Scouts and Guides trip

Educational Trips 09-Mar-2024

Venue: Mirik, NJP
Organized By: Scouts and Guides Teacher incharges
Participants:89 Scouts and Guides Students of Classes VI & VII along with Teachers
Highlight: It was a fun-filled trip with thrill and excitement. The students enjoyed their outdoor activities and night games. They learned to interact with each other, gathered knowledge on rules and regulations of Scouts and Guides, learning the skills of collaboration and co-operation.

A session on Comics in Bengal

Educational Trips 04-Mar-2024

Venue: Kolkata Centre for Creativity
Organized By:KCC
Participants: Selected Students of Classes V – VIII
Highlight: Students saw the history of Bengali comics, history of the writers and other related information. They also witnessed the process of conservation and restoration of art followed by a quiz.

Trip to Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty

Educational Trips 01-Jan-2024

Date :24/12/2023 To 01/01/2024

Participants: Students of Classes VII – VIII
Highlight: 74 students of classes VII and VIII accompanied by 4 teachers went on a 9 day school trip to Bangalore, Ooty and Mysore. Students enjoyed visiting different sights at Ooty namely Coonoor, Horticulture, and few places in Mysore like Mysore Palace, Botanical Garden, Zoo and Chamundi Sri Temple. They enjoyed their stay.

Visit to Science City

Educational Trips 13-Nov-2023

Venue:Science City
Participants:Students of Classes VII & VIII
Highlight: Students enjoyed their trip to Science City where they got to visit the 3-D space theatre, panorama on human evolution and ‘science on a sphere ' sections. This experience will help the students develop a scientific attitude and temper and understand science from a different perspective.


Conserve my Planet Programme: Visit to Petrol Pump

Educational Trips 03-Nov-2023

Venue: Petrol Pump, Alipore and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Organized By: Schneider electric and SHARP NGO
Resource Person:Sharp NGO
Participants: Students of Class VII
Highlight: Students participated enthusiastically in the outdoor activity based on the survey of carbon footprints, reduction of carbon emissions and the pros and cons of using individual transport. Students shared the ways and measures to reduce carbon emissions with all the people they came across in the petrol pump. They distributed e passes among the people and also pasted green stickers to spread awareness of energy consumption.


Visit to Alipore Museum

Educational Trips 01-Nov-2023

Venue:Alipore Museum
Participants:Students of Class IV
Highlight: Children enjoyed their visit to the Alipore Museum with great enthusiasm. They gathered a lot of information about our national heroes by reading the display boards in front of all the cells. Children also enjoyed the patriotic songs played over the entire campus. It was a successful educational trip for our students.

Cubs and Bulbul Tour

Educational Trips 27-Sep-2023

Venue: Mandarmoni, Hotel Sonar Bangla
Participants: 100 children from classes IV & V
Highlight: The camp contributed to the education of children through a value system based on the Cub/Bulbul promise and law to built a better world where people are self fulfilled as individuals and play constructive role in society. It helped in building confidence and self esteem among the students.They learnt important life-skills, team building, outdoor adventure, education and fun. It helped them to explore, to discover the world beyond classroom, and also helps in all round development.

Mass Media Studies Class 12 Field Trip

Educational Trips 16-Sep-2023


Participants: Students of Class XII

Highlight:  43 students accompanied by their subject teachers and other teaching staff went to Kolaghat Sonar Bangla to record 43 individual films to be sent to the Board.


Hungary HOMESTAY program

Educational Trips 05-Jun-2023

Venue- Budapest

Organised by- AFS
Resource persons- AFS Hungary
Participants - Aanya Surana and Prisha Patel class 11
Highlight- Aanya and Prisha Patel on an amazing journey to Hungary experience the cultural dimensions

Student Exchange India Germany Programme

Educational Trips 27-May-2023

Venue: Aalen, Germany
Organized By: LSA and KSA
Participants: DARSHAN SINGH GILL, SOHINI MITRA JAIN, 8 students from classes IX to XI
Highlight: Our academy took part in the Student Exchange India Germany Programme. A group of 8 students from classes IX to XI, escorted by Mr. Darshan Singh Gill and Ms. Sohini Mitra Jain, took off for a 2 week programme to Germany from 12th May 2023 to 27th May 2023. The team of students and teachers stayed in Aalen, Germany with their respective host families. The first part of the exchange programme was indeed a memorable one.

Excursion Trip to Darjeeling and Kalinpong, from 12th May to 17th May

Educational Trips 17-May-2023

Organized By: Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Participants: Students of classes IX and X

Highlight: 102 students from classes IX and X were a part of the trip. They had a good time. The stay and sight visits at Kalimpong was magnificent. The visits to Lava monastery and Deolo Park was enjoyed by all. The students got an opportunity to shop at the Hong Kong Market in Siliguri too.

Radio Mirchi Tour

Educational Trips 27-Apr-2023

Venue: Radio Mirchi Station
Organized By: Times NIE
Resource Person: Radio Mirchi
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Two students Anushka Ghosh and Aditya Goswami were part of this tour. They learnt individual expression and communication techniques from RJ Agni.

Cubs/Bulbuls Camp

Educational Trips 25-Mar-2023

Venue: Taki Sonar Bangla
Participants: Students of classes IV and V
Highlight: A total number of 151 students joined the camp along with 11 teachers and 3 support staff. The students were overjoyed and enthusiastically participated in the various camp activities. Their stay at the resort was comfortable and they enjoyed the delectable cuisine. The various activities included group presentation, shadow dance, scorpion tail, chariot race, night trail etc. These activities helped to inculcate many skills among students like critical thinking skills, emotional and social skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills and developed s elf- awareness, empathy and decision-making abilities among them. It was a great learning experience for the students as they got the opportunity to bond with their teachers and peers, learn wonderful things in a stress-free environment and boost their self-confidence.

Visit to the Science City

Educational Trips 23-Mar-2023

Venue: Science City
Participants: Students of Classes VIII & IX
Highlight: It was a fun filled and enriching day where students witnessed an informative 3D show, travelled through the geological timeline of life on earth and experienced motion simulator. The models displayed in the gallery helped the students understand the principles of Science.

Scouts and Guides Camp at Dooars

Educational Trips 21-Mar-2023

Venue: Dooars
Resource Person: Scouts and Guides Teachers
Participants: Students of Classes VI and VII
Highlight: A four day Scouts and Guides Camp for the session 2022 23 was organized by school at Prime Murti in Dooars. 192 students of classes VI and VII participated in the camp. It was a great learning experience and an enjoyable session for the students through various kinds of activities. 14 teachers accompanied the students.

Visit to BITM

Educational Trips 03-Mar-2023

Venue: BITM
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children were very excited and well mannered. They had a great time in the children’s gallery, television and digital gallery.

A Trip to the Zoo (Educational Excursion)

Educational Trips 17-Feb-2023

Venue: Alipore Zoo
Participants: Students of Pre School I to Class II
Highlight: The children were elated on seeing the animals at the zoo and were curious to find more about their habitat and food habit.

Visit to Alipore Jail Museum

Educational Trips 22-Dec-2022

Venue: Alipore Jail Museum
Participants: Students of classes VI to IX
Highlight: The students took part in an educational trip to the Alipore Jail Museum. It was a walk through the history of pre independent India as the correctional home has been a silent witness to the brutalities inflicted upon the freedom fighters. It was a deep learning experience for the students. Students understood, how and where our freedom fighters were imprisoned, their contribution in freedom, important facts about them and their sacrifices.

Class XII Batch trip to Taki

Educational Trips 07-Dec-2022

Venue: Sonar Bangla Hotel at Taki
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Students enjoyed the trip with a lot of fun. Food and accommodation was good. Lot of activities such as volleyball, cricket and football were organized.

Visit to Antara Gram Hospital for mentally Ill.

Educational Trips 29-Nov-2022

Venue Antara Gram
Resource Person Dr Biyoy Jacob
Participants Students of Class XII
Highlight It was a day trip, the journey was very comfortable. Students got an opportunity to interact very closely with the patients of Antara. A cultural program was organised by them as well as our students also performed. Students visited all the different wards. The Psychology students were sensitized about mental illness. It was a life time experience for all Psychology students.

A Visit to HelpAge India

Educational Trips 21-Oct-2022

Venue Kalyan Ashram
Participants Aarshia Das and Ikshita Agarwal (V Bluebells)
Highlight On the occasion of Deepawali, a visit to HelpAge India (Kalyan Ashram, Chetla) was made by the students of class V accompanied by two teachers Ms. Aloka Sensharma and Ms. Kulbir Kaur. They distributed sarees and diyas among the 10 inmates of the old age home. Students amused them with a dance performance and by singing a song. It was a good experience for the students as well as the inmates of the old age home.

Trip to BITM

Educational Trips 18-Oct-2022

Venue BITM
Participants Students of Classes IV
Highlight A trip to BITM was planned for the students of class 4 on Tuesday, 18th October 2022. A total number of 128 students enthusiastically joined the excursion. The students enjoyed the 3D show, science show, coal mine and science gallery. The trip was informative and exciting and helped to augment the curiosity and knowledge of the students.

Educational Trip to Science City

Educational Trips 17-Oct-2022

Venue Science City
Organized By Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Resource Person

Highlight: Students of class 5 enjoyed all the shows- Dark Ride, Evolution of Life on Earth, Panorama of Human Evolution and Mirror Magic Exhibition in Space . They could relate them with SSC and EVS topics learnt. The Mirror Magic Exhibition was most interesting. Students interacted very well with the presenter of the show. Overall it was a good learning experience for them.

Art Gallery Visit

Educational Trips 23-Sep-2022

Venue: Kolkata Centre for Creativity
Participants: Students of Classes X & XII
Highlight: The students of class X and the Commercial art students of class XII went to experience artist Probir Gupta's show "Room Full of Mirrors" at Kolkata Centre for Creativity. They took a tour through the exhibition, interacted with the artist and made drawings of the piece that attracted them the most.

Mass Media Studies - Board Practical Field Trip

Educational Trips 20-Sep-2022

Venue Taki, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Resource Person Ms.Sourina Bose
Participants Students of Class XII
Highlight 28 students of class 12 having Mass Media Studies as a Vocational subject went to Taki for a overnight field trip. They explored the flora and fauna of the place and captured every nuances of it.
River Ichhamati which separates India from Bangladesh was the centre of attraction. All 28 students carried their pre-approved scripts and shot individual films for the board practical.

International Space Settlement Design Competition

Educational Trips 28-Jul-2020

From Date            24/07/2020 To 28/07/2020

Venue                   Virtual through ZOOM

Organized By        National Space Society in colaboration NASA

Participants           Students of Classes  X – XII

Highlight         LSA emerged as the runners up in the International Space Settlement Design competition. It was the first time that the competition was conducted virtually.     

Visit to BITM

Educational Trips 06-Mar-2020

 Participants    :    Students of Montessori            
Highlight    :    Children enjoyed their visit to BITM. They were excited to see the magic show and loved playing in the play area. They also followed the code of conduct.

Trip to BITM

Educational Trips 17-Feb-2020

Venue : BITM
Participants : Students of Class II      
Highlight : Students enjoyed the Coal Mine and Science Magic Show.

Trip to the Zoo - PS II

Educational Trips 07-Feb-2020

Participants    Students of Class PS II     
Highlight    It was a fun filled day as the children of PS2 Asters and Bluebells were excited to see the animals in the zoo. The weather was pleasant and the children enjoyed the trip.

Trip to the Zoo - Class I

Educational Trips 04-Feb-2020

Participants    Students of Class I     
Highlight    The children were very excited to visit the zoo. The children were well behaved and enjoyed seeing the different animals and sharing their tiffin at the end of the trip.

Trip to the Zoo

Educational Trips 22-Jan-2020

Venue    Alipore Zoo    
Participants     Students of PS l Carnations and Daisies.    
Highlight    Children enjoyed the trip and enjoyed all the animals .They saw the peafowl with it’s open feathers.The bear, white tiger and elephants were of great entertainment. Children learnt the names and habitats of the animals.

24th Annual camp to Mandarmani

Educational Trips 21-Jan-2020

From Date     18.01.20 To 21.01.20    
Venue    Hotel Sonar Bangla
Participants    Students of Classes IV and V    
Highlight    125 children along with sufficient number of leaders went for the camp. The camp was completed successfully. Children were involved in varied outdoor and indoor activities. All the activities were team based. It helped them learn cooperation. The camp also helped them to become independent.

Trip to the Zoo

Educational Trips 21-Jan-2020

Venue    Alipore Zoo    
Participants    Students of PS l Asters and Bluebells    
Highlight    Children enjoyed the trip and enjoyed all the animals .The chimpanzees, giraffes and elephants were of great entertainment. Children learnt the names and habitats of the animals.

Excursion to Jodhpur & Jaipur

Educational Trips 18-Dec-2019

From Date : 18/12/2019 To 23/12/2019             

Participants : Students of Class XI

Highlight : Students had an enjoyable time with their classmates. The visits to palaces, forts and other tourist spots of the two cities, gave them and exposure to India’s rich cultural heritage. A visit to J.K. Lakshmipat University, in Jaipur was an enriching experience. Two workshops were conducted there for the students by the faculty. One was on Critical Thinking and the other on Design. On the whole it was an eventful trip.

Navy Day

Educational Trips 13-Dec-2019

Venue : Kolkata Port Trust

Organized By : Indian Navy

Participants : Students of Classes VI – VIII

Highlight : It was a very informative tour around the dock that hosted two war ships INS AIRAVAAT and INS KIRPAN.

Mass Media Studies Field Trip

Educational Trips 06-Dec-2019

From Date                   06/12/2019 To 07/12/2019          

       Venue                   Shantiniketan / Sonajhuri

       Resource Person   Sourina Bose

       Participants          Students of Class XI

       Highlight               The trip was a part of the subject's practical curriculum. Students took videos of the

                                    Sonajhuri Haat & various aspects of the place. These videos will be culminated into

                                    individual films for the end semester practical examination.

Annual Scout Guide Camp (VI to VIII)

Educational Trips 03-Nov-2019

Venue: Mandarmoni
Participants: Students of classes VI – VIII
Highlight: 189 campers from classes VI-VIII went for their Scout Guide Camp to Mandarmoni. They were exposed to the different camping activities like wide games, cooking activities, sense training games, night games and various other activities selected from their proficiency and efficiency syllabus to enhance various skills like handling responsibility, taking initiative, leadership, cooperation with positive attitude.

Trip to Shillong

Educational Trips 08-Oct-2019

Date    08/10/2019 To 13/10/2019
Venue    Shillong
Organized By    LSA & Travel India
Resource Person   Mr. Suman Kumar Samanta and Ms. Radhika Shaw
Participants    Students of Classes IX & XI
Highlight    21 students went for this trip. They enjoyed the natural beauty, visited the zoo, Kaziranga National Park and Orchid Farm.

Visit to BITM

Educational Trips 21-Sep-2019

Event: Visit to BITM
Venue: BITM
Participants: Students of Class VIII
Highlight: 12 teachers were involved in this trip. Students enjoyed the Chemistry Magic, Balloon Show and Digital World

Visit to Antaragram

Educational Trips 20-Sep-2019

Event: Visit Antaragram
Venue: Antaragram
Resource Person: Anita Chandra
Participants: Students of Classes XI & XII
Highlight: Students had a one to one interaction with the patients of Antara. Doctors too interacted with them to explain the problems the patients had. They were allowed to go forward visits.

Durand Cup Semifinal 1

Educational Trips 21-Aug-2019

Venue: Salt Lake Stadium
Organized By: DFTS
Participants: LSA Football Team
Highlight: It was a great opportunity for the football team to witness the semifinal with their coach Mr. Joy Chakraborty. Students learned a lot of skills as they watched the match live.



Educational Trips 29-Jul-2019

Event: Excursion
Venue: The Times of India Kolkata
Organized By: Subject teacher
Resource Person: The Times of India Production team
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: As a part of the Mass Media studies board portfolio, 30 students visited the Times of India Press to observe how newspaper production is done. It was a very enriching & informative experience.

A visit to Rathyatra Carnival

Educational Trips 11-Jul-2019

Event: A visit to Rathyatra Carnival
Venue: Park Street Ground
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: On 10th July, the 3 students of YES Program, Anna Keyzer, Dontae LaMont Ryan II and Roberto Andreozzi were taken to the Rathyatra Carnival at Park Street. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

23rd Annual Scouts and Guides Camp

Educational Trips 13-Jun-2019

From Date:  13/06/2019 To 18/06/2019
Venue : Pelling, Sikkim
Participants : Mr. Sambhu Nayak, Mr. Joy Chakraborty, Ms. Manidapa Lahiri, Ms. Mitali Mukhopadhyay & Students of Classes IX – XII
Highlight : 59 students participated in activities like hike to a Monastry, wide games, night games , flag break procedure had a good learning experience on all campers. They were enjoyed by each and everyone.

Educational Trip to Britannia Factory

Educational Trips 30-Apr-2019

Event: Educational Trip to Britannia Factory
Venue: Britannia Factory, Taratolla
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: 29 students of Cost Accounting class visited the Britannia Factory, Taratolla for CBSE project on process costing.

Annual Scout Guide Camp

Educational Trips 20-Mar-2019

Event: Annual Scout Guide Camp
Venue: Kolaghat
Participants: Students of classes VI-VIII
Highlight: 29 Campers from classes VI to VIII participated. A lot of activities ranging from lashing to treasure hunt was organized. It was well organized and well executed.

Visit to BITM

Educational Trips 08-Mar-2019

Event: Visit BITM
Venue: BITM
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children enjoyed their visit. They enjoyed the television show and enthusiastically played in the children's play area

Visit to the Horticulture Garden

Educational Trips 07-Mar-2019

Event: Visit the Horticulture Garden
Venue: Horticulture Garden
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children enjoyed their walk in the Horticulture Garden and were attracted to the vibrant Colorful flowers. They enjoyed playing in the children's park.

 Trip to BITM

Educational Trips 07-Feb-2019

 Venue : BITM

Participants : Students of Class III 

Highlight : The children visited the Mock Coal Mine where they saw machines used for cutting and extracting coal. They enjoyed the Science Magic Show which was based on some scientific  experiments. Some children also got a  chance to participate in those experiments. The 3D show on Solar System was enthralling. The children enjoyed the Science Gallery where theysaw some simple machines and experiments based on Air Pressure and Mirror Image.

Visit to the Alipore Zoological Gardens

Educational Trips 01-Feb-2019

Venue : Alipore Zoological Gardens

Participants : Students of PS‑I to Class II (on different days) 

Highlight : Children enjoyed the trip thoroughly and the weather was suitable for an outing. All the animals were visible to the children. They were thrilled to see The Royal Bengal Tiger and Emu and could relate with the lessons taught in class. Some classes also did projects related to their trip. 

Visit to the Zoo

Educational Trips 16-Jan-2019

Event: Visit the Zoo
Venue: Alipore Zoo
Participants: Students of Montessori
Highlight: Children were very happy to visit the zoo. They learned about different wild animals. They also followed the code of conduct.

School Excursion for Class XI

Educational Trips 04-Jan-2019

Event: School Excursion for Class XI
Venue: Haridwar, Rishikesh, Musoorie
Organized By: Travel India
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 73 students along with 5 teachers boarded the train on 24th of December and returned on 29th December. It was great fun for the students. They enjoyed the trip and the freezing climate.

Cubs and Bulbuls camp

Educational Trips 24-Dec-2018

Venue: Puri, Orissa
Participants: Students of Classes IV & V
Highlight: 23rd Annual Cub Bulbul camp was organised at Puri, Orissa with 94 campers, 7 teachers and 2 sub-staff. All the campers learned a lot from camping life. Games and activities based on badges were organised which was appreciated by all.

Field trip to Kalna

Educational Trips 07-Dec-2018

Venue: Kalna
Organized By: Sourina Bose
Participants: Students of Classes VII, IX & XI
Highlight: Students of Mass Media Studies & Lensocraft visited Kalna for Outdoor photography & monument film making.

Visit Naval ship

Educational Trips 04-Dec-2018

Venue: Khiddirpur dock
Organized By: Indian Navy
Participants: Students of Class VIII
Highlight: The students gained an enriching experience, learning about the parts of the ships, missiles, the training and working of the Indian Navy during a visit to INS Sumedha at the Indian Naval Base

Trip – Lucknow & Agra

Educational Trips 24-Oct-2018

Organized By: Travel India
Participants: Students of Classes VI & VII
Highlight: Students enjoyed alot. It was a lovely and fruitful trip. The students had an enriching experience.


Educational Trips 01-Sep-2018

Venue: Kejriwal House
Participants: Students of Montessori 
Highlight: The children enjoyed their visit to the Kejriwal house. They were amazed to see the toy train and other scenes depicting Lord Krishna's life. They were also very happy to receive "prashad".

22nd Annual Camp (IX - XII)

Educational Trips 09-Jun-2018

From: 03/06/2018 To 08/06/2018
Venue: Lolegaon
Organized By: 3rd LSA Group
Participants: Students of Classes IX - XII
Highlight: The weather was ideal and the students enjoyed various new activities. Had a good learning experience. 

Sit and Draw Activity at Laskar War Memorial Ground

Educational Trips 09-Mar-2018

Venue: Laskar War Memorial Ground, Napier Road
Organized By: Laksmipat Singhania Academy- Cyberfair 2018
Highlight 28 students from classes VI - VIII participated in the Sit and Draw competition, organised by the school as an event of International Cyberfair competition 2017-18. The students sketched the Laskar War Memorial to get sensitized about preserving the built heritage of Kolkata. The competition was followed by video presentations by Commander Suruchi Gaur on the various career options that are available if one joins the Indian Navy as Indian Army is not the only option that all know.

Heritage Tram Ride

Educational Trips 14-Feb-2018

Venue: Khidderpore - Esplanade - School
Highlight: 8 Students of LSA and 12 Students of Navanir participated in the Heritage Tram Ride - an activity that sensitized students to the built cultural heritage of our city and appreciate the value of maintaining this rich heritage for generations to come. This journey helped the students realize the beauty of our City of Joy that brings millions of tourists to our city.