Sahodaya Athletic Meet, CBSE along with Principal’s Meet

External Events 09-Jan-2024

Venue Asian International School
Organized By: CBSE Sahodaya School, Kolkata
Participants: Students of Classes VI – VIII
Highlight: Four boys and four girls participated in this athletic meet. They gave their best. It was a great learning experience for them which will help them in the future. Mr. T. Mate and Mr. Srinivasan addressed the Principals and clarified doubts regarding the policies
to be implemented in the next academic session.

Choir Performance: River Festival

External Events 08-Dec-2023

Venue Champatala Ghat, Kolkata
Organized By Kultx
Resource Person Kultx Organization
Participants Students of Classes VIII – IX
Highlight 20 students participated in the Choir Performance for the River Festival organized by KULTX at
Champatala Ghat, Sovabazar. The students performed a street play which focused on the diverse
ways in which people consciously and unconsciously pollute the rivers. They portrayed the misery
caused in the lives of birds, animals and fishes as a result of human behaviour. Students performed
an original song, as an ode to the Ghats of river Ganga. A big thanks to the organizers for providing
such a unique platform where our young minds can explore their talents under a breathtaking

River Festival: Clean Up Drive: Mullick Ghat, Kolkata

External Events 18-Nov-2023

Venue:Mullick Ghat, Kolkata
Organized By:Kultx
Resource Person:Kultx,River Rangers.
Participants:Students of Classes VIII – IX
Highlight: The students were extremely enthusiastic and self-motivated about cleaning the Ghats. They showed immense dedication towards the work. The students not only learned about the life of those residing beside the Ghats,through the heritage walk exploring the historical aspects, but also became an intrinsic part of the life through their cleaning efforts.

Chinmaya Indic Fest Revealing India to Curious Indians

External Events 24-Sep-2023

Venue: International Management Institute

Organized By: Chinmaya Mission Kolkata and Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth

Resource Person: Dr B.Mahadevan, Dr Sampath Kumar, Dr Sampadananda Mishra

Participants: Teachers of our academy

Highlight: The sessions conducted aimed to promote and cultivate the appreciation of Indian Knowledge Systems and provided a journey of enlightenment and exploration of India's rich heritage. The illustrious talks focussed on Arthashastra and Chanakya's relevance in present day management and inclusion in modern day education as well as on the magnificence of the Sanskrit language and its literature.

STEM on the Wheel at IIT Kharagpur

External Events 22-Sep-2023

Venue: IIT Kharagpur

Participants: Students of Classes X – XII with their Mentor Mr. Dipankar Pal

Highlight :Rolling into the Future with 'STEM on Wheels' at IIT Kharagpur! What an amazing journey it was, exploring the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics on wheels. Thanks to IIT Kharagpur and our dedicated team for making this educational adventure possible. The IIT Kharagpur opened its gates for the school children on Saturday to kindle a spirit of scientific acumen and curiosity and explore the world of science, technology and other associated fields in this Institute of Excellence. The orientation programme was addressed by Prof. V K Tewari, Director, IIT Kharagpur in the presence of Prof. Amit Patra, Deputy Director; Prof. Bhargab Maitra. “The initiative focuses on arousing the innovative approach, critical thinking, and problem-solving ability of students in accordance with the objective of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) along with other related fields needed in the current-day’s higher education.

Vigilance Quiz

External Events 15-Aug-2023

Venue Bengal Paddle Vessel
Organized By SMPK
Participants Students of Classes X & XI
Highlight Four students have participated in the quiz conducted by the Vigilance Department. They have enjoyed the quiz session and learnt a lot from the participation. They have received participation certificates. Names of participants are Arinjoy Mukherjee and Amol Dalmia from class X, Sourish Ghosh and Aneek Chakraborty from class XI.

Team Kolkata We Care Meet

External Events 05-Jul-2023

Venue: iLead Institute

Organized By: Team Kolkata We Care

Resource Person: Mr Pradip Chopra, Mr Imran Zaki & others

Participants: Ms. Meena Kak, Ms. Jaya Misra, Mr. Darshan Singh Gill

Highlight: The think tank group met to decide how the city can be made clean with the support of KMC, and how can Kolkata improve when schools join hands and support this cause. It was indeed a pleasure to see the exhibits displayed in iLead ampus, an example of how to promote upcycling in the society.


Ek Sham Hindi teachro ke naam

External Events 27-May-2023

Venue Badmash cafe
Organized By Sanmarg Hindi Newspaper Organisation
Resource Person Sanmarg Hindi Newspaper
Participants Lilawati Mishra, Radhika Shaw, Jyotshna Jyoshi
Highlight Had a great evening. All the Hindi teachers got collaborated and enjoyed themselves. They discussed about the importance of Hindi language in today's era. It was a refreshing moment from the mundane life.


External Events 24-May-2023

Organized By: Malavika Mandal Andrews
Highlight: Two students from class X participated in this online digital image making collaborative project where they had to team up with other school students and share their digital images made on specific themes.

Youth for Unnati and Vikas with AI

External Events 10-May-2023

Venue: Online
Organized By: National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, in collaboration with Intel India
Resource Person: National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology with Intel India
Participants: Students of Classes IX and X
Highlight: It is a national level programme in which classes 9 and 10 took part as a lesson extension of the skill based subject AI. Students registered themselves and within a month they will be submitting their ideas through video making on AI solutions at various domains. Each student received a certificate of appreciation after submitting their project.

Showcase during National Technology Day

External Events 09-May-2023

From: 09/05/2023 To 15/05/2023
Venue: New Delhi
Organized By: Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog
Resource Person: NITI Aayog
Participants: Vishwesh Kumar, Neerav Nagori and Gaurav Poddar
Highlight: 3 of our students Vishwesh Kumar, Neerav Nagori and Gaurav Poddar, along with their Mentor teacher Mr. Dipankar Pal, received the opportunity to showcase their prototype model "Jeevanam" which gives a futuristic solution in the domain of Medicine.

TTIS Tiger Hunt Orientation

External Events 29-Apr-2023

Venue: Buwalka Hall
Organized By: The Telegraph
Resource Person: The Telegraph In Schools
Participants: Students of Classes X & XII
Highlight: Pratyusha Gupta (Class 12) and Maanvi Lohia (Class 10) have been selected from the school to cover activities and events as reporters on behalf of the school.

Climate Conference 2023

External Events 29-Apr-2023

Venue: Offbeat CCU
Organized By: Techno India Group
Resource Person: Techno India Group
Participants: XII D
Highlight: Vanshika Kothari and Pratyusha Gupta represented LSA on the topic Traffic Congestion.

International Cyberfair Competition

External Events 23-Mar-2023

From Date 15/11/2022 To 23/03/2023
Event: International Cyberfair Competition
Organized By: Globalschoolnet
Participants: Class XI Mass Media Students and Web Application students
Highlight: CyberFair is an award-winning authentic project-based learning program. Class XI students of Mass Media Studies and Web Application conducted research and published their findings using digital media by making a website. This year we chose the category Community Groups and Special Populations. The overall theme was Be Kind and Unite. The Title of our project is Caring Cosmopolitan Learners and our website address is

National Coding Challenge

External Events 16-Mar-2023

Organized By: Juanatech and CBSE
Resource Person: Juanatech and CBSE
Participants: Avaneesh Bajaj(VIII D), Bhavya Agarwal(VIII D), Devesh Patwari(VIII B), Saurjesh Chatterjee(VIII B), Shreeyash Kejriwal(VIII D), Swapnil Ghosh(VIII B), Tanish Singhania(VIII B)
Highlight: 2 teams of class 8 took part in this event. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their 21st century skills to solve some of the real life issues with technology. They made code based games using makeCode to cater to these real life issues. Result awaited.

industrial incubation at the AIC-Atal Incubation Center under the Nalanda Institute of Technology (Bhubaneswar)

External Events 28-Dec-2022

Three teams from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy (Sambhav, Park-at and Cancer Care) are going through the process of industrial incubation at the AIC-Atal Incubation Center under the Nalanda Institute of Technology (Bhubaneswar) to create MVP-Market Viable product. They are among the ATL Marathon's top 350 teams from thousands of pan-India teams.
ATL Marathon is the flagship program by ATAL Tinkering Lab across 10,000 schools.
Wishing them the very best !

Earth Reel Finals

External Events 19-Dec-2022

Organized By: Earth Day Network
Resource Person: Earth Day Network
Participants: Anikait Chakraborty, Riddhima Koley, Shivangi Dey and Megha Dasgupta
Highlight: 4 students of class 12 D (Anikait Chakraborty, Riddhima Koley, Shivangi Dey and Megha Dasgupta) had prepared a film titled 'Phataphati Fashion'. After qualifying the prelims, the team presented its film and research to the jury. The films speaks about sustainable fashion and how we must be more responsible in safeguarding the environment. 

Video Link: Click Here

CBSE Science Exhibition

External Events 13-Dec-2022

Venue Hariyana Vidya Mandia
Organized By CBSE
Resource Person CBSE
Participants Students of Classes IX X
Highlight It was a good experience by the students. Lot of amazing exhibits were there. It’s a very good platform for students to learn. Our teams were named as Oushadh and Nerro. Oushadh team made a protottype of an oxygen concentrator by mixing ancient and modern techniques where as team Nerro made a pocket water filter which can remove pathogens and produce filtered water.

Workshop on Bharhut Gallery

External Events 29-Nov-2022

Venue: Indian Museum
Organized By: Indian Museum
Resource Person: Mistuni Mukherjee
Participants: Chandril Mukherjee(XII D), Muskan Goel(XII D), Riddhima Koley(XII D), Yamini Agarwal(XII D)
Highlight: The workshop was conducted taking the artefacts as sources of writing history, teaching
Buddhist philosophy and exposing students to Gandhara and Mathura school of art.

IBM Virtual Under 18 Internships

External Events 28-Nov-2022

Organized By IBM
Participants Srikar Ayalasomayajula, Saurjesh Chatterjee, Amol Dalmia, Aneek Chakrabarti, Neev Attalani
Highlight They enjoyed the internship as they faced a glimpse of the corporate and its challenges. It taught them innovative thinking based on real life problem solving and there were sessions conducted by people from IBM. They were broken into groups and each group was guided by an IBM mentor who
helped them put together projects to solve real world issues. Their teams created a project to solve the rising air pollution in cities like Delhi and a Portable Smart Water Purification Technology.

West Bengal School Debating Championship

External Events 23-Nov-2022

Venue Akash institute, Deshapriya Park
Organized By Calcutta Debating Circle
Resource Person Calcutta Debating Circle
Participants Students of Class IX & XI
Highlight Mahey Jain (9D) and Vanshika Kothari (11D) represented the school. The topic was The house is desirable of Brain drain. Mahey spoke against while Vanshika was for the house.

Times School Quiz

External Events 23-Nov-2022

Venue Hyatt Regency Kolkata
Organized By Times of India Quiz
Participants Students of Class X B
Highlight Vanalika Rathi, Manya Chopra and Ayush Anchalia from class 10 got selected from preliminary round. They were invited to attend the Times School Quiz 2022 Grand finale .They have enjoyed the quiz session. They received participation certificates at the end of session.

The Times of India School Quiz

External Events 18-Nov-2022

Organized By: Times Of India
Resource Person: Times Of India
Participants: Students of Classes VII – XII
Highlight: The preliminary round was conducted in school for students of classes VII to XII. Only 3 students will be selected from here for the final round. The quiz covered aspects from all walks of life allowing to understand the student's range of general knowledge.

District Level Kala Utsav 2022 23

External Events 16-Nov-2022

Venue: Shiksha Bhawan
Organized By: RMSA KOLKATA
Resource Person: Sanjay Bhattacharya
Participants: Avni Khodiar (IX C)
Highlight: A tough competition where each and every participant was well trained and talented. Each participant had to answer questions from judges after performance.

All India Arithmetic Genius Contest 2022 (Round 1)

External Events 20-Oct-2022

Organized By SIP Academy
Resource Person SIP Academy
Participants Students of Classes I to V
Highlight The competition was a good way for students to gauge their problem solving skills as they had to complete the sums on mental ability within the stipulated time.

Student Say

External Events 14-Sep-2022

Organized By Education World
Resource Person Education World
Participants Anahita Bhadra(VII D)
Highlight Anahita Bhadra was selected from the entire school to undergo a training in Journalism for over a year. She also completed her individual film & news report.

Save Soil Movement

External Events 18-Aug-2022

Organized By CBSE
Resource Person CBSE
Participants Students of classes III – V
Highlight The students were apprised about the movement and the need to save soil as the planet is in danger because of the depleting layer of soil. In accordance to the CBSE guidelines, the children wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of our country in their own language based on their understanding.

SAMHITA –Art Event

External Events 12-Aug-2022

Venue Birla Bharati School
Organized By Birla Bharati School
Participants Students of Classes X – XI
Highlight Four students from class 10 and 11 participated in the art event Samhita of Birla Bharati fest Svatantryam. They worked as a group and used recycled objects on a specific theme.

Har Ghar Tiranga : Hoist a flag at your house

External Events 08-Aug-2022

Organized By Ministry of Culture
Resource Person Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav
Participants Students
Highlight It was an innovative event to participate in and pin a flag at their location with the help of Google map. Won a digital e certificate after successful participation.

Skill Fest 2022

External Events 22-Jul-2022

Organized By: The Telegraph Edugraph
Resource Person: The Telegraph Edugraph
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Anikait Chakraborty of 12 D was shortlisted among the top 5 in content creation while Dimitri Majumder (2021 22) batch was shortlisted in top 5 of Digital Design.

Coding Challenge 2022

External Events 05-May-2022

Organized By CBSE and Juanatech a Microsoft partner
Resource Person CBSE
Participants Aarushi Bhroota, Bhavya Agarwal, Devanshi Dwivedi, Devesh Patwari
Highlight Four selected students from class VIII took part in this competition. They showcased their 21st century skills for solving some of the real life issues leveraging technology through the topic Accessibility. They made a solution to take sick people from remote places to the nearby hospital using online coding application Make Code..

IGKO result declaration

External Events 05-Mar-2022

Organized By SOF
Resource Person: SOF
Participants: Students of Classes III – IV
Highlight 5 students participated. All received participation certificates

Geography Olympiad - GEO Genius

External Events 28-Feb-2022

Organized By Geography Olympiad - GEO Genius
Participants Students from III - X
Highlight Following students qualified for level II
1) Aneek Chakraborty 9A - Senior Category
2) Mridul Chandak 3D- Sub Junior Category
15 students were selected from all over India for Level III. Level three will be conducted in the month of March 2022.

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

External Events 31-Jan-2022

Organized By Ministry of Culture and Education
Participants Students (III – X)
Highlight The competition was very inspiring and children enthusiastically participated in it. Through patriotic songs and lullabies, they connected with patriotism and the golden future of the country. 112 students from class VI to X participated and got the participation certificates.

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022

External Events 27-Jan-2022

Organized By CBSE
Participants Students, Parents and Teachers
Highlight This is the fifth chapter of PPC, an initiative by the Government of India. The topics provided for students were extremely pertinent to the present times and required a good bit of research.
Thereby the students, who are the future of the nation got a platform to probe, debate and view their own opinions. A certificate from the organizing authority was immediately issued to all the participants. A total of 474 students from IX – XII), 22 parents 37 teachers participated and uploaded their entries this time.

The Telegraph Young Metro Force

External Events 22-Jan-2022

Organized By: Ananda Bazar Patrika Group
Participants: Riddhima Koley & Muskan Goel
Highlight: Two of our students have been selected as the Young Metro Force. They are given the opportunity to report all the school events for The Telegraph Young Metro from now onwards.

Asia Kakehashi Interview

External Events 19-Jan-2022

Venue Delhi Online
Organized By AFS INDIA
Resource Person AFS
Participants Ms Jayati Goswami
Highlight Was given the opportunity to take interviews of Asia Kakehashi finalists of Pakistan, India and Maldives over a span of 10 days. It was a great experience to be able to converse with the young aspirants.

Rangoli Making in Azad Ka Amrit Mahotsav

External Events 18-Jan-2022

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes III – X
Highlight: Students made colourful Rangoli patterns in their respective art classes. Many of them have uploaded their designs on CBSE website and received certificates as a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebration.

Craft by Reusing waste materials

External Events 14-Jan-2022

Participants: Students of classes III – V
Highlight: It was conducted in each section’s respective art periods. The students were ready with their ideas as well as the materials and assembled the things in the class. Students of classes 3 and 4 made wonderful wall hangings and dolls with the waste materials from their home. Students created very innovative craft items which was worth watching and appreciating.

International Olympiad for English Language

External Events 09-Jan-2022

Organized By SilverZone Foundation
Participants Students from Classes I - XII
Highlight Students of classes I to XII participated in the International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL22) organized by the SilverZone Foundation and came out with flying colours. Their hard work and determination deserve praise. Students learned how to be competitive and take part in International Olympiads. They got exposure to the varied questions and learned in the process.

Exide Life Insurance Art Competition

External Events 28-Dec-2021

Organized By: Exide Life Insurance Company
Participants: Students of Classes I – VIII
Highlight: Children were asked to draw a picture of their dream career. They enjoyed drawing the pictures and uploaded it in the Google form with their personal details. They enjoyed the session thoroughly.

59th National Roller Skating Championship 2020-21

External Events 22-Dec-2021

Venue: Rohini, New Delhi
Organized By: Roller Skating Federation of India
Participants: Vidishaa Mundhra (9A) and Naina Varandani (9D)
Highlight: They represented their state West Bengal among 1000 participants pan India.

India Maths Talent

External Events 22-Dec-2021

Organised by Counting Well
Recourse person Mr Nirmal Shah, Mr Ravi Jitani
Participants Students of classes VI - VIII
Highlights: Varishth Agarwal (VII B) was ranked among the top 250 rankers on India Maths Day 2021.

Conversation between India's top schools & Finnish educationists on nurturing kids' curiosity

External Events 20-Dec-2021

Organized By Kalam Labs & Finland Education Ministry
Resource Person Ms Ekaterina Kologrivaya, Ms Alejandra Chavez
Participants Mrs Meena Kak
Highlight Mrs Kak was invited as a key note speaker at the Indo Finnish Education Conference. She shared the school’s best practices to promote curiosity among the age group 6 14 years. It was an honour to be a part of this Conference.

Spellympic 2021

External Events 16-Dec-2021

Organized By: Birla High School Mukundapur
Resource Person Ms. Debarati Deb
Participants Ms Sudeshna Chowdhury
Highlight A host of literary activities were conducted. Attractive prizes were given out.

Kalantar Annual Art Festival

External Events 09-Dec-2021

Organized By CBSE
Participants Aishika Chakraborty (VII A)
Highlight Aishika has been selected for the final round of English Story Writing for Kalantar 2021. It was a great experience for her.

Kalantar Online Art Competition

External Events 30-Nov-2021

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes I – III
Highlight: 24 children participated from classes 1 3 in the Kalantar Art Competition. It has set a platform for the children to find expression of their hidden talents and produce creative works that demonstrate innovation in concept. Kalantar has set following learning opportunities for aspiring artists:
• getting recognition in huge public spaces
• recognize potential artists and help them in attaining career in their field
• bring all the sections of the society under one umbrella of Competition.

Circular 101 Veer Gatha Project

External Events 26-Nov-2021

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes V, VIII, IX, XI & XII
Highlight: Commemorating 75 years of Indian independence, this project is a vision of Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi, to inculcate the values of nationality among students and also gear them to do research work about unsung heroes of the lndian defence forces. Veer Gatha Project was conducted in the school for over three weeks in the month of November where students participated in large numbers in competitions like Article and Poem Writing and Painting. From each category one student had been selected from the Primary, Middle School, Senior, and Senior Secondary section, and the works were uploaded on the CBSE website. Through this activity students got to know about many heroes of lndia who have dedicated their lives serving the nation but are not popularly known.

INTACH Heritage Quiz

External Events 25-Nov-2021

Organized By: INTACH
Resource Person: Cradle Solutions
Participants: Students of Classes VII & IX
Highlight: Out of 8 schools LSA went to the finals of the Kolkata round. Knowledge on heritage buildings was imparted to the students.

Adolescent Peer Educators leadership program in life skills holistic health and wellbeing.

External Events 24-Nov-2021

Organized by: CBSE UNIT in association with Expressions India.
Resource Person: Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Mr Manoj Ahuja (CBSE Chairperson), Dr Joseph Emmanuel (Controller of Examinations)
Participants: Khushboo Gupta (XI), Kunj Bhatia (XI)
Highlight: Khushboo Gupta spoke on importance of life skills on career choices. It was an honour as she was representing the school on a National platform infornt of the dignitaries.

AFS 16th Birthday

External Events 11-Nov-2021

Organized By: Volunteers of AFS
Resource: Person AFS
Participants: Sharmita Bhattacharya, Kanak Shankar Mukherjee
Highlight; Mr Kanak Shankar Mukherjee and Ms. Sharmita Bhattacharya showcased a video on universal brotherhood and Love

Kalantar Annual Art Festival

External Events 01-Nov-2021

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes V - IX
Highlight: Several students from classes 5, 6, and 9 participated in this art competition and uploaded their pictures on the allotted portal of the CBSE website.

Circular 69 Read India Celebration

External Events 25-Sep-2021

Organized By: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes XI – XII
Highlight: 8 students from class XI and 2 students from Class XII have participated in this most talked about habit and art that's gradually dying out. They were given specific tasks after the registration process which they had to complete and submit by 15 the September. The students were Diya Sharma, Dia Marik, Meghal Jain, Saket Jaiswal,Ashesh Mishra, Arhaam Azhari Yamini Agarwal, Shivangi Dey, Shirshaa Saha, Saanvi Nagar.

Transitioning from a Constant to a Dynamic Board Exam

External Events 24-Sep-2021

Organized By: Mindler
Resource Person: Mrs Kak, Ms Rupa Chakravarty, Mr K V Arjun Rao, Dr Jagpreet Singh, Dr Skand Bali
Participants: Jaya Misra, Jayati Goswami, Poulomi Saha, Sarbani Saha Ghatak
Highlight: The webinar focused on the challenges of the old system and how the students as well as the
teachers need to make changes in the learning process to fit into the new system. The panel also discussed the challenges in the new system, and gave their views / suggestions for all the stakeholders.

Read India Celebration

External Events 15-Sep-2021

Organized By: CBSE
Resource Person: CBSE
Participants: Students of Classes VII – VIII
Highlight: RIC imparted the students the opportunity to read and express themselves based on their understanding of the text that they had read. The "small task" was intensely interesting and honed the literary and creative skills of the students.

All India Online Arithmetic Genius Contest

External Events 07-Sep-2021

Organized By: SIP ABACUS
Resource Person: SIP ABACUS
Participants: Students of Classes I – V
Highlight: Around 160 students from classes 1 to 5 have registered for the online contest. Students are receiving the schedule for the selection round and started appearing for the same. This round will get over in November 2021.

YES Abroad

External Events 01-Sep-2021

Venue: USA
Organized By: AFS USA
Resource Person: AFS India
Participants: Krishang Gupta (XII A)
Highlight: Krishang Gupta finally flew to Phoenix USA to Sunnyslope High school for an enriching experience of his life.

Birla Bharati Primary Fest 2021 ABHIGYATA

External Events 28-Aug-2021

Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight: The Birla Bharti Primary Fest was held from 26th to 28th August. Lakshmipat Singhania Academy was represented by 13 children from classes 3 to 5 who enthusiastically participated in all the six events organized by the host school.

eRaksha 2021 Screen Master

External Events 22-Aug-2021

Organized By CBSE and CyberPeace foundation
Resource Person CBSE
Participants Students of classes 11 and 12
Highlight All students of classes 9 and web application and computer science students of classes 11 and 12 participated in the eRaksha 2021. They have been guided to participate in screen master event which was a video making competition on the theme ‘My Idea of a Safe and Peaceful Cyber Space’.
All the students uploaded their video in youtube as per the guidance and shared the same in e raksha website during registration. Few students applied for the special category event eAvishkar. Results are awaited.

AFS Bulletin Board Competition

External Events 18-Aug-2021

Organized By AFS India
Resource Person Jayati Goswami, Amritah Sen
Participants Students of Classes VIII - XII
Highlight There were two groups of students, one of classes 8 9 and the other of classes 10 12. 8 students participated in class 8 9 group and 7 students participated in class 10 12 group. They came to school on 18th August to make the bulletin boards on the topic: INTERFAITH HARMONY. Both the teams did a commendable job.

AFS Local Chapter Meet

External Events 26-Jul-2021

Organized By AFS India
Resource Person PARVEZ
Participants Jayati Goswami
Highlight The following was discussed: Session preparation; PowerPoint template; process of finalization of
presentation . Responsibilities of volunteers; what it means to be a presenter from India?
Communication guidelines to be followed while talking to other countries

UNESCO PROJECT Kindness Matters

External Events 25-Jun-2021

Participants Students of classes IX & X
Highlight This is a yearlong project. Fivestudents each from class IX and X will participate every month.
Names of participating students for June
1XB Taraksh Garodia
IXC Aadarsh Singh,Drishti Bhagat
IXD Divyansh Shah, Vidisha Jaiin
XB Harshvi Banka, Mehak Baid
XC Shruti Chowtaria
XD Arya Agarwal, Tanvi Agarwal

The Adolescent Speak

External Events 23-Jun-2021

Organized By: Expression India and Ministry of Education
Resource Person: Manodarpan Ministry of Education
Participants: Sumona Dasgupta
Highlight: It was a live webinar series where Peer Educators from 22 schools all over India were present in the forum. The importance of Life Skill, Mental Health and Wellbeing was discussed in the forum. Srishti Maheswari of class 12 represented our school as a Peer Educator. She got an opportunity to share
her viewpoints.

Student say

External Events 20-Jun-2021

Organized By: Education World
Resource Person: Shweta Parakh
Participants: Class VI
Highlight: Training on how to prepare news on the audio visual medium has been given nicely to the selected students.

e-competition to observe international day for biological diversity 2021

External Events 26-May-2021

Organized By: TERI’s Green Boot Camp
Participants: Students of classes V – X
Highlight: Theme of the competition – ‘We are the solution’. Painting for Students from classes V to VII and PowerPoint Presentation for students from classes VIII to X.

Little Leap Public Speaking Olympiad

External Events 19-May-2021

Organized By: Little Leap
Participants: 41 Students from classes 3 to 5
Highlight: Little Leap Public Speaking Olympiad helped the children to develop social and interpersonal skills and enhanced their English speaking, Public speaking, Creativity and Critical Thinking skills through fun, playful and engaging sessions. These sessions are guided by the trainers in preparing their speech using Magician’s tricks. These sessions helped the children to enhance their confidence to become good public speakers. The prizes for the good speakers are announced every fortnight under 3 different age groups.

# Kindness Matters

External Events 25-Apr-2021

Organized By: UNESCO MGIEP
Participants: Students of Classes IX – X
Highlight: A big opportunity for students and school, to be part of this global campaign. Students got a platform to express every possible way that they could, to go out and make a difference, through their act of kindness. 12 students from class 9 and 23 students from class 10 got this opportunity this month. This will be a continuous process.

My Kolkata in Kolkata 2.0

External Events 12-Mar-2021

Venue: Kolkata Centre For Creativity
Organized By: KCC
Resource Person: Ms. Reena Dewan
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: Arjun Agarwal's photograph titled RECESS OF RESPITE will be showcased in the exhibition at Kolkata Centre for Creativity from March 12 to March 21, 2021.

Pariksha Pe Charcha

External Events 28-Feb-2021

Organized By: Ministry of Education, Government of India
Participants: Teachers, Students and parents of Senior Department
Highlight: Our students , teachers and parents of classes 9-12 participated enthusiastically in the event. They expressed their views on the paradigm shift in the education system due to pandemic. Selected students will get an opportunity to interact with the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Town Hall Meeting

External Events 27-Feb-2021

Organized By: AFS India
Resource Person: Ms. Divya Arora, Director
Participants: Jayati Goswami
Highlight: During the meet, AFS India staff presented the Highlights of 2020, wherein they showcased some important events in each AFS department that were successfully implemented in 2020.

Asia Kakehashi Panel Interview

External Events 24-Feb-2021

Organized By : AFS – Intercultural programme

Participants - Ms. Jayati Goswami and Pranav Choudhury (XII)

Highlight - Ms. Jayati Goswami was invited for the Asia Kakehashi project student's interview process. Asia Kakehashi Project is a study abroad scholarship program for Asian high?schoolers interested in building their global competence sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). 15 students from Pakistan were shortlisted for the Asia Kakehashi Project and the interviews were conducted online over the zoom platform.

CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2021

External Events 10-Feb-2021

From Date - 20/01/2021 To 10/02/2021

Organised By - CBSE

Participants - Students of classes 1-12

Highlight - Around 120 students from classes 1 -12 registered and participated in the quiz. Students had to go through the study material provided by the board and then attempt the quiz. It was a good learning session.


External Events 31-Jan-2021

From Date - 05/12/2020 To 31/01/2021

Event - International General Knowledge Olympiad(IGKO), International English Olympiad(IEO), National Science Olympiad (NSO), International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

Organized By - Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

Participants - Students of classes II to XII

Highlight - 154 students registered for IGKO, 294 for IEO, 252 for NSO and 350 for IMO from classes II to XII. Results awaited.

Vocab?o?Pedia Quiz Competition

External Events 29-Jan-2021

From Date - 13/01/2021 To 29/02/2021

Organized By - Jayshree Periwal Global School, Jaipur

Participants - Students of classes I & II

Highlight - Twelve students from classes I & II were selected to participate in this pan India quiz competition. Amogh Rathi of II Daisies qualified for the final rapid fire round.

Sustainability MasterClass

External Events 29-Jan-2021

Organized By - AB InBev

Resource Person - Mr Ashwin Kak

Participants - Ms. Anjali Chopra, Ms. Jayati Goswami, Ms. Meena Kak

Highlight - Discussion on various facets of how Sustainability is gaining prominence amongst consumers and learning from the shared experiences of those who live it every day.

Pariksha Pe Charcha

External Events 27-Jan-2021

Organized By: CBSE and Government of India
Participants: Students from classes IX - XII ; Teachers and parents.
Highlight: 376 students, 32 teachers and 13 parents participated in the event by submitting write ups, poems, videos etc. Students of class XII Web Application stream prepared relevant video based on the theme “Exam stress during Covid 19”. They have enjoyed the process of editing/making videos which have been showcased in our school’s website. Teachers have voted for their videos to motivate them for such zealous initiatives and based on the voting the Top 5 videos were uploaded to the Facebook page of our school. All the participants had received certificates for completion of the activity.

International Informatics, Maths, GK and English Olympiad

External Events 25-Jan-2021

From Date - 23/01/2021 To 25/01/2021

Organized By - Silverzone

Participants - Students of classes III ? XII

Highlight - 155 students from classes III – XII participated in the Informatics, English and GK Olympiads.  


Inter School Folk Song Competition

External Events 23-Jan-2021

Organized By - Pariwar Milan

Participants - Prajakta Angelina Behera (V Asters)

Highlight - It was a wonderful experience and a well organised programme. There were 8 Schools in this competition and all of              them performed extremely well. We secured the 3rd position.

Dance for Change

External Events 21-Jan-2021

Organized By - AFS India

Resource Person - Ms. Virali Parekh

Participants - Aabha Pareek(VI?D)

Highlight - A famous Choreographer, Virali Parekh taught the participants the various nuances of fusion dancing.

National Sahodaya Conference

External Events 18-Jan-2021

Venue: Gwalior
Organized By: CBSE and Sahodaya Gwalior
Resource Person: Eminent Personalities
Participants: Ms. Meena Kak, Ms. Jaya Misra, Ms. Jayati Goswami,
Highlight: An amalgamation of various ideas and thought processes of eminent personalities, giving an insight towards how to rediscover India @ 75

Infotsav 2K21

External Events 15-Jan-2021

From Date - 11/01/2021 To 15/01/2021

Organized By - Birla Bharati School

Participants - Students of Classes VI-XI

Highlight - Selected students participated in this IT fest and secured the 1st position in 4 events - PowerPoint presentation, Quiz, BOT designing and movie making competition. They secured the 2nd position in Tech fluidity based on coding.

Vedic Math Learning System

External Events 05-Jan-2021

Organized By - VMLS

Resource Person - Mr. Hardik Parikh and Ms. Paridhi Parikh

Participants - Students of classes VI & VII

Highlight - 22 students participated in the National Level Monthly Vedic Math Quiz. It helped to impart the knowledge of Vedic Maths and the techniques of solving mathematical calculations swiftly.

CBSE Expression Series

External Events 20-Dec-2020

Organized By - CBSE

Participants - Students of Classes I – XII  

Highlight - Students participated in the CBSE EXPRESSION SERIES. They wrote articles, poems and also made paintings celebrating the unification with their paired state/UT, Ladakh. The best entries were uploaded on the CBSE website.

REGALIA 2020 – Interschool fest

External Events 20-Dec-2020

Organized By - Asian International School

Participants - Students of classes III - VIII

Highlight - Students participated in various events like recitation, mono acting and painting. Tanay Gondi of 1B secured the third position in the recitation competition.

Post Card Diaries

External Events 19-Dec-2020

Organized By - ThinkArtsGhoreBaire Museum

Participants - Students of Classes VI – IX

Highlight- In collaboration with the new GhoreBaire Museum Think Arts conducted workshops for students to make them more conscious about our Art heritage.

Spell Bee

External Events 19-Dec-2020

Participants  - Students of Classes I – VIII

Highlight - 45 students qualified for second round of Spell Bee.

26th National Confluence of Sahodaya

External Events 18-Dec-2020

Organized By - Bangalore Sahodaya Schools

Participants - Ms Meena Kak, Ms Anjali Chopra, Ms Jayati Goswami

Highlight - The conference was a confluence of eminent personalities, CBSE officials and Educationists. Ms Anita Karwal, Secretary, School Education & Literary Ministry of Education, stressed on the need for schools to plan and prepare for NEP’20. Shri Manoj Ahuja, Chairman CBSE expounded the various aspects of NEP’20. The Hon’ble Minister of Education, Shri Ramesh Pokriyal released CBSE Manuals on Inclusive Education, Joyful Learning and Physical Education (IX & XII). There were various other sessions on Self Affirmation by (BK) Sister Shivani & webinars on Experiential learning & Art Integration.

ATL Marathon 20

External Events 15-Dec-2020

Organized By - ATL

Resource Person - Mr. Dipankar Pal

Participants - Students of classes VIII - XI

Highlight - It was a live event which helps students to move towards an Atma Nirbhar Bharat. It allows one to vote for the problems one are more passionate about.


BP Global Stem

External Events 07-Dec-2020

Organized By - AFS

Resource Person - AFS Kolkata

Participants - Shrishti Maheshwari (XII?A)

Highlight - Shrishti Maheshwari's parents presented a beautiful zoom presentation about their home, and celebrations in their house. This was showcased to the BP Global US participants.

The National All Round Championship by Kidex

External Events 07-Dec-2020

From Date - 07/12/2020 To 28/02/2021

Organized By - an initiative of ATL

Resource Person - Mr. Dipankar Pal

Participants - 140 students from PSI-XII of LSA

Highlight - 10 students from each class was chosen to registered in various activities conducted grade wise. They would be going through different activities and the uploading their activity by 28th February, 2021

Interdisciplinary Talent Search

External Events 07-Dec-2020

Organized By - JKLU Genius Academy

Resource Person - NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation and JKLU

Participants - Students of classes IX - XII

Highlight - It is India’s first interdisciplinary Talent Development Initiative which encourages students to innovate in Technology Design and Business. Students will have the to know about their own aptitude and the theme this year is Innovation for the new Normal which includes working, learning, Entertainment, Home, Business Health in the new normal. Selected ideas will receive a prize of Rs. 5 lakhs.

Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan

External Events 06-Dec-2020

Organized By - VYM Core Committee

Participants - Students of classes 3-12

Highlight - The objective of the organisation is to create interest amongst students and educate school children about India’s contributions from tradition to modern, to the world of science and technology. Students registered to participate in Guinness World Records Attempt activity.

Virtual State Level Astronomy Camp

External Events 04-Dec-2020

From Date - 04/12/2020 To 06/12/2020

Organized By - Bharat Scouts & Guides, West Bengal

Participants - Students of Class IV

Highlight - The camp focused on activity?oriented learning. Participants enjoyed the star gazing activity & were exposed to various facts about outer space.

B W Top Education Leadership - Summit

External Events 28-Nov-2020

Organized By - Business World

Resource Person - Mrs Meena Kak, Mr Vinesh Menon, Mr Sanjay Hooda, Ms Rupa Chakravarty, Dr Vidukesh Vimal

Highlight - There was a panel discussion on 'Reclaiming Lost Learning due to COVID 19, the road ahead.' All the panelists shared their views on how these challenging times will bring about changes in the days ahead and the training that parents and teachers would require to deal with this generation.

Asia Kakehashi Pre Departure Orientation

External Events 18-Nov-2020

Venue                          Delfi Online

Organized By               AFS India

Resource Person         Ms. Divya Arora

Participants                 Ashlesha Bhagat (XI_A)

Highlight - Ashlesha Bhagat has been selected for the AFS Japan Kakehashi Programme whereby she has received a 3 months scholarship from the Government of Japan. An orientation session was held by AFS for all the participants before their departure to Japan.

Art Competition for Bulbuls

External Events 07-Nov-2020

Venue                          Google Meet

Organized By               South Calcutta Local Association

Resource Person         The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Kolkata District Association

Highlight                    Our students participated in the art competition and received Certificates of Appreciation.

Mental Health Awareness

External Events 07-Nov-2020

Organized By               AFS India

Resource Person         Ms Priti Modi

Participants                 Ms Nabamita Dutta Gupta, Ms Sumona Dasgupta

Highlight   Discussed the importance of mental health specially in this pandemic, acknowledging that mental health issue is as important as any other illness.

YES Abroad 2nd Virtual Meet

External Events 07-Nov-2020

Organized By               AFS India

Resource Person         AFS

Participants                 Mahey Jain (VIIA)

Highlight                      USA meets India. Mahey Jain and her family met their host from USA Isabelle Richard over a 45 minutes zoom call to interact with her personally and celebrate the festival of lights.

AFS East Principals Meet

External Events 06-Nov-2020

Organized By               AFS India

Resource Person         Ms. Divya Arora, National Director

Participants                 Ms Anjali Chopra, Ms Jayati Goswami

Highlight -  Ms Meena Kak , President of AFS Kolkata chapter  is also HEAD of the East Zone AFS. Ms Kak welcomed the    dignitaries and the school principals of 9 schools of the East zone. The meeting was then taken forward with members of AFS India and the National Director. All activities of past and future were discussed and the meeting concluded with a SWOT analysis done by Ms Kak.

Cultural grip over virtual trip 2020 between India and Sri Lanka

External Events 01-Nov-2020

Organized By               AFS

Resource Person         AFS

Participants                 Ms Nabamita Dutta Gupta

Highlight                      Virtual trip of Sri Lanka focusing on their art forms, places to visit, food, and cultural heritage.



External Events 20-Oct-2020

From Date -19/10/2020 To 20/10/2020

Venue - Kolkata, Online

Organized By - AFS Kolkata

Participants - Pranav Choudhury (XII‑B), Shrishti Maheshwari(XII‑A)

Highlight - AFS INDIA asked our school to host the EAST ZONE AFS QUIZ. We prepared a quiz on UNO and SDGs and the quiz was conducted by the Head boy (AFS KAKEHASHI ALUMNI) and Head Girl (AFS Host Family).

FORGOTTEN PEOPLE: Exploring Art of Chittaprasad

External Events 17-Oct-2020

Venue - Online

Organized By - Victoria Memorial & Dag with Think arts

Participants - Students of classes VI – IX

Highlight - Students enjoyed the workshop and were impressed to experience Chittaprasad's Art.

Raamcharitmanas Sturi Gayan Competition

External Events 14-Oct-2020

 From Date  - 03/10/2020 To 14/10/2020

 Venue - Zoom meeting

 Organized By - Pariwar Milan

 Resource Person - Mrs Durga Vyas

 Participants - Manvi Bajaj – 6C

Highlight - Manavi Bajaj of 6C secured the second position in this competition amongst 8 participants from various schools. It helped students to connect with their roots and know more about Hindu religion and Ramayan.

AFS Panel Discussion on GCC

External Events 12-Oct-2020

Venue - Jammu Online

Organized By - AFS

Resource Person - AFS India

Participants - Ms Jayati Goswami

Highlight - Ms Jayati Goswami was invited as a panelist for a panel discussion on Global Competence Certificate.

Workshop on Coding

External Events 09-Oct-2020

From Date  - 05/10/2020 To 09/10/2020

Venue - Online on Teams

Resource Person - Ms Purabi Banerjee

Participants - Students of Classes VI – XII

Highlight - A total of 280 students attended the workshop on coding.


External Events 09-Oct-2020

From Date - 05/10/2020 To 09/10/2020

Venue - Online

Organized By - Infinity Tech Education

Participants - Students of class VIII – XI

Highlight - 8 team entries and 2 individual entries of business ideas based on the themes given were sent by students. They learned how to pitch the business ideas by dividing into the three basic categories of Problem, Motivation and Solution.

Host Family Meet

External Events 03-Oct-2020

Venue - USA Online

Organized By - AFS USA

Resource Person - Volunteers

Participants - Mahey Jain & her family

Highlight - Mahey Jain and her family presented a beautiful presentation about their family, school and Kolkata to orient Isabelle Richard. She is our host student for this year's US ABROAD.


External Events 03-Oct-2020

From Date - 03/10/2020 To 06/10/2020

Venue - USA(Online)

Organized By - AFS India

Resource Person - AFS Volunteers

Participants - Ms. Sharmita Bhattacharya

Highlight - In order to showcase Indian Cuisine, our AFS Volunteer Ms. Sharmita Bhattacharya recorded a video on Bengali fish curry and explained the preparation and the ingredients. This video will be showcased at the NSLV‑Y Program of AFS, USA

NSHM Y Frames 3.0

External Events 03-Oct-2020

Venue - Facebook Streamyard

Organized By - NSHM

Resource Person - Bichitra Pathshala

Participants - Students of Class XI

Highlight -  The Academy's film 'ILISH FINISH' was premiered at the festival. Director Harshvardhan Jalan had joined in a chat with  moderator Mr. SV Raman.

eRaksha Competition

External Events 30-Sep-2020

From Date - 20/08/2020 To 30/09/2020

Venue - Online

Organized By - CBSE, NCERT, Cyber Peace foundation

Resource Person - NCERT, Cyber Peace foudation

Participants - Students of classes V – XII

Highlight - It was a competition focusing on digital citizenship and online safety. The first round of the events like artcade,          wordmaster, screenmaster etc were organsied within the school for all the students of Classes 5 to 10 and selected students from classes 11 and 12 participated. Selected posters, articles, blogs, videos have been uploaded to the designated website.

Celebrate 80 years of IVLP

External Events 29-Sep-2020

Venue : Online

Organized By : US Department of State & GEIST

Resource Persons : Panelists from Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Greece and Guatemala

Participants : Ms. Jaya Misra

Highlight : The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) completed 80 years and as a part of this the panelists from different countries shared their stories and their projects undertaken. This was an enriching and a motivating session.

ISRO Cyberspace competitions

External Events 25-Sep-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        ISRO (ICC‑200)

Participants          Students of Classes I- V

Highlight               8 students secured ranks within 500 in this national event.  

Mrs YGP Memorial Quiz

External Events 16-Sep-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        Knowledge Tribe Greycaps and TCSion

Resource Person    PSBB Group Of Schools, Chennai

Participants          Srikar Ayala Soumayjula (VIII‑A)

Highlight               Srikar stood 3rd in the National Quiz. He was the only participant from Kolkata to qualify for the finals and competed with 2400 students across the country.

Pidilite Craft Activities

External Events 14-Sep-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        Pidilite Company

Resource Person   Mr Partha S Saha

Participants          Students of Classes III – V

Highlight               Students learnt to make various craft items.

INter School Public Speaking Competition

External Events 13-Sep-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        Edu Excellence

Participants            5 Students of Class VIII

Highlight               Rasita Singh of Class VIII A secured the 2nd position. She had to give an impromptu speech on the given topic  'MY AIM IN LIFE'. 350 schools from across the country participated in this event.

Resurgence' 20

External Events 11-Sep-2020

From Date            10/09/2020 To 11/09/2020              

Venue                   Online Platform

Organized By       Bishop Cotton Boy’s School, Bangalore

Participants          Students of Classes XI – XII

Highlight               30 students participated in this commerce fest. They secured the 2nd position in the event 'Triangle of Trade'.

Rashtriya Kavi Sangam Dinkar Kavya Path

External Events 31-Aug-2020

From Date                   31/08/2020 To 20/09/2020

Venue                   Online session

Organized By        Rashtriya Kavi Sangam West Bengal

Resource Person Dr. Girdhar Rai

Participants          Students of Classes VI-X

Highlight               5000 contestants from all over West Bengal participated and Neerav Nagori qualified for the semi finals. Students had an enriching experience.

Grey caps Memorial Quiz

External Events 28-Aug-2020

Venue  -   Online session

Organized By - PSBB group of school

Participants - VII & VIII

Highlight  - Students enjoyed a lot and gained extensive knowledge. SrikarAyalasomayajula and Vidishaa Mundhra of class VIII, and Rishika Kala of class VII qualified round 1.


AFS India Master Chef

External Events 27-Aug-2020

From Date - 01/08/2020 to 27/08/2020                               

Venue -  Online submission

Organized By - AFS India

Participants - Students of Classes X - XII

Highlight  - Our students participated in the First round of the competition with the guest country, Paraguay by cooking various cuisines and uploading it on the AFS website along with pictures, and the recipe. Results awaited.

0ne Classroom

External Events 27-Aug-2020

Venue - Brazil Online

Organized By - AFS INDIA

Resource Person - AFS Brazil

Participants - Students of Class XII, Ms. Jayati Goswami, Ms. Sharmita Bhattacharya, Mr. Kanak Sankar Mukherjee, Ms. Meena Kak, Ms. Anjali Chopra

Highlight - We got a wonderful opportunity to display our Indian Cultural Heritage and also Be introduced to Brazil's culture. We connected with Interativa Flores da Cunha, their students, professors and AFS Brazil volunteers. Our students gained a lot of knowledge by interacting and making friends with them.

VD / The Art of Story telling/Multiplying #AFSEffect

External Events 25-Aug-2020

Venue                                 Online

Organized By                      AFS India

Participants                        There were 7 participants registered for in different events based on the given criteria.

Highlight                               The prize winners are – 4-6 years Category : Aarya Agarwal & Vatsal Harlalka of PS II Bluebells & Amogh Rathi of II Daisies ; 7‑8 years Category : Dhani Modi – III Asters & Anushka Dua – IV Daisies

Cultural grip on a Virtual trip

External Events 22-Aug-2020

Venue  Malaysia Online

Organized By  AFS India

Resource Person   AFS Malaysia

Participants  Ms  Jayati Goswami

Highlight  The program started with the Independence day celebration of Malaysia ,we heard the National song and understood the meaning. It was intriguing to see that Deepawali, Pongal are celebrated in Malaysia with a lot of devotion. They showcased their fabric printing techniques. It was a beautiful presentation about a beautiful country.

Remembering the partition ‑ In the shadow of 1947

External Events 17-Aug-2020

Venue  - Online

Organized By  - Kolkata Centre for Creativity

Resource Person - Ms Amritah Sen, Ms Paula Sengupta, Mr Vinayak Bhattacharya, Mr Debashish Mukherjee, Dr Rajasri Mukhopadhyay, Ms Reena Dewan

Participants  - Ms Amritah Sen, Ms Jaya Misra

Highlight - The webinar focused on the artist portrayals of the partition of India (both Pakistan and Bangladesh) and the repercussions on the masses dwelling on both sides of the border. One could observe the plight of the people in the art work and decades later, despite the haunting memories, one could trace cultural commonalities between the two lands.

Wild Wisdom Quiz

External Events 16-Aug-2020

From Date                           09/08/2020 to 16/08/2020

Venue                                  Online

Organized By                      WWF‑ India

Participants                        Students of Classes III – V

Highlight      There were 87 participants who appeared for the Preliminary round of the quiz. 13 students passed the preliminary round and appeared for the Final round. In the final round, 2 students cleared the exam. The names are, 1) NIDHISH AGARWAL of 3 Daisies, 2) VIVAN K. CHOKHANI of 4 Daisies

Bichitra Pathshala Annual Lecture ‑The Empire Gazes Back

External Events 14-Aug-2020

Venue          -      Online ‑ Zoom

Organized By -    Bichitra Pathshala

Resource Person - Professor Chandak Sengoopta, University of London

Participants - Ms  Sourina Bose

Highlight  - The session was on 'British presence in the films and fiction of Satyajit Ray'.

Essay Competition

External Events 07-Aug-2020

Venue  - Online submission

Organized By  - CBSE

Participants - Students of Classes IX – X

Highlight  - The students conducted a research on the vision of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT in light of the recent crisis due to the pandemic caused by the spread of corona virus. Then they honed their writing skills and put their thoughts about their conception of self reliant India based on the various themes provided by the organizers.

National Talent Search Examination

External Events 02-Aug-2020

Venue  -       Delhi Online

Organized By - JCI India

Resource Person  - Mr. Devesh Nagori

Participants  - Students of classes IX–XII (126 students)

Highlight -  JCI India (, its India chapter, as every year conducts National level talent Search Examinations for young students to encourage them and increase their general knowledge. This year NLTS has gone online. Questions based on General Information was asked and students were also awarded E-certificates.

A word with the World

External Events 01-Aug-2020

 Venue -  Online

Organized By - HLS, India

Resource Person  - Mr Amitabh Mohan

Participants  - Pranav Choudhury (XII‑B)

Highlight - Pranav Choudhury was invited for an interactive session on relationships in school and the stress related to it. It was a fruitful session where the students felt that relationships are the core of a society. There were 4 students from cities like Gurugram, Lucknow and Kolkata who poured their hearts out, on friendship, relationships and the emotions surrounding it.

Sports Quiz

External Events 31-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        GCPE Alumni Association, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Participants           Mr Siddhartha Sankar Chakraborty

Highlight              The quiz provided an opportunity to recall the rules and regulations of different games. It was an enriching experience

Digital Earth Reel 2020

External Events 31-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        Earth Day Network

Participants          Students of Classes IX - XII

Highlight               We have submitted 4 films for the competition based on the theme ‑ LOCKDOWN

IIHM Young Chef India (Junior)

External Events 31-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online event

Organized By        IIHM Kolkata

Resource Person  Malabika Bannerjee

Participants          Harshit Saraogi (VII‑C), Priyansh Saraf (VII‑A), Rohit Verma (VIII‑B)

Highlight               It was a unique experience as the cooking competition was online. Students had to prepare a snack item and a dessert item within 90 minutes. They will be judged on their recipe, process, food safety, utilization of ingredients, presentation and     time management. Results are awaited.

CBSE Expression Series

External Events 16-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online submission

Organized By        CBSE

Participants          Harshita Saraf(X‑B), Janvi Bajaj(V‑ASTERS), Vidishaa Mundhra(VIII‑A)

Highlight              CBSE organised the first expression series for the session 2020‑21 which provided a platform to students to creatively express their ideas or views on the theme THINKING INNOVATIVELY IN UNPRECEDENTED TIMES LIKE COVID‑19. Competition comprised paragraph or painting for classes 3‑5, essay writing or painting or poem writing for classes 6‑12 respectively. Only 1 entry was to be uploaded in each category.

Google Code to learn 2020

External Events 15-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online contest

Organized By        Google India

Participants          Students of Class VI

Highlight               Students got the opportunity to use a new level of technology to create a game or story using the tools provided  by Google India. They enjoyed creating projects using software like Scratch, App inventor and Cloud AutoML .50 students   from classes 6‑12 have registered for this contest.

Open Art Contest

External Events 11-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online

Organized By        CBSE

Participants                  Students of Classes I – X

Highlight             Open Art Contest was organized to celebrate National Reading Day (Panicker Art Contest). More than 100 students       from Pre‑primary level to Secondary participated in this art contest.

Results of Essay Writing Competition

External Events 06-Jul-2020

Venue                   Online submission

Organized By        P.N. Panicker Foundation

Resource Person  P.N. Panicker Memorial Reading Day, Week, Month celebration

Participants          Students of Classes VI – X

Highlight              Suhani Goyal of VI D secured the third position in the middle school category and Ananya Surana and Diya Toshniwal of IX A secured the third position from the secondary section.

Weave A Verse Poetry Slam Poetry

External Events 19-Jun-2020

Venue        :     Microsoft Teams
Organized By    :      Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity University, Noida
Resource Person:      Ms. Devika  Anand;  Ms. Aakriti  Agarwal
Participants    :     Anshika Doogar(XI D), Dimitri Majumder(XI D), Harsh Ghoshal(XI D), Prishaa Sinha(XI D), Shreeya Kajaria(XII B)     Highlight    :      The weave a verse poetry competition commenced with the inaugural function. Ms Smriti Irani, honourable union minister was the chief guest and Mr. Dushyant Chautala, honourable chief minister of Haryana, was the guest of honour. They spoke about the importance of education and governmental policies pertaining to education. The competition commenced with the participants enthusiastic delivery. Almost 94 participants from 35 schools took part in the slam poetry competition. this self-composed English slam poetry competition has been instrumental in providing a concrete platform for the students to bring forth and showcase their talent in the field of poetry. This not only helped them gain confidence but also proved to be a constructive articulation of powerful emotions and thoughts.

Book Redefinition Poster Making Competition

External Events 19-Jun-2020

Venue        :       Microsoft Teams
Organized By    :     Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity University, Noida
Resource Person:
Participants    :      Aira Dutta(XI D), Chaitanya Gupta(IX C), Ishika Somani(XI D), Saachi Goyal(XI D), Sakshi Madhogaria(XI D)
Highlight    :       Slideshow of the illustration of several book covers was displayed followed by presentations of the posters by the participants with a brief introduction. Approximately 94 students from around India participated in the competition.

Celebrating Bio-Diversity

External Events 05-Jun-2020

Venue :    Online
Organized By : Zoological Survey of India
Participants : Students of Classes V to VIII        
Highlight: The age group was 9 to 12 years so students from class 5 to 8 participated online. 8 students from class 5, 4 students from class 6, 9 students from class 7 and 5 students from class 8 participated and made paintings on the topic.

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum Painting Competition on Environment Day

External Events 05-Jun-2020

Venue : Online
Organized By     : Birla Industrial and Technological Museum
Participants    : Vaanya Nathany (VIII C)        
Highlight    : Vaanya stood third and received a Certificate of Merit.

Essay writing Topic: Celebrating Biodiversity

External Events 05-Jun-2020

Venue : Online
Organized By : Training and Extension Division , ZSI, Kolkata
Resource Person : Dr. Shelly Acharya
Participants : Students of Class VIII
Highlight : The students did an extensive research on the need for biodiversity and its role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

ATL Gaming solution

External Events 05-Jun-2020

Venue        :      Webinar
Organized By    :      AIM, NITI Aayog, Dell
Resource Person:     Learning Links Foundation
Participants    :    Jagrat Jain (XI C)                
Highlight    :     The webinar was very interesting where students were introduced to an interactive and immersive platform for game development. It was aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals. 98 students from all over India participated in this webinar.


External Events 31-May-2020

Venue    :   ONLINE


Participants     :  Selected students of Classes IV to XII

Highlight       :  Students of all levels participated in this competition with enthusiasm. 5 students from Primary, 13 from Middle School,11 from Senior and 2 from Senior Secondary participated,

Essay Competition : The First Science Museum of Our Country

External Events 29-May-2020

Venue                          :  Online Interactive Event

Organized By             :  BITM

Resource Person         :   BITM

Participants                :  16 students from Classes VI - VIII          

Highlight                     :  The students who participated in this competition wrote an essay on the topic ‘BITM - The First Science Museum of Our Country’ within 300 words and sent their entries online.


External Events 22-May-2020

From Date                  :   06/05/2020                          To  Date           22/05/2020

Venue                          :   Delhi Online

Organized By             :   AFS

Resource Person         :   AFS India

Participants                :    ASHLESHA BHAGAT (XI-A), KRISHANG GUPTA(XI-A)

Highlight                     :   This is an online programme of AFS which connects the new participants of YES ABROAD and Kakehashi with their respective Alumni, so that they can be guided through the process of orientation and acceptance of the new countries.


External Events 20-May-2020

From Date                  :   13/05/2020                          To  Date           20/05/2020

Venue                          :   ONLINE

Organized By             :   BICHITRA PATHSHALA

Resource Person         :   Ms. Aloka Sensharma

Participants                :  IV – X

Highlight                     :   Students participated in this online centenary celebration of Satyajit Ray. The students prepared props and dressed themselves as the King of the Ghost from the movie Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen and Borfi, the magician, from the movie Hirak Rajar Deshe respectively. They answered the questions after watching the movies. The senior students prepared and mailed emojis describing the stories written and movies made by Satyajit Ray.

Cultural Diversity of India

External Events 15-May-2020

 Venue  :   Online

Organized By  :   AFS INDIA

Resource Person  :   AFS

Participants  :   Students of class VIII

Highlight : The programme was an amalgamation of 3 regions of India – North, East and South. Patiala School displayed the strength of Punjab, Madurai School displayed their multi-talented dances and our students represented Bengal and paid their tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. They  sang Rabindra Sangeet, recited poems from Gitanjali and danced to the tune of Rabindra Sangeet. This programme produced a beautiful mix of cultural diversity of India. It was mentored by Kanak Shankar Mukherjee, Sharmita Bhattacharya and JayatiGoswami.

Quest - Quiz on Science Experiments

External Events 03-May-2020

From Date                  :   02/05/2020                          To  Date           03/05/2020

Venue                          :  Online Interactive Event

Organized By             :  BITM

Resource Person         :   BITM

Participants                :   Students from V - X                       

Highlight                     :   The young science enthusiasts were asked to observe a set of experiments on the BITM website and send the scientific explanations of those experiments online. The students observed the videos intently and sent their answers. Result awaited.

BRICS Math Online Competition 2020

External Events 30-Apr-2020

From Date : 22/04/2020 To 30/04/2020
Venue : Online competition
Organized By : BRICS Countries
Resource Person : CBSE
Participants : Classes I to XII
Highlight : Total students registered from classes I-XII as of now is 760. It's an international competition. Participating countries are Brazil , Russia, India, China, South Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam. The preparatory tasks were quite engaging and students enjoyed solving them thoroughly.

Changemakers Challenge 2020

External Events 27-Apr-2020

Venue : Bangalore Online
Organized By : Inventure Academy
Resource Person : Inventure Academy
Participants : Gaurav Poddar, Kanika Bhagat, Krisha Sureka, Mehak Baid, Saket Fatehpuria, Siddharth Ajitsaria, Tanisha Tusnail, Tejas Khemka
Highlight : It is an ongoing competition of change making ventures which would bring in a huge difference in the teaching learning experience during COVID 19 based on the theme ‘opportunities which arise during crisis period’.

An online national quiz on Ganga

External Events 23-Apr-2020

From Date : 22/04/2020 To 23/04/2020
Venue : Online
Organized By : National Mission for Clean Ganga with Tree Craze Foundation
Resource Person : CBSE
Participants : Students of classes V - XII
Highlight : 95 students from class 5 to class 12 registered for the quiz. The quiz will end on May 22. The quiz comprises 3 rounds. The winner and the result will be declared on 5th June (World Environment Day).

Symposium on Climate Change and Global Environment: Science and Interpretation

External Events 24-Jan-2020

Venue    La Martinere for Boys Kolkata    
Organized By    La Martinere for Boys Kolkata
Resource Person    Dr. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Ms. Minal Pathak, Mr. Joydeeep Bhattacharya, Prof. Dipesh Chakraborty, Mr. Bill Brown, Mr. mark Williams, Mr. Benjamin Morgan
Participants    20 students from Class 9
Highlight        There were 2 panels of discussion about causes, effects and how to spread awareness about global warming and climatic change. The platform was well equipped to sensitize students on the topic. The students enjoyed the question answer session where they could interact with panelists on various issues about the society and how to bring about a change in the attitude of the people towards environment. The ambiance and food was also good. Over all it was a very good learning experience for both students and teachers.

INTACH Essay Competition on Gandhiji

External Events 20-Dec-2019

Venue : Shri Shikshayatan School

Participants : Students of Class VIII

Highlight : The students had an interesting educational experience. We got to know more about Gandhi. After the competition the host educated us about the manufacturing of papers of different types and how to recycle them. Total 25 students participated out of which 10 students were from our school. Results are awaited.

Mathematics Olympiad

External Events 05-Dec-2019


       Organized By       IMO

       Resource Person  IMO

       Participants          Students of classes VI – VIII

       Highlight              Conducted well.

Times NIE Newsmaker’s Meet

External Events 05-Dec-2019

Venue : Hotel Swagath

Organized By : Times NIE

Resource Person :  Ms. Madhushree Pal

Participants : Abhijato Sensarma & Shreya Dubey

Highlight : The students were exposed to the nuances of the media. The outgoing NIE Star Correspondent, Ms. Sumedha Maheshwari was felicitated.

The Creativity Challenge

External Events 03-Dec-2019

From Date - 01/11/2019 To 03/12/2019

Venue - Online

Organized By - CBSE and Adobe

Resource Person -   CBSE

Participants - Students of Classes VI - XII

Highlight - 15 of our selected students from classes VI – XII took part in this event. CBSE and adobe had organized it honoring the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Students used various Adobe applications to create digital outputs like graphics, video and presentation. Result awaited.

The Principal's Conclave

External Events 29-Nov-2019

Venue: The Park
Organized By: The Times group
Resource Person: The Times of India
Highlight: Many principals of different schools were present. There were eminent speakers like Mr. Chandrasheker Ghosh. Dr. J.R.Ram.The Topic of Discussion was Education 2020.

Teacher Chef Prelims

External Events 23-Nov-2019

Venue: International Institute of Hotel Management, Salt Lake
Organized By: International Institute of Hotel Management
Resource Person: International Institute of Hotel Management
Participants: Aloka Sen Sharma, Ranjini Chakravarty, Sheuli Sen, Swati Banerjee, Pushpendu Gupta
Highlight: Sheuli Sen, Swati Banerjee, Aloka Sensharma, Pushpendu Gupta and Ranjini Chakraborty were selected for the Teachers Chef Prelims. They were asked to prepare selected dishes using the ingredients assigned to them. Swati Banerjee qualified for the final scheduled in December.

Young Chef India Juniors

External Events 21-Nov-2019

Venue: IIHM Salt Lake
Organized By: IIHM
Resource Person: IIHM
Participants: Students of Classes V VII
Highlight: Razah Sanghera, Kudrat Kaur Sidhu, Harshit Saraogi, Viraj Harlalka, Priyansh Saraf, Saurya Bothra and Rohit Verma were selected for the Semi Finals YCI Juniors. They were asked to prepare selected items using the ingredients given by IIHM. Results are awaited.

India International Science Festival 2019

External Events 12-Nov-2019

Venue: Viswa Bangla
Organized By: Minister of Culture
Participants: Students of Classes IX – XI
Highlight: IISF 2019 was a great fest in which the students gave a new experience and great knowledge.
It was truly a remarkable fest which was very well organized and executed. The fest itself was held at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre and Science City from 5th – 8th November. The students that came from varying states were grouped in houses named after notable persons and scientists. The different houses had to attend different modules/sessions accordingly.


External Events 05-Nov-2019

Participants: Students of Classes III – V
Highlight 117 students participated in the IEO. It was a learning and enriching experience for all the participants.

International Informatics Olympiad

External Events 05-Nov-2019

Organized By: SilverZone
Participants: Students of Class III - XII
Highlight: 138 students participated in the IIO. It was an enriching experience for them all. Result awaited.

Safe Drive Save Life

External Events 20-Sep-2019

Event: Safe Drive Save Life

Venue: Taratala
Organized: By Kolkata Traffic Police
Participants: Students of Classes VI-XII
Highlight: Art work of our students was appreciated. Certificates were given to 30 students.

ATL Marathon

External Events 09-Sep-2019

Venue: The Better India
Organized By: AIM Atal innovation Mission
Participants: Students of Class X
Highlight: Four students from LSA created history for being the first and the only school from Kolkata to achieve such feet. LSA was among the top 100 innovators on the pan India challenge.

Inter school patriotic song competition

External Events 31-Aug-2019

Venue: Gyan Manch
Organized By: Pariwar Milan
Participants: Students of Classes VI-IX & XI-XII
Highlight: Six students participated in a group song. They sang very well and secured 4th position and consolation trophy amongst 13 participating schools.

Students' Science Seminar on Periodic Table of Chemical Elements: Impact on Human Welfare

External Events 29-Aug-2019

Venue: BITM
Organized By: BITM
Participants: Ishaan Jain
Highlight: There were 50 participating schools. Ishaan showcased his lecture along with the PowerPoint presentation in front of an august gathering.

Techniche 2019

External Events 29-Aug-2019

Dates – 29th August – 1st September 2019

Venue: IIT Guwahati

Participants: Shriyansh Dalmia, Rachit Kumar, Tarun Goenka, and Ashesh Mishra

Highlight - It was a first-hand STEM experience which helped greatly in student learning.


External Events 27-Aug-2019

Venue: IIT Guwahati
Organized By: IIT Guwahati
Participants: Students of Classes IX & X
Highlight: It was the first-hand STEM experience that directly benefited the students learning. LSA participated in Escalade and Line following events. Escalade is one of a kind national level robotics event organized by the Robotic Module of Techniche which is an inspiration from the thrill to conquer the vertical limit.

Concern For Calcutta

External Events 26-Aug-2019

Venue: DPS Ruby Park
Organized By: Concern For Calcutta
Resource Person: Sri. S.V. Raman
Participants: Ishaan Jain, Kritin Bansal
Highlight: There were 11 leading schools of the city which participated in the competition. We were among the six finalist schools.

Community Service

External Events 19-Aug-2019

Event: Community Service
Venue: HelpAge India
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Arindam
Participants: Students of Classes VIII – XI
Highlight: Meeting inmates of Old Age Home, spending valuable time with them, engage them with cultural programs.


External Events 19-Aug-2019

Organized By: IntelligencePlus
Participants: Students of Classes VI-IX
Highlight: Round 1 of INNOVENTURE 2019, India's first national-level Ideation and Entrepreneurship challenge was held in which 92 students from classes VI to IX participated. Result awaiting.

Earth Reel Awards East

External Events 09-Aug-2019

Event: Earth Reel Awards East
Venue: ILEAD College
Organized By: Bichitra Pathshala
Resource Person: Earth Day Network
Participants: Students of Classes X – XII
Highlight: Our film ILISH FINISH was appreciated by the jury & it was recommended that the film must be uploaded on web platform for the world to see.

A Bag full of Smiles

External Events 01-Aug-2019

Organized By: Daan Utsav team
Resource Person: Ms. Anamika Lodha
Participants: Afshan Nahid, Ajanta Shaoo, Aloka Sen Sharma, Anita Chandra
Highlight: 43 ladies bag full of goodies brought by our staff members were handed over to the representative of the Daan Utsav team as a part of this campaign.


External Events 26-Jul-2019

Event: Odyssey
Venue: Space Circle and Vidya Mandir
Organized By: Birla High School
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: At the events organised at Space Circle, we came 1st in Lawn Tennis, 2nd in Basketball and 3rd in Bowling. At Vidya Mandir, we came 2nd in HAM and 3rd in Quiz and Band competition. We could leave a mark in the majority of the events where we participated.

CLICK - photography event of exeBYTE

External Events 20-Jul-2019

Event: CLICK
Resource: exeBYTE organising committee

Venue: Pincep Ghat

Participants: Students and teachers from 15 different schools participated in the event. The participants were divided into 3 categories. Students of VI-VIII was given the theme as Nature, IX-XII students were given the theme - portraits in monochrome and teacher participants were given the theme moods and emotions. The photographs will be judged both by popular choice and judges choice. Popular choice entries can be seen at


External Events 08-Jul-2019

Event: Chrysallis - DPS Ruby Park Fest
Venue: DPS Ruby Park
Organized By: DPS Ruby Park
Participants: Students of Classes IX - XII
Highlight: We won the chess competition Checkmate and in Basketball we made it till the semifinals.

District level Testing Meet for Scouts

External Events 07-Jul-2019

Event: District level Testing Meet for Scouts
Venue The Scout Pavilion:
Organized By: District Scouts
Participants: Students of Classes IX & X
Highlight: Total 6 students had gone for District Level Testing meet for scouts. Out of 6 students Pratyush Saraf, Swayam Gouti, Neal Jhawar and Anvit Miharia went for ‘Dwitya Sopan’ and Pranav Ashar and Nilesh Kothari went for ‘Tritya Sopan’


External Events 06-Jul-2019

Event: Morpheus'19
Venue: South City International School
Organized By: South City International School
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: In the fest organised we came 2nd in Chess, 1st in FIFA, 2nd in Tug of war (Girls) and 1st in Treasure Hunt. 

M. P. Birla Smarak Kosh

External Events 04-Jul-2019

Event: M.P.Birla Smarak Kosh
Venue: Nazrul Manch
Organized By: South Point
Participants: Students of Classes XI & XII
Highlight: Advika Bajaj secured the first position for creative writing organised by South Point. She won a cash prize of 7000/. Sabarno Sinha and Rounak Chakraborty were the second runners up in the Inter-School Debate. They won a cash prize of 3000/ each.

The Discourse

External Events 04-Jul-2019

Event: The Discourse
Venue: Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan School
Organized By: Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan School
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Vanshvardhan Chomal and Sabarno Sinha participated in the Multi-Format English Debate chaired by Dr. Kunal Sarkar.

Get your Acts Together

External Events 03-Jul-2019

Event: Get your Acts Together
Venue: Kala Kunj
Organized By: Fortis Hospital
Participants: Students of Classes XI & XII
Highlight: The students who participated were excellent. They have announced the winners out of 24 schools and Raunak Chakraborti was awarded the best actor. Our school depicted the best act on "Mental Health and the Stigma Attached to it".

West Bengal Under 14 Chess Championship

External Events 16-Jun-2019

Venue:  Silver Point School
Organized By : Pioneer Chess School
Participants : Students of Classes I, II, IV, VI to VIII
Highlight : Under 14 Girls Category – Urja Goyal secured 1st position, Shreya Shree Bansal secured 2nd
position and Kriti Mundhra secured 3rd position.
Under 12 Girls Category – Dhruvi Sha secured 3rd place, Jagriti Agarwal secured 4th position
and Aditi Burman secured 5th position.
Under 10 Boys Category – Yug Desai secured 2nd position.
Under 10 Girls Category – Kaashvi Lohia secured 2nd position.
Under 8 Boys Category – Devansh Dalmia secured 4th position and &
Aayansh Burman secured 6th position.

Inter School Throw Ball

External Events 15-Jun-2019

Venue: Sri Sri Academy
Organized By:  Sri Sri Academy
Participants: Students of Classes VII, IX to XII - Ananya Khemka, Nandini Daga, Praachi Tikmani, Mahek Sethia, Kasvi Chindalia, Divija V
Agarwal, Aanya Didwania, Bhavya Athwani, Shagun Fogla and Naina Varandani 
Highlight: It was a big experience for them and learnt a lot. It was a good exposure in the field of throw ball.

World Cup Quiz Competition

External Events 15-Jun-2019

Date : 15/06/2019 
Venue : British Council
Organized By : British Council
Participants : Students of Class XII
Highlight : Sarvesh Agarwal and Vaibhav Balasaria participated. LSA qualified for the finals. (In the
finals we were fifth out of all the other schools).

School Enterprise Challenge

External Events 14-Jun-2019

Participants: Students of Classes IX X
Highlight LSA Green Sena participated in the School Enterprise Challenge where they commenced a business of selling saplings in recycled pots called Plant Partners. They sold 90 saplings in 3 rounds and submitted the Annual Report on 14th November 2019. Results to be declared in the month of February 2020.

Under 15 West Bengal State Chess Championship

External Events 05-Jun-2019

Venue : Heritage School
Organized By : Bengal Chess Association
Participants : Students of Classes V, VI & VIII
Highlight : Vedika Agarwal ranked 9th in West Bengal, Urja Goyal ranked 13th and Shreya Shree Bansal ranked 15th
Category Prizes – Jagriti Agarwal secured 2nd position in Under 12 Girls and
Shreeyash Kejriwal secured 1st position in Under 10 Boys category

Saturday Club Youth Chess Championship Rapid Rating

External Events 02-Jun-2019

Venue : Saturday Club
Organized By : Alekhine Chess Club
Participants : Students of Classes VIII & IX
Highlight : Under 14 Girls Category–Kriti Mundhra secured 1st position & Vedika Agarwal secured 2nd position.

National Under 7 Boys and Girls Championship

External Events 01-Jun-2019

From Date:  01/06/2019 To 06/06/2019
Venue: New Town School
Organized By : Bengal Chess Association
Participants : Students of Classes II & III
Highlight:  Aarya Beria was ranked 34th place in India in Girls’ section ; Bhavya Dhandhania scored 6/11 Points & Yatharth Poddar scored 5.5/11 Points

SATRANGI – An Inter school singing competition

External Events 09-May-2019

Date: 07/05/2019 To 09/05/2019
Event: SATRANGI – An Inter school singing competition
Venue: G. D. Birla Sabhaghar
Organized By: South Point High School
Participants: Jeet Chovatis, Pramit Banerjee & Yuvraj Jhanwar
Highlight: It was a tough and prestigious competition. Our school got the first position out of 12 participating schools in the prelims and were selected for the finals.


External Events 24-Apr-2019

Event: Cerebrate
Venue: South Point
Organized By: South Point
Participants: Rounak Chakraborty & Saborno Sinha
Highlight: Out of 18 schools participated they the were one of the Finals.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

External Events 12-Apr-2019

Venue: Kolkata Centre for Creativity
Organized By: Thinkart Organization
Resource Person: Amritah Sen
Participants: Yuvraj Dujari, Vidisha Mundhra , Sampreeti Banerjee, Arijit Ghosh and Saadia Rahman, Havish Doshi, Hemaanya Bothra, Nishhank Gadia, Rishika Kala & Shreesh Agarwal
Highlight: Ten students went for a hands on art workshop where they were asked to look at a mounted art exhibition, react to the artworks and make some collage work on their own.
The centre is also very impressive.

Art Competition

External Events 02-Feb-2019

Venue : Future Foundation School

Organized by : Future Foundation School

Participants : Students of Classes IV, VI & VIII - Havish Doshi, Nishhank Gadia, Yuvraj Dujari, Srikar A., Disha Doshi & Pramit Banerjee

Highlight  : Children participated in the art competition divided in 3 different groups. The theme was about 'Caring'.


National Championship

External Events 20-Jan-2019

Event: National Championship
Venue: IIT Delhi
Organized By: Makeintern
Resource Person: Makeintern and Tryst IIT Delhi
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: 5 students namely, Chirag Surana, Debopam Dutta, Pratham Jain, Pratham Jalan, Yashaswi Kedia of class XI attended the event. 54 schools and colleges from across our country participated in the event. No awards won but we came back with a lot of appreciation from our co-participants.

Testing Meet of Scout Section

External Events 13-Jan-2019

Event: Testing Meet of Scout Section
Venue: The Scout Pavilion
Organized By: South Calcutta Association
Participants: Students of Classes IX & X
Highlight: Ayman Kabir, Nilesh Kothari, Krishang Gupta. Shubham Gupta, Pranav Asar attended the Testing Meet of Scout Section for Dwitiya Sopan. They were tested on Pioneering, Fire, First Aid and Estimation. Students did well in all the tests.

Poem Recitation in Hindi

External Events 03-Jan-2019

Event: Poem Recitation in Hindi
Venue: Federation Hall
Organized By: Sambhunath
Resource Person: Sanskritik Punarnirman Mission
Participants: Students of classes IV & VII
Highlight: Students gained confidence.

National Stock Exchange Funancial Quest

External Events 28-Nov-2018

Organized By: Team NSE FUNancial Quest
Participants: Students of Classes VIII – IX
Highlight: National Stock Exchange presented a unique experiential financial literacy event to teach the students the intrinsic value of their financial resources. NSE sees it as essential that they learn this 21st-century life skill while at school, a prominent place of learning in their lives.

Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration

External Events 23-Nov-2018

Venue: Maidan near Shaheed Minar
Organized By: Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Kolkata
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: Dane Liebermann, Aarushi Surekha, Samriddhi Gupta, Muskan Goyal accompanied by two teachers were a part of this celebration. They offered prayers, did Sewa (chopped vegetables, washed utensils, served food and made rotis). It was an enriching and satisfying experience for all.

Start Up Your Life

External Events 22-Nov-2018

Venue: Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, New Town
Organized By: Vedanta Institute
Resource Person: Swami Parthasarathy
Participants: Arkaprovo Roy(XI), Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann (XI), Ms. Jaya Misra, Mr. Kanak Shankar Mukherjee
Highlight: It was a session on the role of education in one's life and activities offered by Vedanta Institute.

YES Program (2019 - 20)

External Events 19-Nov-2018

Venue: American Centre
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Mr. Aadil, Mr. Vyom
Participants: Akhilesh Jhawar (XI), Kunaal Mundhra(X), Shreyansh Jain(X) 
Highlight: Kunaal Mundhra and Shreyansh Jain had the final interview for the YES Program. Akhilesh Jhawar was asked to Volunteer as a YES Alumni. It was a new experience for him and he assisted in the selection process.


External Events 17-Nov-2018

Venue: New Delhi
Organized: By Amity International
Resource Person: Ms. Ujwal Singh
Participants: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann(XI)
Highlight: Dane got an opportunity through AFS to participate in AIMUN. He represented Iceland in the General Assembly Committee. It was a good learning experience for him.

Young Innovator's Programme 2018

External Events 28-Oct-2018

Organized By: IIT Kharagpur Branding and Relations Cell
Resource Person: IIT Kharagpur
Participants: Divija V Agarwal(IX), Mahak Garodia(IX) and Priyanshi Saraogi(IX)
Highlight: The competition had 4 rounds. In the 1st round more than 100 teams, 300 students from all over India and abroad registered. After a strict screening, only 24 teams qualified for Round 2 who got the opportunity to display their projects in front of 7 eminent judges. From round 2 only 6 teams qualified for Round 3 and 3 teams were selected. The participants demonstrated their deep knowledge, high levels of confidence and an innovative streak. 

AFS India Navratri Celebrations

External Events 16-Oct-2018

Venue: Ahmedabad
Organized By: AFS India
Participants: Dane Liebermann and Divya Shah
Highlight: Dane Liebermann and Divya Shah attended workshops on Garba and were hosted by Gujarati families in Ahmedabad. They had a taste of Western India and how Navratri festival is celebrated. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet students from different parts of the world who are visiting India on different AFS programs.

Story Telling

External Events 28-Sep-2018

Event: One story at a time ending gender-based violence
Venue: American Center
Organized By: American Center
Resource Person: American Center
Participants: Students of Class X – XII
Highlight: Learnt the art of storytelling for films.

Safe Drive Save Life

External Events 10-Aug-2018

Venue: Alipore Zoo crossing
Organized By: Kolkata Police
Participants: Students of Class IX
Highlight" Class IX students of our school performed a street play and displayed placards, which were based on Road Safety issues for public awareness, in front of Alipore Zoo in collaboration with Kolkata Police.

CLICK - Photography event of exe.BIT

External Events 14-Jul-2018

Venue: Horticulture Garden
Organized By: exe.BIT
Highlight: Click, a photography event of exe.BIT Infinity 2018 was held in Horticulture garden, Alipore. 15 schools participated in the event from classes VI-XII and teachers also. The theme was Nature pertaining to the exe.BIT theme of Digital Detox. The participants had to come back to school and click photographs of Raths decorated by the Pre-primary students, as 14th July was Rath Yatra. The event went off smoothly and the students enthusiastically clicked photographs and submitted the same

All Faith Prayer

External Events 07-Jul-2018

Venue: Sri Sri Academy
Organized:By Sri Sri Academy
Participants: Students of Classes VII & VIII
Highlight: The atmosphere was very peaceful and everyone participated with due devotion.

Pre Departure Orientation for YES Program

External Events 20-Jun-2018

From: 18/06/2018 To 20/06/2018
Event: Pre Departure Orientation for YES Program
Organized by: AFS India
Venue: New Delhi
Participant: Jash Shah of XI B
Highlight: It was an intensive training provided to all the participants who will be traveling to the USA under the YES program in August 2018.


External Events 25-Apr-2018

Venue South Point High School

Organized By South Point High School

Highlight YUVRAAJ JHAWAR from VIII, PRAMIT BANERJEE from VIIB and SOMDYUTI DAS from XII participated in the event. Students performed very well. They were appreciated by the judges as well.

Sahodaya Science Exhibition

External Events 18-Jan-2018

Venue: Sushila Birla Girls' School
Organized By: CBSE

Participants : Jagrit Bhojnagarwala, Tarun Goenka, Animesh Sachan & Nishant Agarwal 
Highlight: Total 28 schools participated. We were one of the few schools who made working models, on the topic ‘Save Environment’.

CBSE Science Exhibition Regional Level

External Events 08-Jan-2018

Venue: Apeejay School Salt Lake
Organized By: CBSE
Highlight: Pratham Jain & Yashasvi Kedia of Class X participated. The exhibit is a belt attached with sensors which will help the visually challenged person to walk comfortably along with the other people. The team qualified for the National Level.