing objects to lose their shadows for a brief moment.


Activities in LSA 10-May-2023

Organized By:    Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Resource Person:Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants:       Parents of Class XI
Highlight:           LSA organised a Parent Orientation Programme for the parents of Class XI, with the objective of familiarizing parents with the rules and regulations of the school, the curriculum, the marking scheme and the various opportunities offered by the school. The meet was addressed by the Director, Ma’am Meena Kak, the Principal, Ma’am Jaya Misra and the Senior Secondary Coordinator. Parents were elated to know of the various accolades achieved by the students and staff across the world.


Paper Bag Making

Activities in LSA 28-Apr-2023

Participants: Students of classes III-V
Highlight: Children made paper bags using newspapers. They watched the video and made the paper bag. They then decorated the bags with different decorative items like stickers, sequins, flowers, ribbons etc.
Lastly, they used a satin ribbon or a jute string to make the handle of the bag. They even exchanged the bags with their friends.

Celebrating ATL Community Day

Activities in LSA 14-Apr-2023

Organized By: NITI Aayog and LSA-ATL
Resource Person: Mr. Dipankar Pal
Participants: 18 middle school Students of LSA and 26 students of Future Hope Foundation (an NGO) Highlight ATL Community Day celebration is an important event that promotes the spirit of innovation,creativity and entrepreneurship among students in India and encourages them to develop skills that
are critical for the 21st-century workforce. It provides a platform for young innovators to connect with each other, share their ideas, learn from experts and gain exposure to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Parent Orientation Programme

Activities in LSA 11-Apr-2023

Participants: Parents
Highlight: An orientation programme was organized and conducted on 11th of April 2023 for parents of classes VI-VIII to familiarise the parents with the examination structure, rules and regulations, teaching methodologies and co-scholastic activities of the middle school. Director, Principal and Coordinator addressed the parents and enlightened them about the holistic development that the curriculum offers and implementation of innovative teaching strategies.

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

Activities in LSA 08-Apr-2023

Highlight: Academy organised its Annual Awards Ceremony after 2 years to reward students for their achievements in various scholastic and co-scholastic fields for the academic year 2022-23. Prize winners as well as their parents were invited to the ceremony, so that they could witness this proud moment of their child’s life. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Ms. Gitanjali Ghosh, a social worker and Director of the Anando Trust which is an NGO for underprivileged children. Prizes were given for General Proficiency from classes I-XI as well as trailblazers like Best Behaved students, Star Class Award,
Prashasti Award for National and International recognition in co-scholastic activities, Samman and Sadachar awards for excellence in academics as well as discipline, Helpage India Award as well as Awards for 100% attendance for 7 years or over. Children were given certificates, trophies as well as books.

Convocation Ceremony 2022-23

Activities in LSA 11-Mar-2023

Participants: Students of Classes II & V
Highlight: The Convocation is an annual programme held in the school premises, which serves as a formal send-off for the students of class 2 and 5 as they move to the Primary and Middle School sections respectively. The performances by the students of Classes I, III and IV were well appreciated.

Grandparent’s Day

Activities in LSA 09-Mar-2023

Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Thursday, morning saw grandparents' of the youngest members of our academy go down memory lane playing games, tapping their feet and voicing their feelings in the school premises.

Cyberfair - Bulletin Board

Activities in LSA 06-Feb-2023

Organized By: Cyberfair students team
Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: Students from classes 3 to 5 (one from each section) made a bulletin board for Cyberfair Bulletin Board competition on the theme "Be Kind & Unite". They had taken up the topic: Love for all kinds of animals.

Formal Farewell (Class XII)

Activities in LSA 04-Feb-2023

Saying adieu to the outgoing students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy is always done in a formal way every year, through a unique diya ceremony. The ceremony signifies the act of formally unleashing the chains of protection with which we had bound our students. Director, Ms. Meena Kak said that the beauty of this ceremony marks the beginning of a new life that awaits our outgoing students. Our blessings will always be there with you all as they fly away towards their dream destinations. Some of the teachers, parents and students also were given opportunities to share their emotions for the outgoing batch of the Academy.

Traffic Rule Awareness Week Posters

Activities in LSA 03-Feb-2023

Organized By: Kolkata Police
Resource Person: Darshan S. Gill
Participants: Students of Classes VII - IX
Highlight: Students of our academy made posters for Kolkata Police on Traffic Rule Awareness week. Out of these, 12 posters were selected and sent to the Kolkata Police which they displayed in their exhibition to celebrate the event.

Saraswati Puja Celebration

Activities in LSA 26-Jan-2023

Participants: All Teachers and Students of Classes III – XII
Highlight: Saraswati Puja was celebrated with great pomp like every year followed by Bhog distribution. All staff members along with students offered flowers and asked for blessings from the deity. Flag was also hoisted inside the school premises. Poster making activity was also conducted for classes III – VIII as an extension of International Cyberfair Project.


Tana Bana

Activities in LSA 20-Jan-2023

Resource Person: Individual artisans
Participants: The students, teachers and the parents of LSA
Highlight: It was an initiative by the school to support local purpose driven textile business and give them the recognition that they deserve.

Intramural Sports Meet 2022

Activities in LSA 10-Jan-2023

Venue Gitanjali Stadium
Participants All Students from Montessori to Class XI
Highlight LSA celebrated its 25th Annual Sports meet this year. Ms. Dola Banerjee was the chief guest and Air Marshal Arup Raha was the guest of Honour. The drill was based on 75 years of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav showcasing various sports of India.

Christmas Craft to celebrate Christmas

Activities in LSA 09-Dec-2022

Participants: Students from Montessori to Class PS II
Highlight: Children learnt different ways of art work to make apt christmas crafts for the season. They learnt to share materials and not to waste the same.

Founder's Day 2022

Activities in LSA 03-Dec-2022

Venue: Kala Mandir
Participants: All Students and Staff of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Highlight: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy celebrated its 27th Founder's Day with immense enthusiasm. Upholding the ideals of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, students presented a dance drama Onward and Upward tracing the contours of India's momentous milestones across 75 years. It brought in a confluence of the five elements, Agni, Vayu, Prithvi, Jal, Vyom, and relived how India charted its course from a battered economy to one of the largest democracies of the world across the symbolic elements.

Book donation drive

Activities in LSA 26-Nov-2022

Resource Person Nirdhan Development & Microfinance
Participants All Students of our Academy
Highlight Students Pre primary to Senior sec. participated in Book donation drive. To serve the underprivileged section of the society by providing them with resources LSA organized book donation drive hand in hand with Nirdhan Development and Microfinance. School received an over whelming response from the students of Pre primary to Senior section. A huge number of books were being donated to the NGO who is trying their level best to make the people of local community 'functionally literate'.

Career Fair

Activities in LSA 25-Nov-2022

Resource Person Mindler
Participants Nabamita Dutta Gupta, Sumona Dasgupta
Highlight 25 Universities: FLAME, KREA, ASHOKA, MARQUETTE etc National and International participated in the career fair organised by our school in collaboration with Mindler for classes IX to XII.

Mindler Career Counselling

Activities in LSA 24-Nov-2022

Resource Person Mindler Coaches
Participants Nabamita Dutta Gupta, Sumona Dasgupta
Highlight Class X students, 1 1 session was conducted about their aptitude and interests. students got guidance on stream selection. workshops for classes 9 to 12 were also conducted.

Mid Day Meal

Activities in LSA 23-Nov-2022

Venue Jankalyan Vidya Peeth
Participants Students of Classes XI – XII
Highlight Students learnt to prepare nutritional mid day meal for students of Jankalyan Vidyapeeth, Behala.They organised the collection of food ,cutting vegetables cooking the items in school premises packaging and distributing to the students

Tinkering Day

Activities in LSA 14-Nov-2022

Organized By NITI Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission
Resource Person Mr. Dipankar Pal
Participants Students of Classes VI upwards
Highlight Students from schools across India have joined together to perform a mega tinkering activity on Atal Tinkering Day. They have enjoyed making a motorized mini fan.

Children's day celebration

Activities in LSA 14-Nov-2022

Participants All students of Montessori to Class XII
Highlight Children's day programme was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. Students enjoyed their teachers performing skits, dance to the tune of their favourite programme and fashion walk with traditional attires. They also enjoyed the class party.

Soil Conservation

Activities in LSA 04-Nov-2022

Participants Piu Mahapatra
Highlight Active learning Selected students of class 8 and 9 decorated the bulletin boards of school to promote soil conservation. Resource room Topic Tree of life. Students learned while creating the boards about the importance of soil preservation and the bigger message that what holds us together (trees) are raised from soil.


Activities in LSA 21-Oct-2022

Participants IX A, IX B, IX C, IX D

Highlight The students were exposed to art integrated education and experiential learning through a 10 hour workshop held over five days.
Students specialising in pattachitra paintings had managed to create beautiful tribal art paintings depicting man’s relationship with nature. They had even interacted with the artisan teaching them and learnt about her roots.

The most dedicated crowd was found at the corner of the room where carpentry was being taught. Students were working with their chisels and mallets, eager to create the perfect boat, doll or box. A variety of skills such as wood cutting, shaping and carving were learnt.

Shell art progressed at a gradual rate from making simple to complicated items. However, by the end of five days, students seemed to have mastered the art. They started by making jewellery such as hairpins out of shells. This progressed to making animals such as deer and lovebirds. By the fifth day, they had made statues of gods such as Ganesh and Krishna.

Another unique craft was making dolls out of cloth and cotton. Students learnt important life skills such as how to cut and sew cloth via this activity. This activity required a lot of intricate work and patience. However, as a result students got to take back lifelike bewitching dolls to adorn their homes.

Another group of students were taught to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets using reed, colourful beads and date palm leaves. Jewellery making can be very subjective. Each student depicted their creativity by adding their own little touches to the jewellery they made.

At the end of the five day workshop, students were proud of their creations and had embraced their country’s traditional crafts. Students underwent a full circle right from starting to making finished products and also buying crafts item in the kaarigar haat.

Bagless Days

Activities in LSA 21-Oct-2022

Participants: Students of Classes III to V
Highlight: In accordance with NEP 2020, our academy conducted Bagless Days for the students. During these 2
weeks, students had Open Book Projects, participated in various interesting activities and had
educational excursions. Some of the activities conducted were as follows: Non - gas cooking, a
fruitful session by the peer educators, Zumba, Mandala Art, Diya designing, Story Telling (with
puppets), Math Workshop, English Vocabulary sessions, Jewellery designing, Aerobics, Indian Folk
dance, Music workshop on the importance of music in films, Foley music, Beat boxing etc, Karate,
Awareness on Bullying, Indian folk Music, Lantern making, demonstration of Reverse Osmosis, Save
Soil Activity and Activity based on Veergatha (SSC). Apart from the above a workshop was conducted
by Young Indians which focused on Cyber Safety, Road Safety and Positive Affirmations. Teachers
also had a Circle Time to instill discipline, etiquette, confidence building, managing emotions and
accepting failure. Overall, it was an enriching experience for all the students of classes IV to VIII.


Activities in LSA 20-Oct-2022

Resource Person Craft Artists and few NGOs
Participants Students of Classes III to XII
Highlight Students of classes 3 to 12 visited the Kaarigar Haat at the scheduled time and bought craft items from the craft artists. Students were exposed to various traditional crafts of India and they became supporters of the same by purchasing products made by them.

For image click:

All India Arithmetic Genius Contest 2022 Round 1

Activities in LSA 20-Oct-2022

Organized By:        SIP Acad

Resource Person :   SIP Academy

Participants    :        Students of Classes I to V

Highlight       :         The competition was a good way for students to gauge their problem solving skills as they had to complete the sums on mental ability within the stipulated time.


Abhilakshya and Bullionaire 2022

Activities in LSA 15-Oct-2022

Venue LSA
Organized By LSA
Participants Students of classes 6 to 12
Highlight The halls of LSA echoed with loud cheers on 14th and 15th October as the school organised interschool fest Abhilakshya and Bullionaire 22 for classes 6 12. 11 schools participated in the 2 days event. LSA was declared as the champions followed by first runners up -DPS Megacity and 2nd Runners up - Army Public School Barrackpore.

Career Guidance

Activities in LSA 13-Oct-2022

Organized By BML Munjal University
Resource Person Mr Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Prof Vikas
Participants Students of Classes XI – XII
Highlight The students were in awe of the speaker and they got an insight into the courses offered by this University which is an initiative of the Hero group. It was an enriching session where the students had an interactive session with the Professor.

Workshop by Ashoka University

Activities in LSA 12-Oct-2022

Organized By Ashoka University
Participants Students of Class XII
Highlight Different career options in Ashoka University were discussed.

Representative Meet

Activities in LSA 23-Sep-2022

Participants Aarav Bharany, Shagun F
Highlight The representative Meet for Abhilakshya and Bullionaire 2022 was conducted on an online mode.
Representative teachers of other schools joined and clarified their doubts. The queries were efficiently handled by the Head Boy and the Head Girl.


Activities in LSA 23-Sep-2022

Organized By SPICMACAY Kolkata
Resource Person Dr. Preeti Patel
Participants Students of Classes IX – XI
Highlight The students were witness to the cultural heritage of India in the form of Manipuri dance.
Wonderful session of classical dance rekindled the SPICMACAY culture in our school.

Teacher's Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 22-Sep-2022

Participants Students of class XII
Highlight The council and Committee members celebrated Teacher's Day with a theme Back to 90's. The event had dances, song and fashion show. The event took all the teachers back to their own childhood days.

The Red Data Book of LSA

Activities in LSA 19-Sep-2022

Resource Person Book_ The Great Race - Art materials and online reliable sources for individual research
Participants Ms.Piu Mahapatra
Highlight An integration between Science and visual art. Students of class VIII were asked to create a Red Data Book where each one of them will collect data on any animal/plant from the conservation list and visually represent it in the Red Data Book using their prior learning of 'Data Visualization'. The style of Art form introduced is 'Wagrahi’, artist-Jagdish Chitara.

Donation Drive

Activities in LSA 18-Sep-2022

As per the requirement of HOPE KOLKATA FOUNDATION , dry grocery items like Rice, Dal, Oil, Atta, Maida, Biscuits, Muri, Dalia, Sattu, other dry snacks etc were collected by students and teachers over a span of 15 days and were distributed to the organization
We have these kind of drives many times in a year.

KIC Career Fair

Activities in LSA 18-Aug-2022

Organized By KIC
Participants Students of Classes XI – XII
Highlight 18 University representatives put up their stalls to interact with students of classes 11 12.

75th Independence Day

Activities in LSA 15-Aug-2022

Participants Selected students of our academy with various talents
Highlight The 75th Independence Day was celebrated in the school premises on 15th August 2022 . Students of classes V XII witnessed a variety of programmes presented by the students of the Academy. The national flag was hoisted at 9 am followed by the speeches of Director Ma'am, Meena Kak, the Chief Guest, Brigadier Debasis Das, speeches by students in both English and Hindi, a patriotic song, a couple of group dances, a Nukkad Natak and a video presentation and vote of Thanks by the Vice Principal, Ms. Jaya Misra.

Blood Donation Camp

Activities in LSA 06-Aug-2022

Organized By Kothari Hospital
Resource Person Kothari Hospital
Participants Deepa Das
Highlight Students motivated parents to come and donate blood which is a social cause. They made banners, charts, hung balloons throughout the school to spread awareness. 35 parents and teachers had donated blood.


Activities in LSA 01-Aug-2022

Participants Students of Classes II – V
Highlight Several students from different sections from Primary and Middle school participated in this online event of making posters on wildlife.

Junior Investiture Ceremony

Activities in LSA 28-Jul-2022

Participants Students of Class V
Highlight This year the Student Council in the Primary Section comprised 4 Captains, 4 V Captains and the Sports Captain. The auspicious ceremony commenced with the school song followed by the pinning of the badges and distribution of the appointment letters by Director Ma'am, Vice Principal Ma'am and Headmistress Ma'am. Next, was the oath taking ceremony. Director Ma'am then addressed the students with her inspiring words. A motivating video followed this. The programme ended with the National Anthem.

Iskule Bioscope 2022

Activities in LSA 19-Jul-2022

Organized By Sauce Brand Communication
Resource Person Bichitra Pathshala
Participants Students of Classes VI – VIII
Highlight 15 students from classes 6 8 having Bengali as 2nd language had participated in this event. They were shown the film Adventures of Jojo.

Investiture Ceremony

Activities in LSA 08-Jul-2022

Participants:-               Students of Classes XI and XII

Highlight:-                    After the announcement of the council and committee members on 7th July, the investiture ceremony, the most solemn and important event was held after 2 years. The old committee and council members handed over the duty to the new ones and the new members took the oath solemnly to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Student Council Election

Activities in LSA 07-Jul-2022

Resource Person:-    Mr. Kanak Shankar Mukherjee

Participants:-           Students of Classes VI to XII

Highlight :-              Setting aside the online mode of election of the past 2 years this year's students' council election was held in a hybrid mode. Aarav Bharany and Shagun Fogla were elected as the head boy and head girl respectively along with the various council and committee members.

Celebration of International Yoga Day

Activities in LSA 21-Jun-2022

Highlight: Students of III to V participated in a video on International yoga day which was merged with 5 other schools on a theme of Growth and Nutrition which was released on the Sahodaya website. The whole school also performed Yoga in their PE  and yoga classes.

STEM @ home - Zero Shadow Day

Activities in LSA 05-Jun-2022

Highlight: Students participated for the live activity of capturing image of Zero Shadow Day and shared their responses through Google form. There were many participants from various classes who gave the correct response and were awarded digital certificates from school for their correct response.

Parent Orientation Programme – Montessori to Class XII (Except Class XI)

Activities in LSA 09-May-2022

Resource Person: Ms. Meena Kak, Ms. Jaya Misra , Ms. Jayati Goswami, Academic Co –coordinators, Special Educators, Counsellors
Participants: Parents of classes Montessori to Class XII (Except Class XI)
Highlight: Parents were apprised of NEP, board results of 2021-22, examination Structure, ethos of the school and rules and regulations, code of conduct for online and offline classes, information about Happy hour, Indradhanush, LSAMUN and awards received by the Academy in the last session.

Diabetic Awareness

Activities in LSA 29-Apr-2022

Participants:Students of Classes X and XII
Highlight :A very informative and enjoyable session with the doctor. It made the students aware of the
consequences and preventive measures of the disease.

Art Workshop on Landscape

Activities in LSA 27-Apr-2022

Participants: Students of Classes III – VIII
Highlight: The session was highly engaging and effective. Students learned that colours have emotions and
each colour signifies something, like yellow signifies glory, success, warmth and red signifies pride,
pain etc. Some people like certain colours as they signify something personal to them. Students
were then asked to say what various colours mean to them and why. Students were informed about
a German expressionist painter as well. The session concluded with the students painting a poppy
using water colours.

Career and Life skills

Activities in LSA 27-Apr-2022

Participants Students of classes IX – X
Highlight Students got the opportunity to know the various new emerging careers.

Webinar Evolving out of Darkness COVID-19

Activities in LSA 25-Mar-2022

Resource Person Dr. Suman Mitra
Participants Parents
Highlight Parents got the clarity of the present scenario of Covid 19 and understood how safe it is to send students to school.

Convocation Ceremony for Classes II & V

Activities in LSA 15-Mar-2022

Participants: Students of Classes II & V
Highlight: A celebration of the transition of students from one level to the next was held in school. Children were very excited for the next part of their academic lives. The convocation ceremony highlighted the effort and hard work put in by the students through the years. There were special performances by the students of class 1 and 4. Director ma'am's speech was thought provoking and inspiring for one and all present.

Cultural deep drive with AFS Germany

Activities in LSA 27-Feb-2022

Venue- zoom
Resource person- AFS
Participants- Teachers of LSA and Germany
Highlight- A cultural confluence of music, dance, sports, cuisine and entertainment. Sharing cultural interests of both the countries

Career Fair

Activities in LSA 06-Feb-2022

Organized By Mindler and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Resource Person Panelists from Indian & International Universities
Highlight Mindler and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy organized a 2 day Career Fair, a deep dive into diverse career domains. A range of panel discussions were held. The most prominent universities in India and Overseas were invited. The speakers helped the students to understand the various programs, courses, and opportunities that are available at their respective universities.

The first day (5th Feb’22) was for International universities and the second day 6th Feb’22 was for Indian universities. Universities of Queensland, Trinity College, Dublin, University of Bristol was some of the eminent international universities in the panel. Indian universities included SRM. Shivnadar university, JK Lakshmipat University, Krea, O P Jindal, ICFAI and many more. Students from schools all over India
participated in this grand event.

Curriculum Meeting

Activities in LSA 27-Jan-2022

Resource Person: Ms. Meena Kak
Participants: Teachers
Highlight: All parameters based on the NEP were discussed. The procedure in which the curriculum planning will be done was instructed in detail. The vision of the school plan was shared. Pisa competencies, digital faculty, project based, were among a whole lot of other details discussed.


Activities in LSA 21-Jan-2022

Participants: Students of Classes Pre School I & II
Highlight: Children were dressed in tri-colours of our Indian flag, information on Republic Day and 3 ways of salutes as in air force, navy and army were demonstrated followed by a video.
Children of PS I made tri-colour fruit trifle and PS II made tri-colour sandwiches. The event concluded with the children singing the National Anthem. They learnt about the three forces and its significance.

Christmas Celebration

Activities in LSA 23-Dec-2021

Participants: Students from Montessori to Class VIII and the teachers from these departments
Highlight: Students enjoyed watching the skit on 'spreading happiness' and the carols presented as a part of the Christmas celebration. They also wore colourful dresses based on the Christmas theme for the celebration.

Cyber Ethics and Online Safety

Activities in LSA 21-Dec-2021

Resource Person: Mr Rakshit Tandon of Cyber Peace Foundation
Participants: Students of classes VI – VIII
Highlight: Cyber security awareness for students where ways and methods of how to be secure and safe in different online platforms were discussed. They were provided with ways and means to check spam and fake websites. The workshop was followed by a Q/A session where every question put forward by the students was answered.

26th Founder’s Day Programme

Activities in LSA 10-Dec-2021

Participants: Management, Academic Heads, Staff members
Highlight: Our Academy celebrated its 26th Founder's Day virtually. The school’s Head Girl Saanvi Nagar compered the show. The program opened with a beautiful welcome song, which was performed by the school choir that symbolized how the academy and its students stand out. This was followed by the invocation and the lighting of the lamp to mark the auspicious beginning of the ceremony; after which, the Director, Meena Kak Ma’am addressed the audience. Next, the school’s Vice Principal, Jaya Misra Ma’am presented the illustrious annual report of the school. Moving further, Shri Bharat Hari Singhania, Chairman of the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation greeted the audience.
“We at LSA encourage the students to come out of their cocoons and explore all possibilities to discover their true potential and groom them to have a global vision while still being conscious of our country’s realities,” said Shri Singhania, leaving the audience inspired and motivated. Next, the Chief Guest of the event, Dr. Anupam Basu, who is presently the Director of National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, was asked to share a few words of wisdom. In his address, he stated, "the Anandam (as Tagore put it) lies inside; study, read, mix with others, and engage." Subsequently, a Prize Distribution ceremony took place wherein students who had achieved excellence in curricular as well as co-curricular activities were felicitated.
Following this, the much awaited Cultural Program began titled ‘Looking Back & Beyond’. This Founder’s Day, the LSA family tracked the 25 year journey of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy – an institution that has provided the necessary guidance and inspiration to many young minds. It presented all the glories and memories, advancements and innovations that has made LSA what it is today through a group of ex-students who participate in a reunion hosted at their beloved alma mater. The program culminated with the vote of thanks, which was delivered by the Head-Boy Kanishk Mehta who extended his gratitude to all the teachers, parents, and students for making the event a memorable one.


26th Founders Day Programme

VEER GATHA Project (Gallantry Award)

Activities in LSA 26-Nov-2021

Organized By: CBSE With Ministry of Defence
Participants: Students of Classes V - XII
Highlight: Veer Gatha Project was conducted in school over three weeks in the month of November where students participated in large numbers in competitions like Article and Poem Writing and Painting.
From each category one student had been selected from the Primary, Middle School, Senior, and Senior Secondary section, and the works were uploaded in the CBSE website. The event was to celebrate and commemorate the 75th Year of Indian Independence. The intent of this project is to inculcate feelings of nationalism and patriotism in the psyche of young learners and motivate them to know more research on the unsung heroes of Indian Defence Forces who sacrificed their lives for the security of the nation.

Children's Day Carnival

Activities in LSA 15-Nov-2021

Participants: Students of Classes Montessori - XI
Highlight: Preprimary teachers put a short programme which consisted of dance, song, quiz and each teacher wished all students through a medley. The primary and middle section teachers designed online games which the children enjoyed playing by entering into different breakout room. A movie were shown to the students of senior section. They were asked to watch the movie with their favorite snack item and enjoy the movie. It was an eventful day for the students of LSA to celebrate the day on online platform.

Mindler – One on One Career counseling program

Activities in LSA 11-Nov-2021

Resource Person: Mindler and Team
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Each student got an opportunity to discuss their areas of interest and career plans. Their strengths and weaknesses were identified. Career path was also discussed for each individual taking reference from the psychometry report done on the Mindler portal.

Mask Movement Workout

Activities in LSA 09-Nov-2021

Organized By Drama and Miming Special activity
Resource Person Mr. Debkumar Pal
Participants Students of classes IX & X
Highlight Special Activity students of Drama and Miming of classes 9 10 performed an activity in the drama classes on Mask Movement. Through the mask, the individual had the potential to challenge the understanding of who they are, through their body now being separated from the visual identifier.

Abhilasha 2021

Activities in LSA 02-Nov-2021

Participants: LSA Middle School students and students from 22 schools
Highlight: Abhilasha 2021-22, a non- competitive Middle School Fest was held on an online platform on 2nd November which celebrated a total of 22 participating schools. There were 4 international schools namely, Greece, Ukraine, Russia and Nepal. There were 10 national schools from Indore, Guwahati, Churu, Chakradharpur, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh and Zirakpur. There were 7 city schools too.
There were some interesting events like Wordsworth ( a word quiz ), Megalo Epistimones (an event showcasing budding scientists) , Ambrosia ( non-gas cooking event), Fashion Fiesta ( a fashion show that conjured sheer magic from various indigenous fabric) and (a surprise detox event for all the participants) Happiness Genie. The theme for the fest was Chasing Happiness and the Chief Guest Dr. Jitendra Nagpal addressed the young leaders of tomorrow with an inspiring speech.
On the whole, the international event was a huge success and can be followed through the blog –

Delightful Days (Bagless Days)

Activities in LSA 01-Nov-2021

Participants: LSA Middle School students
Highlight: Delightful Days is a product of the Bagless Days that is suggested under the NEP as per the CBSE directives. A week full of skill based learning was organised for the middle school students. The students got a break from the monotonous online classes and indulged in various activities like storytelling, jewellery designing, public speaking and even Physical activities like zumba and yoga. 
The young minds got refreshed and they went back enlightened and happy each day. Some sessions were also organised for them with doctors and value educator. It was an enriching experience.

Maths Mela

Activities in LSA 01-Nov-2021

Resource Person: Maths Department (Primary)
Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: The Mela was organised very well via the zoom platform. Student in charges conducted the games and activities with confidence. Student participants enjoyed playing various games in different break out rooms. It was also a brain storming session for them and an experiential learning.

UAV (Drone)

Activities in LSA 24-Oct-2021

Venue: BITM
Organized By: BITM
Participants: Students of class VI
Highlight: Fun filled activities like Quiz, Plane making, Plane competition and the Physics behind working of plane were enjoyed by the students. The bronze medal was received by Dhairya Khetan. Students gained knowledge and experience

Special Assembly 3 - 5

Activities in LSA 21-Oct-2021

Resource: Video, speech, song
Participants: Students of classes III – V
Highlight: A special assembly was organized on 21st October 2021 to commemorate the provisional declaration of free government of India (INA Day). The assembly programme started with the morning exercise, religious thought and school prayer. Students then read out the Thought for the Day, Word of the Day and News. This was followed by a special programme comprising the following:
• A video presentation on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Indian National Army.
• A speech on Netaji and the song Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja presented by the students.

tete a tetes

Activities in LSA 05-Oct-2021

Participants Teachers & Office Staff

Highlight A short informal get together for the teachers was arranged on International Teacher’s Day to lighten the mood of the LSA family members over a cup of coffee. It consisted of songs, dance, quizzes and some recreational games. New members were introduced and we were able to know more of about their innate talents when they talked about the other talents that they had. It was enjoyed by all.

Kindness Matters - UNESCO MGIEP

Activities in LSA 25-Aug-2021

Organized By UNESCO
Participants Students of Class X
Highlight This is a round-the-year activity where individual contributions towards the family and community at large are recorded. Participants Urja Goyal, Parina Jain, Harshit Doshi, Rajnandini Jain, Vanshika Kabra

Friendly football match for substaffs of LSA

Activities in LSA 15-Aug-2021

Resource Person Mr. Darshan Singh Gill
Participants Chandrashekhar Das, Raghunath Guchhayat & all Support Staff
Highlight A football match was organised for the sub staffs after the virtual Independence Day celebration. All the members of the sub staffs took part in the match and played well. It was an initiative to give them a feeling of belongingness and, that they are an important part of the institution. The PE department were the referees and helped in conducting the match smoothly. It was an enjoyable session for all the members.

Celebrating Online Independence Day

Activities in LSA 15-Aug-2021

Participants Students of Classes PS I to XII
Highlight Lakshmipat Singhania celebrated the 75th Independence Celebration on virtual platform. The Chief Guest for the day was Brigadier Debashish Das. The flag hoisting ceremony was relayed live on YouTube, which was done within school premises, performed by our school’s director Ma’am Meena Kak. It was followed by showcasing patriotic songs, dance performances, powerful speeches in English and Hindi followed by a pledge. The programme ended with a video presentation.

Covid Vaccination

Activities in LSA 04-Jun-2021

Venue: Techno India Dama Hospital
Participants: Teachers & Office staff
Highlight: It is great news the management has arranged for Covid vaccination for all the staff of our academy. They have arranged the same in collaboration with Techno India Dama hospital. Many of the staff had taken their first dose of CoviShield vaccine.

Parents Orientation - Online

Activities in LSA 21-May-2021

Resource Person: Meena Kak, Jayati Goswami, Sohini Jain, Nabomita Duttagupta.
Participants: Aloka Sen Sharma, Suranjana Chakraborty, Asfia Rafique, S. Anandhi and Parents of students From class III and New Admission from classes IV & V
Highlight: Parents were apprised of NEP, Board results of 2020-21, examination structure, ethos of school, rules and regulations, code of conduct for online class, information about Happy Hour, Indradhanush, LSAMUN and awards received by the Academy in the last session.

Summer Camp

Activities in LSA 20-May-2021

Participants: Students of classes III – V
Highlight: In the Summer Camp children could choose from a wide range of activities and learn something new. The wide range of engaging and innovative activities helped them gain new skills and in expanding the ones, they've already got.
The various activities provided were - Poetry Workshop, Fusion Camp, Magic of Maths, Rhythmaerobics, Doodle Zoodle, Coding, Food Basket and Craft.
The learning outcome of the Summer Camp –
> Helped students to build a unique interest.
> Students learned new skills.
> The Summer Camp reinforced confidence and independence.
> Students learned to be creative.

Meeting for finalizing special activity

Activities in LSA 12-May-2021

Resource Person: Sanzeeda Mirza, Coordinators of each department, Manmeet Kaur, Indrani Das, Rupa Mazumdar, Bijay Raj Shaw
Participants: Students of classes III – XII
Highlight: A meeting was organised for each department to finalize the activities, promotion of activities like handicraft was done to balance the number of participants in each activity.

Bengal Can

Activities in LSA 15-Apr-2021

Organized By: Bengal Clean Air Network
Resources used: Pen and paper
Participants: Students of classes IV, V & IX
Highlight: The Students got an opportunity to express their concern on pollution, through handwritten letters that were scanned and mailed. They were sent to the honourable Prime Minister Sir and Chief Minister Madam. Through this letter writing activity the students were taught to voice out their opinions in an agreeable manner.

Online Holi celebration with the residents of Help Age India

Activities in LSA 26-Mar-2021

Organized By: Help Age India
Resource Person: Indrani Sen
Participants: Students of Class PS II & Class VII
Highlight: Help Age India in association with Surf Excel organized a colourful event to connect with residents of Old Age Homes.

Bridging the Gap

Activities in LSA 12-Mar-2021

Date: from 01/03/2021 to 12/03/2021

Venue: Online (Microsoft Teams/Zoom)
Resource Person: HRTs, Ms. Esha Kak and Activity Teachers
Participants: Students of classes III – V
Highlight: Students were engaged in a constructive ways through many activities after their assessments. The activities honed their artistic skills, kinesthetic, imaginative, creative, fine motor skills and life skills.

Bridging the Gap

Activities in LSA 12-Mar-2021

Participants: Students of Pre School I to Class II
Highlight: The mornings from 8th March to 12th March were packed with fun filled activities such as culinary delights, karate, PE, music, dance and the world of colours where children made beautiful seasonal crafts. The response was overwhelming and children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Convocation Ceremony

Activities in LSA 12-Mar-2021

Participants: Students of Classes I – V
Highlight: The ceremony was conducted online for the students of classes 2 and 5 graduating to the next department . The students put a cultural programme for the graduates. A motivational video on the joy of sharing was also showcased.

Stream Selection for students of class X

Activities in LSA 26-Feb-2021

Organized by - Ms. Meena Kak

Participants - Students of class X

Highlight - Ms. Meena Kak conducted a counselling session with the students of class X apprising them on how to choose the right stream and subjects in class XI.

Celebrating Saraswati Puja

Activities in LSA 16-Feb-2021

Organized By- LSA

Participants - Teachers (offline), all students (online mode)

Highlight - Saraswati Puja was held with usual fervour in the school premises attended by the staff members, following all Covid protocols. The Zoom link for Saraswati Puja Live was shared with all the students.

My Prized Possession

Activities in LSA 30-Jan-2021

From Date - 15/01/2021 To 30/01/2021

Venue - Residence of Students

Participants - Students of Classes PS I & PS II

Highlight - Children used their imagination and designed paperweights using pebbles. They learnt the importance of making wealth out of waste.

Abhilasha 2020 ? 21

Activities in LSA 28-Jan-2021

Organized By - LSA

Participants - Students of Class VIII

Highlight - 28 schools from Poland, Georgia, Greece, Nepal, Bangladesh and our motherland met virtually with a common goal of Healing The World. Ms Sujata Sen, CEO of Future Hope was our Chief Guest. The off screen events Geo News, VIBGYOR, Ambrosia including Cadence were uploaded on the Abhilasha Blog and the quiz was conducted live via Kahoot. A unique endeavour where students shared and learned about the cultural heritage of their respective countries.

Blog Link -

Observance of Road Safety Month

Activities in LSA 18-Jan-2021

From Date - 18/01/2021 To 17/02/2021

Organized By - CBSE – Circular 6

Participants - Students of LSA

Highlight - Road Safety month is being observed from 18th January to 17th February 2021 on the theme ‘Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha’. Students wrote poems, made videos of their artwork, prepared comic strips, wrote essays and slogans on road etiquettes and road safety. The best activities were uploaded in the google form link provided in the circular.

Celebration of Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Anniversary

Activities in LSA 12-Jan-2021

Organized By : CBSE – Circular no 4

Participants : Students of LSA

Highlight : To celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda as National Youth Day, special assemblies were held where students gave speeches, showed presentations on their beliefs on youth of India. All their efforts were posted on the LSA face book page and published in the e newsletter of January. 

Special Assembly - Christmas Programme

Activities in LSA 23-Dec-2020

Participants - Students of classes III – V

Highlight - A virtual Christmas celebration programme was organised for the students featuring a skit and dance   performances by the students. Teachers as well as the students sang Christmas songs and celebrated the true essence of Christmas, that is, the joy of sharing with others.

Special Assembly to celebrate FIT India week

Activities in LSA 21-Dec-2020

Resource Person - PE Department along with IT department

Participants - Students of Primary and Middle school

Highlight - A special assembly was conducted for the Primary Section and the Middle School students to celebrate FIT INDIA campaign. All the students participated in the warming up exercises, stretching exercises and yoga in the junior school. A Sports quiz in kahoot was organised for the middle school students which all the students took part and enjoyed attempting the quiz on a virtual platform.

Making A Bird House

Activities in LSA 16-Dec-2020

Resource Person - Mr. Darshan Singh Gill

Participants - Mr Chandrashekhar Das, Mr Raghunath Guchhayat, Mr Ravi Nayak with other Grade 4 staff.

Highlight - A competition was organised for the support staff to make bird houses with the discarded materials. They made beautiful bird houses with the waste materials which have been hung in different corners of our school ground.

Survey of reducing weight of school bag

Activities in LSA 14-Dec-2020

Organized By - LSA

Participants - Students of classes Montessori-VIII

Highlight - A survey was conducted for the parents of Montessori to Class VIII to take their suggestions on reducing the weight of the school bag and their opinion on digitization of text books.

Virtual 25th Founder’s Day Programme

Activities in LSA 05-Dec-2020

Organized By - LSA

Highlight - Founder’s Day is traditionally one of the most important day in the school calendar, a day when all teachers, students and staff come together to commemorate the birth anniversary of Lala Lakshmipat Singhania, the founder of our esteemed  institution. An atmosphere of celebration took over as always, only this time, it was on a virtual platform instead of the stage of Kala Mandir. Being the 25th year of our school, all the students and staff were set to make this year's commemoration one to remember.

Beginning with a heart-warming song by students of the middle school section, the event proceeded with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. The inspiring words of our very own director, Ma’am Meena Kak and the presentation of the annual report by Principal, Ms. Anjali Chopra followed. We were also graced with the presence of honourable Chairman of the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation, Shri Bharat Hariji Singhania and the President of the Executive Committee of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Shrimati Shardaji Singhania. Our chief guest for the occasion was Dr. Nakul Parashar, Director, Vigyan Prasar. In his address, he motivated and inspired the students to think critically and innovate. Shri Bharat Hariji Singhania inspired the students to introspect and gear up for the upcoming challenges in the new world following the pandemic. His words were a motivation for the students to stay strong and give in their best. Even amidst these tough times, students put up a spectacular one-of-a-kind skit blended with recitations, dance performances and symphonies performed by students each making the best of technology. Overall, it was the sheer passion of all that helped us overcome all obstacles and make this event a grand success. ??

LSA MUN 2020

Activities in LSA 04-Dec-2020

From Date - 04/12/2020 To 05/12/2020

Organized By - LSA

Participants - Students of 32 renowned schools of Kolkata

Highlight - LSAMUN 2020 was the sixth instalment. LSAMUN is a high school conference that has attracted delegates from across the city and the country. Over a period of two days, students assume the role of delegates representing various countries and debate on diverse topics of global importance. Apart from gaining confidence to articulate on global issues, students also familiarize themselves with the nuances of world politics. This year the students discussed on a wider paradigm of subjects like the situations of the middle east, status of minority in Asia, Electoral violence and political instability in Africa, formulating the roadmap post the covid pandemic in Europe, covering the situation in USA respectively.

Children’s day celebration

Activities in LSA 14-Nov-2020

Participants                 Teachers of Primary and Pre-primary department

Highlight                     Children enjoyed watching the video compiled by the teachers in celebration of children’s day.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Activities in LSA 31-Oct-2020

From Date                   01/10/2020 To 31/10/2020          

Organized By               Students and Teachers of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Participants                 Students of Class III – XII

Highlight                      Academy celebrated October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020 with the theme “Do Your Part.           #BeCyberSmart.” Events like awareness workshop by the industry experts, game based learning _ Safe online Surfing from FBI website, awareness poster, awareness drive, skits were organised for students, teachers, staffs and parents.

MANODARPAN an online Art Exhibition

Activities in LSA 27-Oct-2020

From Date                   18/10/2020 To 27/10/2020

Event                           MANODARPAN an online Art Exhibition

Organized By               Art Department of LSA

Participants                 Students of Classes X – XII

Highlight           An online art exhibition was organized where the artworks of our students were featured on the school facebook page.

IRiS (Psychology Fest)

Activities in LSA 16-Oct-2020

From Date  - 16/10/2020 To 17/10/2020

Venue - Online

Organized By - Psychology students of XI – XII  

Participants - Students of various schools

Highlight - Eleven schools participated in this virtual fest.

Cyber safe with Saket Modi

Activities in LSA 03-Oct-2020

Venue - Online via Zoom

Resource Person - Mr Saket Modi, Co-founder & CEO of Lucideus

Participants - Students of class VIII to XI & Parents

Highlight - This session was conducted as a part of the National Cyber Security Awareness month. This was an endeavour to keep our students and parents cyber safe.

Gandhi Jayanti

Activities in LSA 02-Oct-2020

Venue - Online

Participants - Students of classes Preschool - XII

Highlight - The 150th birth anniversary of the Mahatma was celebrated by the students from Pre Primary to the Senior Secondary section with great enthusiasm.

Clothes Donation Drive

Activities in LSA 01-Oct-2020

Participants : Students of Classes PS II to V

Highlight : The Academy organised a clothes donation drive for Hope Foundation – home for the underprivileged.

Discussion on Digital Divide

Activities in LSA 12-Sep-2020

Venue                   Online using Microsoft Teams

Organized By        IT Club‑ Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Resource Person - Ms. Medha De, Business Consultant‑ Content Marketing at TCS

Participants          IT Teachers

Highlight               Ms. Medha De discussed on few ways how students can bridge the technological gap between them and society.

Bullionaire 2020

Activities in LSA 22-Aug-2020

From Date                      21/08/2020  To  22/08/2020

Venue                             Online

Resource Person              Students and Teachers of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Participants                      Students of classes XI – XII

Highlight                          With innovation and survival playing a critical role in business, Bullionaire 2020@ Lakshmipat Singhania Academy would patronised the creativity of every business aspirant. There were 7 events where 120 participants of 12 Kolkata schools  participated in the fest which was held in 4 sessions spread over 2 days.               


exe.BIT 2020

Activities in LSA 07-Aug-2020

From Date                           05/08/2020 to 07/08/2020

Venue                                  Online

Organized By                      Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

Resource Person              exeBIT student core committee

Participants                        Students of classes VI – XII

Highlight                               The motive behind the fest was to combine technology with empathy in these unprecedented lockdown times and act as a break in our new stressful schedules. 474 Students from 28 reputed schools from all over India shared the same platform to showcase their prowess and talents through participation in various activities.


ATL Inter School Online Tinkerfest

Activities in LSA 30-Jul-2020

From Date                   27/07/2020 To 30/07/2020

Venue                   Online

Participants           11 Schools – Total 283 Students

Highlight                  Tinkerfest 2020 organized by our school, brought with it learning opportunities accompanied with a hands-on experience of various softwares that enhanced the knowledge of students. The fest commenced with an inauguration ceremony which witnessed enthusiastic participation. This was followed by an address from our Chief Guest Mrs. Mitali Chatterjee, Senior Director STQC Directorate, Dept. of Electronics & Abd.IT, MCIT Govt of India , our director Mrs. Meena Kak followed by our principal, Mrs. Anjali Chopra. The fest consisted of different webinars and competitions like GIMP: The New Age Photo Editor, Blender: Revolutionizing the 3D Design, LDCAD: The Computer Aided Design, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IOT: The Future - a debate competition.

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffic

Activities in LSA 26-Jun-2020

Venue : Webinar Microsoft Team Link
Resource Person : Mr. Bobby Chakraborty
Participants : Students of classes IX to XII
Highlight : It was an interactive session throughout. It covered drug and other substance abuse among school children. Total 367 students and teachers participated in this webinar.

World Music Day

Activities in LSA 21-Jun-2020

Venue  : Online
Participants :  Students of class X-XII
Highlight : Students sang the famous song Bela Ciao, both Italian Version and its English version very nicely. The video of the song was edited by our students only.

International Yoga Day

Activities in LSA 21-Jun-2020

Venue    : Own Residence
Participants : Students of Classes PSI to XII
Highlight : It was practised at home by everyone. Prime Minister's speech on International Yoga Day was shown in the assembly the following day.

World Dance Day celebration

Activities in LSA 29-Apr-2020

Venue : Student’s home
Organized By : LSA
Resource Person : Mr. Ashish Majumder and Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharya
Participants : Selected students from classes VI to XII
Highlight : Dance teachers and selected students recorded videos in their respective homes which was compiled into one video .Both the dance teachers and the students worked in unison to bring forth the essence of the World Dance Day.

Earth Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 22-Apr-2020

Venue : Online
Organized By : Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Resource Person : Sanzeeda Mirza
Participants : Montessori to Class 12
Highlight : The lock down has not minimized the enthusiasm of the LSA students to celebrate Earth Day. A separate email id was created where children posted videos, article, poems drawings, and sketches pertaining to the theme "Earth is Breathing.... the entries were from Montessori to class 12. Some really unique and beautiful videos were posted on LSA LIVE facebook and our websites too. The entries showed the involvement of parents too.

Star Class Award

Activities in LSA 11-Mar-2020

Highlight         :     Star Class of the academic session 2019-20 was secured by : I Daisies (HRT-Ms. Khadija Chunawala) , III Asters (HRT-Ms. S. Anandi) , receiving 7 certificates each and VIII C (HRT – Ms. Radhika Shaw) receiving 12 certificates.

Convocation Ceremony

Activities in LSA 06-Mar-2020

Participants    :    Students of Class II – V             
Highlight        :     The annual convocation ceremony for the young graduates of classes II and V was held on 6th March 2020 at Lakshmipat Singhania Academy with much fervor. This is a much awaited event in every student's life as it acknowledges the efforts put in by them for all these years. The pledge taking ceremony was conducted by Headmistress Ma'am and the students vowed to live up to the promise to do their best and meet the expectations that have been set for them. The ceremony included an audio-visual presentation and musical performances by the students of classes I and IV. Principal Ma’am spoke a few words of encouragement to the students and wished them well for their forthcoming academic year. The programme concluded with ‘Celebrating Bonds’ and thanking the support staff of the academy for their dedicated service.


Activities in LSA 28-Feb-2020

Venue : Lions Safari Park
Participants : Students of Montessori
Highlight : It was a fun filled picnic. Children enjoyed the scenic beauty and the nature walk. They also enjoyed swinging, sliding and playing around the park.

Project Sahayta

Activities in LSA 14-Feb-2020

Organized By :    Scouts & Guides     
Participants  :   Students of Class VIII     
Highlight  :  The Guides of Class VIII undertook a Medicine Drive to help Hope Hospital. They collected medicines and old spectacles from different classes and the same was handed over to the Hope Foundation representative.

Staff Picnic

Activities in LSA 12-Feb-2020

Venue :  Imly Garden, Bishnupur
Participants :  All Teachers and Office Staff
Highlight : Everyone enjoyed the picnic organised by the school where Cyberfair Quiz on Unsung Heroes was organised along with games for all. Food and venue was appreciated by all.


Activities in LSA 01-Feb-2020

Saying adieu to the outgoing students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy is always done in a formal way every year, through a unique diya ceremony. The ceremony signifies the act of formally unleashing the chains of protection with which we had bound our students. The lighting of the diyas from the Principal's diya signifies that our students are the messengers of our hopes and aspirations. We hope that they will keep the flame of hope burning in the coming decades and spread the goodness of values and virtues which we have instilled in them. They must remain loyal to their Alma Mater, their motherland and above all themselves. Principal Ms. Meena Kak said that the beauty of this ceremony marks the beginning of a new life that awaits our outgoing students. Our blessings will always be there with you all as they fly away towards their dream destinations. Some of the teachers, parents and students also were given opportunities to share their emotions for the outgoing batch of the Academy.

Saraswati Puja

Activities in LSA 29-Jan-2020

Participants    Students from Montessori – XII, teaching and non-teaching staff
Highlight    The Saraswati Puja celebration conducted to celebrate the holy occasion of saraswati puja. All the students gathered to give “Anjali” to goddess saraswati followed by Prasad distribution. All the teachers along with the non-teaching staff joined hand to prepare for the Puja and havan. Pandit enchanted the mantras and everyone paid their tribute to Goddess Saraswati. The very next day pandit enchanted mantras to release the Goddess followed by distribution of Dashakarma.

Informal Farewell

Activities in LSA 28-Jan-2020

Participants    Students of Class XI & XII outgoing batch
Highlight     The outgoing batch of the Academy was given a farewell by their Juniors. The show took the Seniors down the memory lane which made them very nostalgic and emotional. The show comprised of dances, songs, magic show, award ceremony, fashion show and a self composed poem on school life stole the show.  Aryaman Agarwal was declared Mr LSA and Seerat Bhura was crowned Miss LSA for the session 2019-20. Principal Ms Meena Kak blessed all the XIIs and told this is the beginning of a new phase in their lives which is going to be challenging as the parents and teachers wont be holding their hands. But we are all confident that each one will be shining in their own fields as they have been groomed all these years.   

Exhibition cum sale of handicraft items

Activities in LSA 22-Jan-2020

Resource Person    Soma Pal Roy
Participants    Parents of Classes VI-VIII
Highlight    On Open House day (VI-VIII) two organisations ie. Behala Nabo Proyash and Asha-Niketan who are working for the Persons with Disabilities set up their stalls to exhibit and sell their handicraft items made by the students of their organisations. Parents were quite enthusiastic to buy the handmade crafts to help these organisations.

Vital Waste Recycling Championship

Activities in LSA 16-Jan-2020

From Date    15.01.20 To 31.01.20    
Organized By    Vital Waste
Resource Person    Vital Waste
Participants    Students of Classes I - XI (Except the board classes)    
Highlight    A Total of 1174 students (including 3 teachers) registered for the competition and received a recycler’s Kit- a bamboo tooth brush, a metal straw along with the cleaner and a cloth tote bag. All of them took a pledge to recycle on 16th January at 11:00 am. together in the school ground. The students now started using their kit and also inspired others to follow them. They submitted videos/ photos as evidences of their campaign to their HRTs. They also wrote short stories/ poems and submitted to the HRTs. The 5 best entries of the school will be shortlisted and sent to Vital Waste for the final selection in the 1st week of February. All the students are very active and excited. It is a win-win situation for the individual, school, home as well as the environment as a whole.

Evacuation Drill

Activities in LSA 09-Jan-2020

A mock fire drill was conducted in the school premises on Thursday, 9th January, 2020 to create awareness among students and staff to respond swiftly in case of such an emergency. Teachers and support staff were positioned at the key areas to assist the students during the drill. The evacuation procedure commenced immediately after the fire alarm alerted everyone. The students, led by the teachers, evacuated the classrooms and assembled at the assigned 'Assembly Points' as identified in the basketball court and the field. This mock fire drill helped to familiarise everyone with the evacuation process and prepared them for emergency situations.

International Commerce Olympiad

Activities in LSA 15-Nov-2019

Organized By: CTF
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 43 students appeared for the Commerce Olympiad.

Children's Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 14-Nov-2019

Participants: Students of Montessori to Class XII
Highlight: Carnival along with Crazy Castle was organised for students from Montessori to class II.
Colourful Program was put up by teachers for the students from class III to class XII. In the programs, teachers presented a variety of activities like song, skit, dance, and quiz. Students appreciated the efforts taken by the teachers.

Food Nutrition Stall

Activities in LSA 08-Nov-2019

Resource Person: Deepa Das
Participants: Students of Classes XI
Highlight: Students made nutritious food to cater to the needs of the adolescent age group. The food items were on sale in the lunch break. Students organised the stall, managed monetary accounts, understood the demand and supply relationship.

Green Diwali 2019 - Say No to Crackers

Activities in LSA 24-Oct-2019

Participants    Students of Classes III – VII
Highlight    The mela was well organised supported with different NGO's like Asha Arko, Asha Niketan, Behala Nabaproyas, Noble Mission and Ashar Alo. Stalls were set up with diyas, candles, greeting cards and other handicraft items. Students and staff got lot of options in selecting the items for the noble cause.

Teachers' Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 30-Sep-2019

Event: Teachers' Day Celebration
Venue: School
Participants: All Teachers & Office Staff
Highlight: Teachers' day programme was conducted by the Senior students where exciting games, skit, songs, dances were presented for their teachers. Students presented a hand made craft item as a token of love for the entire faculty.

National Creativity Olympiad

Activities in LSA 30-Sep-2019

Event: National Creativity Olympiad
Organized By: NCO
Resource Person: NCO
Participants: Students of classes VI - XI

Maths Quiz

Activities in LSA 25-Sep-2019

Event: Maths Quiz
Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: The students of all the houses participated in the Maths Quiz which was held in the classrooms. There were 5 rounds based on their class level. The students were engaged in solving various kinds of sums while they were seated in their respective houses. They enjoyed all the levels of competition.

NGSE Mains 2020

Activities in LSA 24-Sep-2019

Event: NGSE Mains 2020
Organized By: NGSE
Resource Person: NGSE
Participants: Students of Classes IV – XI
Highlight: The test was conducted successfully.

Textile Exhibition cum sale

Activities in LSA 20-Sep-2019

Event: Textile Exhibition cum sale
Venue: LSA
Highlight: To sensitise our students regarding the beauty of traditional Indian Textile and to support the craftsperson regarding sales. It was a very successful venture.

Spell Bee

Activities in LSA 02-Sep-2019

Event: Spell Bee
Participants: Students of Classes I - V
Highlight: Out of the students from classes I to V who participated in the Spell Bee competition in the year 2018 19, 14 qualified for the State Grand Finale Level. The ones who qualified are:
Class I: Ansh Agarwal, Chirag Goenka, NIdhish, Vrittee Fogl and Devansh Dalmia.
CLass II: Mohammad Abdullah & Vedika AGarwal.
Class III: Rishita Todi, Ritabrata Chakrabroty & Sachish Sarawgi.
Class IV: Addhyan Tikmani, Pranavi Agarwal, Devesh Patwari, & Dhriti Gupta.

Independence Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 15-Aug-2019

Participants: Students of Classes V – XII
Highlight: Gaiety and exhilaration marked the 73rd Independence Day celebrations. The programme began with the march past by our scouts and guides along with our principal and the Chief Guest, Colonel HS Grewal. The cultural programme comprised a melodious rendition of a patriotic song, poignant speeches in Hindi, English and Bengali, a dance performance and a skit based on Mahatma Gandhi's life and a Nukkad Natak on Digital Citizenship.

Press Conference

Activities in LSA 30-Jul-2019

Event: Press Conference
Resource Person: Principal Ma'am Kak
Participants: Anita Chandra, Anjali Chopra, Darshan Singh Gill, Jaya Misra, Kanak S. Mukherjee, Niladri Kr. Motilal, Pronita Gupta, Santosree Bhattacharya, Sunitha R. Dey.
Highlight: Representatives from different media houses like The Telegraph, Times of India, Sanmarg, The Statesman and Samagya attended the meet and got apprised of the different events coming up in the school. They were also made aware of the innovative methodologies that exist in our system.

Indradhanush – Fun on Wheels

Activities in LSA 26-Jul-2019

Event Indradhanush: Fun on Wheels
Participants: Students of Classes II – V
Highlight: Indradhanush 2019, Fun on Wheels attempted to celebrate the essence of childhood, which is one of curiosity, wonder, and joy. It was an earnest attempt to provide a platform through a gamut of activities for the young enthusiasts of classes II to V. The inter-school fest had leading schools competing together as they were merged to form different teams. Tintin, Marple, Gogol, Feluda, Karamchand, Byomkesh, Sherlock and Poirot were the teams named after the famous detectives. The venues of the games were BITM, HelpAge India, BCL, and Lascar. At each venue, the students were engaged in a few decoding activities such as Popsicle Puzzle, Code Avenger, Mathematical Decoding and Morse Coding which helped them to crack code and move ahead in their pursuit of treasure. Each and every activity kept the children on their toes the whole day with their relentless spirit to give their best for the team. Though they belonged to different schools yet they were united in their motive to give their best for their team. The exciting and fun-filled day, unique in its concept and execution, came to a close with a fashion show showcasing a few iconic personalities of Kolkata, down the ages, who have made an immense contribution in their respective fields along with being unique in their choice of attire. The closing of the event reached its pinnacle of excitement and thrill when the most awaited prize distribution was held. Team Tintin comprising Lakshmipat Singhania Academy and South Point School secured the first prize. The second prize was awarded to Team Poirot comprising Sushila Birla Girls School and Apeejay School, Park Street. The third prize went to Team Sherlock comprising Modern High School for Girls and Birla High School for Boys.





3rd Atal Tinkering Fest 2019

Activities in LSA 26-Jul-2019

Venue: ATL Lab

Participants: Students from 14 schools in the city.

Highlight - It involved highly charged innovators.  The two day event was dotted with workshops and exhibitions. The participating students were provided a first-hand experience to tinker and showcase their innovations that helped solve real-life problems.

Workshop on Thinking Innovation

Activities in LSA 25-Jul-2019

Resource persons - Dr. Rituparna Basu and Dr. Rachna Chattophadhya, Associate Prof. IMI

Venue: ATL Lab

Participants: More than 100 students from 14 schools

Highlight - ATL LSA organized "Thinking Innovation Challenge 2019" an opportunity to understand the real-life problems from the viewpoint of the people who are at the receiving end. Our ATL Mentor Dr. Rituparna Basu and Dr. Rachna Chattopadhyay brainstormed the problems at hand.

Welcome Assembly for the students of Exchange Program

Activities in LSA 09-Jul-2019

Event: Welcome Assembly for the students of Exchange Program
Organized By: AFS volunteers of the school
Participants: Students of Classes IX-XII
Highlight: 3 students of 'YES PROGRAM', Dontae LaMont Ryan II (from the USA), Anna Keyzer (from the USA) and Roberto Andreozzi (from Italy) joined our school on 8/07/2019. There was a 'Welcome Assembly' arranged for them, where they were introduced and felicitated with bouquets and tilaks. At the end of the day, they had a special session with Principal Ma'am.

Road Safety Awareness

Activities in LSA 08-Jul-2019

Event: Road Safety Awareness
Participants: Students of Classes I - V
Highlight: The children had an interactive session about the road safety rules to be followed by them. Mr. Samir Panja, the officer incharge of South West Traffic Guard informed the students about the benefits of following traffic rules. They were told that they may inform the nearby police station by calling the helpline numbers in case of an accident.

CS First Program

Activities in LSA 29-Jun-2019

Organized By : LSA and Google India
Resource Person : Google
Participants: Students of Classes VI to IX Computer Saturday club
Highlight : The computer club of our academy launched CS First Program by Google India. They have
started enjoying various programs using logic and Scratch. 


exeBYTE Representative Meeting

Activities in LSA 28-Jun-2019

Participants : Students of Classes X – XII
Highlight : Representatives of 15 reputed school of Kolkata participated in the event. 

World Ethnic Wear Day

Activities in LSA 19-Jun-2019

Participants All Teachers & Students
Highlight All the students and teachers wore ethnic clothes and brought ethnic food to school.

Election and Investiture

Activities in LSA 10-May-2019

Date: 22/04/2019 To 10/05/2019
Participants: Students of Classes VI to XII
Highlight: The students were sensitized towards the democratic process. They elected the council members.

Rabindra Jayanti

Activities in LSA 08-May-2019

Date: 08/05/2019
Participants: Students and Teachers
Highlight: This sesquicentennial commemoration of Tagore's birthday witnessed a melodious song by Sweta ma'am in puja Porjay, a choreography of Sunale Sunale Balika by Sanjay sir and a harmonious song sung by the teachers of the institution and a programme presented by the school choir.

Investiture Ceremony

Activities in LSA 07-May-2019

Date: Investiture Ceremony
Participants: Students of Class V
Highlight: The Investiture Ceremony was held for the Junior School Council members. The proud parents of the council members were invited to witness the ceremony. The oath-taking ceremony was conducted by Headmistress Ma'am. Later the badges and the Appointment letters were handed over by Headmistress Ma'am and the Coordinator Ma'am respectively. This was followed by an audio-visual presentation which was very inspiring. The elected council members are: Vayu: Bhavya Agarwal and Pranavi Agarwal, Agni: Ananya Sharma and Samamvi Jhunjhunwala, Jal: Addhyan Tikmani and Kanushi Saraf, Prithvi: Avaneesh Bajaj and Kashvi Ruia, Sports Captain: Aarushi Bhroota and Krishnam Tikmani

Atal Community Day

Activities in LSA 14-Apr-2019

Event: Atal Community Day
Venue: ATL Lab
Participants: Students of Classes VIII - X
Highlight: Eight schools participated in the event to explore the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship. More then 100 students and 30 adults participated in the day long event.

Annual Prize distribution ceremony

Activities in LSA 06-Apr-2019

Event: Annual Prize distribution ceremony
Participants: Teachers & Students
Highlight: The students were felicitated for their endeavour and talents by the Chief Guest. Dr. Bhupati Chakraborty, Guest of Honour Mr Bhaswar Chatterjee and Principal madam.

ATL Community Day

Activities in LSA 04-Apr-2019

Participants: Students of Classes IX X
Highlight: It was commemorated to share the tinkering experience with the student across the various section of the society. At LSA is was celebrated with the central theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Activities in LSA 11-Mar-2019

Event: Convocation
Participants: Students of classes II- V
Highlight: The students of classes II and V were given a formal farewell by celebrating the Convocation. The Ceremony was held to felicitate the students with the Convocation certificates and bidding them adieu as they move to the next level of class. The headmistress ma’am conducted the oath taking ceremony followed by principal ma’am giving away the convocation certificates to the respective HRTs of the graduating classes. Students of class II presented a dance performance. To culminate the ceremony the help staff were given gifts for which the students had contributed.

Math Challenge

Activities in LSA 30-Jan-2019

Event: Math Challenge
Organized By: Times of India
Resource Person: Meritnation
Participants: Students of Classes VI-IX 
Highlight: Students enjoyed Logical Thinking Questions and gave aptitude based assessment.

CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018

Activities in LSA 28-Jan-2019

Event: CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018
Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Various Schools
Highlight: CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018 was organised from 27th to 28th January 2019 for the first time at the school premises. 32 schools from all over West Bengal and some from the eastern region of India participated in the exhibition displaying 52 exhibits by nearly 104 students. Out of the 52 exhibits, 15 were selected to compete in the Nationals to be held at Delhi. Mr. T. Mate, RO Bhubaneshwar presided as the chief guest on 28th January and congratulated all on the grand success.

Class picnic

Activities in LSA 28-Jan-2019

Event: Class picnic
Venue: Monobitan
Participants: Students of Classes III to V
Highlights: The school organised a class picnic to Monobitan. All the students enjoyed as they were engaged in various games and fun activities. They enjoyed the magic show that was hosted for them. Overall it was a fun filled day for them.

Class Picnic

Activities in LSA 21-Jan-2019

Event: Class Picnic
Venue: Joyland (Amtala)
Resource Person: Travel India
Participants: Students of Classes VI-VIII
Highlight: 358 students of class VI-VIII along with 19 teachers and 3 support staff members went to Joyland for the class picnic. 7 buses were arranged. Students and teachers had a refreshing time there and spent quality time bonding with the teachers.

Crafts and Textile Mela

Activities in LSA 15-Jan-2019

Event: Crafts and Textile Mela
Participants: Craftsmen of Bengal
Highlight: This was held to sensitize the children to textile and craft heritage of Bengal and it was to support the craftsmen. The feedback was positive as the children came and bought things and enjoyed the mela, parents also came in and bought materials from the mela.

Behtar India waste collection

Activities in LSA 30-Nov-2018

Organized By: Behtar India
Resource Person: Raza
Participants: Students of Classes III – VIII & X
Highlight: Students collected a large amount of waste paper for three months from houses and around the residence. They learned to reuse the paper.

23rd Founder’s Day

Activities in LSA 24-Nov-2018

Venue: Sangeet Kala Mandir
Resource Person: Students and Management of Our Academy
Participants: Students of Classes II – XII
Highlight: The programme started with an inspiring opening song. Then the prize distribution ceremony was held. The prizes were given away by the chief guest Ms. Patti Hoffman, US Consul General in Kolkata, Shri Bharat Hari Singhania and our Principal Ms. Meena Kak.
This was followed by a drama ‘Vaidehi Katha’ which showed the condition of women in today’s India. A large number of parents and students attended the function.

Green Diwali Fair

Activities in LSA 17-Nov-2018

Organized By: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants: Students of classes III to XII.
Highlight: To sensitize students and parents about keeping our environment healthy and sustainable, our school has taken an initiative to celebrate 'Green Diwali'. On 5.11.18, card stickers and badges with a slogan 'SAY NO TO CRACKERS' were distributed among students. An exhibition cum sale was organised to sell diyas, candles and greeting cards. Five NGO's, who work with underprivileged and Intellectually and physically challenged children, namely IICP, Asha Niketan, The Hope Foundation participated in the event. 


Activities in LSA 15-Nov-2018

Venue: Rajarhat
Organized: By green for life
Participants: Students of class VIII
Highlight: Students planted saplings and learned to be sensitive towards the increasing pollution.

Children's Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 14-Nov-2018

Participants: Students of classes I to XII

Highlight: The Children's Day was celebrated with a lot of fervour and gusto. The students of Pre-primary sections enjoyed themselves on the crazy castle and various fun games. They were also happy to watch a movie. For the students of classes III to XII, a carnival was organised by their teachers which included table and field games, the latter being an added attraction for them. The ground floor hall was decorated with balloons and food counters were also put up for the students.

INFINITY 2K18 - Maths Mela

Activities in LSA 31-Oct-2018

Organized By Maths Department & Students of Classes III-XI
Participants Students of Classes III-XI
Highlight: Numerous interesting mathematical games and riddles like Maze, Crossword and other activities were showcased to strengthen numerical acumen. The students enjoyed the games a lot. The event had maximum participation.


International Informatics Olympiad

Activities in LSA 30-Oct-2018

Organized By: Silverzone
Participants: Students of Classes III XII
Highlight: 141 students from classes 3 to 12 participated in 15th International Informatics Olympiad. Result awaited.

Fete Cum Exhibition on various Subjects

Activities in LSA 12-Oct-2018

Participants: Students of Classes IX & X
Highlight: Presentation of the projects undertaken by the students on different subjects was showcased to the parents. The same was received and appreciated by the parents who were present for the event.

Hope Foundation distribution of clothes and shoes

Activities in LSA 11-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Kundu
Participants: our school students and staff
Highlight: As a part of the 'Joy of Giving Week Celebration' the school donated around 90 sets of clothes and shoes for the students of Kasba Girls'Home and Be Kind Boys' Home. Some students had come to receive the gifts before the festive season. It was a pleasure to see their smiling faces in the morning assembly.

Hope Foundation distribution of clothes and shoes

Activities in LSA 11-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Kundu
Participants: our school students and staff
Highlight: As a part of the 'Joy of Giving Week Celebration' the school donated around 90 sets of clothes and shoes for the students of Kasba Girls'Home and Be Kind Boys' Home. Some students had come to receive the gifts before the festive season. It was a pleasure to see their smiling faces in the morning assembly.


Activities in LSA 07-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants: Students of Classes VIII-XII
Highlight: 14 Schools took part in the MUN. There were 173 delegates who attended the conference.

Re Meducate

Activities in LSA 04-Oct-2018

Organized By: Hope Foundation
Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Kundu
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 2 cartons of medicines and 1 carton of old spectacles were handed over to the Hope Foundation which will be used in the Hope Hospital at Taratala.


Activities in LSA 04-Oct-2018

Participants: Students of Classes VI – VIII
Highlight: 11 Mainstream Schools along with our school participated in Abhilasha. Students from 6 Special Schools also participated in it. Around 400 students participated across all 6 events( on stage and off stage). Our school emerged as the overall champion followed by Modern High School.

Project Citizen – Inter House

Activities in LSA 03-Oct-2018

Participants: Students from Classes III – V
Highlight: All the four houses took up topics of public as well as individual interest. The participants put across the problems related to the topic and dealt with the existing policies and the Action Plan. Each house had some good speakers who put across their views confidently. The presentations were very informative. All the children in the audience enjoyed the presentation. The topics were: Being Late to School, Road Safety for the Pedestrians, Swach Bharat Swach Vidyalay & Noise Pollution.

Blood Donation Camp

Activities in LSA 29-Sep-2018

Organized By: Kothari hospital
Participants: Entire school and parents
Highlight: Blood donated for the cause of humanity

Dental Camp

Activities in LSA 24-Sep-2018

Organized By: Kothari Hospital
Participants: School students
Highlight: Students had their dental checkup with doctors advice. 

Collection for Kerala flood victims

Activities in LSA 31-Aug-2018

Participants: Students of Classes PS I to Class XII
Highlight: Items like a towel, rice, pulses, wheat flour, unused clothes, bed sheets, unused electrical appliances like wires, sockets, switches along with mosquito repellants, bandages, antiseptic liquids, sanitary napkins were collected through a collection drive from students and teachers
It was handed over to Kolkata Kairali Samajam who had set their base collection camp at Garden High School. The collection was huge which showed the empathy of all towards the affected.

American Universities Fair

Activities in LSA 16-Aug-2018

Organized By: KIC
Resource Person: Ms. Sweta
Participants" Students of Classes XI & XII
Highlight: 18 American Universities were a part of the fair (list in the email to be added) It was a wonderful platform for students of Classes XI & XII to address their queries and get details about the different Universities.

Visit by AFS Officials

Activities in LSA 16-Aug-2018

Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Mr. Adil Fahim
Participants: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann(XI A1), Rebekka Klinge(XD)
Highlight: This was a visit to meet the exchange students, their teachers, counsellors etc and find out about their progress.

Independence Day Celebration

Activities in LSA 15-Aug-2018

Highlight: Gaiety and patriotic fervor marked the Independence Day celebrations in our school premises on 15th August 2018. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Amitabh Sen Gupta.
The programme began with the ritualistic flag hoisting ceremony. This was followed by a melodious rendition of a medley of patriotic songs by the school choir. The speeches by our principal, Mrs. Meena Kak, and the Chief Guest inspired all. This was followed by the much awaited Inter House Dance Competition.

Green Drive

Activities in LSA 06-Aug-2018

Venue: New Playground
Participants: Students of Class VII C
Highlight: Students of classes VIIC Pulkit Bhadani and Madhuram Lakhotia planted a tree in the new playground of the school and they water the plant every day.

Indradhanush (for classes II - V) - An endeavor to make a plastic free world (27th July 2018, Friday)

Activities in LSA 27-Jul-2018

Participants: Students of Classes II – V of various Kolkata schools
Highlight: Indradhanush 2018, a fest to spread awareness to beat the plastic pollution on Earth. 11 teams competed against each other through games and activities. Teams were named after famous environmentalists. 1st prize went to the team Salim Ali comprising Lakshmipat Singhania Academy and Sushila Birla, the Second prize to Team Arun Krishnamurthy comprising Mahadevi Birla Girls' School and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, the Third prize to team Claude Alvarez comprising Sri Sri Academy and Modern High School for Girls.


Workshop on Detox

Activities in LSA 20-Jun-2018

Resource Person: Ms. Sanzeeda Mirza
Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: A workshop on Detox was conducted for classes III V about how life has changed with the advent and over usage of technological devices like smartphones televisions gaming consoles etc. A comparative analysis of the lifestyle of ten years back and present day was shown. The after effect like vision problem, obesity, posture defects were also discussed. The young ones were also advised to deal with the current situation through physical activity and ‘no screen Sunday.

Tinkering Fest 2018

Activities in LSA 22-Feb-2018

Highlight: Tinker Fest 2018 - Students are presented with the challenge of building a bridge at various locations. They come up with four types: Truss, Arch, String Straighted and Suspension bridges. They demonstrated two natural forces -Tension and compression- common to all bridges and structure. Many peripheral skills were learned during the workshop such as dremel drill, Carpentery skills, engineering measurment and markings, etc. Class VI & VII demonstrated their skills in electricity and electronic structure.

Project Sahayta

Activities in LSA 24-Jan-2018

Venue: NGO - Chhaya
Highlight: Selected Scouts and Guides from Class X visited the NGO with biscuits, pedigree etc for the animals kept there. It was an enriching experience to hear the rescue stories of the animals and to see how these animals have been kept by the NGO. They have rescued more than 450 dogs, horses, cows, buffaloes, bull, eagles etc. There is a Vet Hospital too. Our students observed Solar panels within the campus, a bio gas plant and interacted with the dedicated staff at Chhaya.

Road Safety Week

Activities in LSA 08-Jan-2018

Venue: National Library Crossing
Organized By: Kolkata Police
Highlight: 40 students were a part of this Road Safety Week Celebration in association with Kolkata Police. The students campaigned on various days on topics like - No Horn Campaign, No to
Riding without Helmet Campaign, No to Use of Mobile Phones while Driving Campaign and No to Drink and Drive Campaign. On the final day students put up a Nukkad Natak as a part of the 'No to Use Mobile Phones while Driving' Campaign.

Spicmacay Heritage Walk

Activities in LSA 06-Jan-2018

Organized By:  Spicmacay & Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Highlight: Students were taken around the BBD Bag area to show the iconic colonial structures of our city.

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

Activities in LSA 09-May-2017

Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated with an opening Ceremony,Solo Song recital and a musical based on excerpts taken from Tagore's compositions.

Christmas Celebration

Activities in LSA