Student Exchange Programme 2023 – 2024 between LSA and Germany

Beyond Boundaries 15-Jan-2024

From Date: 04/01/2024 to 15/01/2024

Participants: 8 students from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy studying in Classes 9 – 11. 8 Students from Kaufmanische Schule, Aalen, Germany studying in Classes 11 – 13.LSA teachers – Ms Sohini Mitra Jain and Mr Darshan Singh Gill. KSA teachers – Mr Jochen Worner and Mr Benjamin Manz
Highlights: The exchange visit was organized for 2 weeks for the Indian team and 10 days for the German team. The students were hosted by the families in both countries. KSA students and teachers visited Taki,RBI museum, Alipore Museum, Rail Museum and Birla Planetarium accompanied by their host friends and teachers from LSA. The students spent quality time with the host families in the evenings and on Sundays. The KSA teachers were taken out by LSA teachers and enjoyed shopping, meeting families over dinner or lunch. The KSA students participated in the LSA Intra Mural Sports Day at Gitanjali stadium. The event achieved a truly international dimension when, in the closing march past, the 4 Houses of our school were joined by the German students, proudly carrying the National Flag of their country. Each activity highlighted the cultural bond and a strong feeling of camaraderie between the two schools.

Donation for Christmas

Beyond Boundaries 22-Dec-2023

Venue: Jyotirmoy Club
Organized By: LSA Social Service Committee
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Students made great arrangements for 200 underprivileged students.

Event Conserve my Planet: Session 5

Beyond Boundaries 28-Nov-2023

Organized By SHARP NGO
Resource Person Schneider Electric, India
Participants Students of Class VII
Highlight It was an awareness programme. A quiz on Conservation of Energy Resources was conducted to see the response of the students towards each category of conservation. Students were excited to give
the correct responses and could gather important information as green ambassadors.


A Visit to Help Age India

Beyond Boundaries 23-Nov-2023

Venue: Kaylan Old Age Home
Participants: Students of Class V and Teachers
Highlight: Some students accompanied by their teachers, Aloka Sen Sharma and Kulbir Kaur, visited the old age home to have an interactive session with the inmates of the house. Students gave various performances like singing, poetry recitation and dance. All were mesmerized by their performances and blessed them. Students too were moved to meet the inmates and have a warm interactive session with each one of them.

Conversations 2023

Beyond Boundaries 18-Aug-2023

Venue: ITC Royal Bengal
Organized By: Admission Tree
Resource Person: Sri Gaur Gopal Das, Dr Kunal Sarkar & others
Participants: Ms. Meena Kak, Ms. Jaya Misra
Highlight: It was a congregation of educators where the panel discussion was on 'To Challenge and To Change'. This was followed by an address by Sri Gaur Gopal Das, in which he spoke about how educators can make a difference in the lives of their students, thereby impacting the society. Some concern areas were addressed in a humorous way but the essence of the pertinent issues were raised.

Global Competence Certificate programme

Beyond Boundaries 15-Jun-2023

Date 17/04/2023 To 15/06/2023
Organized By AFS
Participants Subrato Chakraborty
Highlight It was an amazing experience. Discussion on different cultures and education for all was also discussed. Learning outcome: Education is very important for every citizen of the world even though they are from different cultures.

Farewell of Ruth Annherrlinger

Beyond Boundaries 11-May-2023

Event: Farewell of Ruth Annherrlinger
Organized By: Nutrition and Dietetics students of our Academy
Resource Person: Ms. Deepa Das
Participants: Nutrition and Dietetics students of our Academy
Highlight: The students of Nutrition and Dietetics arranged a farewell for Ruth Annherrlinger, an international exchange student. Students prepared muffins themselves and arranged other snacks items for her. She was given a box of Indian spices as a memento.

YES Program

Beyond Boundaries 16-Sep-2022

Organized By AFS USA
Resource Person KL- YES
Participants Dayna Yoo, Ruth Ann Herrlinger
Highlight Dayna Yoo and Ruth Ann Herrlinger arrived from California and Denver respectively to engulf themselves in the Cultural Heritage of India. They will be residing with Prisha Bajaj and Mahey Jain.


Beyond Boundaries 14-Aug-2022

Organized By AFS INDIA
Resource Person AFS USA
Participants Navya Khemka (XI B)
Highlight Navya Khema is in Cleveland, USA to study in Chardon High school under the prestigious scholarship of Kenedy Lugar YES program


Beyond Boundaries 01-Aug-2022

Hightligh: Navya Khemka of Class XI has been selected for KENNEDY LUGAR YES PROGRAM.
She is in a Chardon High school for 10 months on a full scholarship.

Farewell to Emmy

Beyond Boundaries 17-Jun-2022

Highlight: We bid a farewell to our dear Emmy from Issore, France who returned home after a 9 months stay at LSA. She was here on an exchange programme.

Japan Kakehashi program

Beyond Boundaries 17-Jun-2022

Highlight: Gaurav Poddar ( Class 11) off to Japan to study in Tokyo International school for 9 months  winning the Japan Kakehashi program

Italy Short Term Program

Beyond Boundaries 07-Feb-2022

Venue Milena
Organized By AFS India
Resource Person AFS Italy
Participants Kaavya Tahlani (XI-D)
Highlight Home stay and cultural experiences of Italy was the main highlight of this program.

AFS Principals Meet

Beyond Boundaries 08-Nov-2021

Organized By: AFS India
Resource Person; Ms. Divya Arora
Participants: Jaya Misra, Jayati Goswami
Highlight: National Director AFS INDIA met several principals of Kolkata and showcased the ethics of AFS.


Beyond Boundaries 19-Oct-2021

Organized By: AFS India
Resource Person: AFS India
Participants: Ananya Karnany(XI A), Emmy Lilou Perrin (XI A)
Highlight: EMMY LILOU PERRIN is a new entrant to our Academy who hails from ISSOIRE France and has come to spend a year in India and study in our institution. She loves music and enjoys Biology. She is also showing interest in Language learning. Ananya Karnany is her host family.


Beyond Boundaries 19-Oct-2021

Venue: USA
Organized By: AFS USA
Resource Person: AFS INDIA
Highlight: Krishang Gupta is well settled in USA on a school exchange program through AFS INTERCULTURAL PROGRAMS in Sunnyslope High School, Phoenix, AZ. He is expected to be back after 10 months

Culture program - Ranum Denmark Short term Program

Beyond Boundaries 30-Aug-2021

Venue: Ranum Efterskole College,Denmark
Organized By: AFS INDIA
Resource Person: AFS Denmark
Participants: Aakriti Agarwal(XII C), Arya Agarwal(X D)
Highlight: They spent a month at a Danish ETERSKOLE exploring cultural differences, learning Danish and participating in interesting activities and cultural excursions.

AFS Host Orientation and Counselor Meeting

Beyond Boundaries 27-Aug-2021

Organized By: AFS
Resource Person AFS: Mr.Ajay Mehta
Participants: Sumona Dasgupta
Highlight: Meeting with the Host Family, Roles and Responsibilities of a Host Family and Counselor. Rules and Restrictions were discussed. Monthly Learning Reflections is to be filled up by Counselor.

exeBIT 2021

Beyond Boundaries 07-Aug-2021

Participants Harshvardhan Jalan(XII B), Mahak Garodia(XII A)
Highlight The academy celebrated 10th edition of its IT fest exeBIT - Imagine, Innovate, Ignite, which was an amalgamation of NEP, 25 years of our academy and 10th year of the fest. 33 schools participated of which we had 6 schools based out of Kolkata and 1 school from Nepal. There were 21 events and 2 workshops. All the schools have been given an award based on their participations.

Cultural Grip over Virtual trip AFS India and Hungary

Beyond Boundaries 15-May-2021

Organized By: AFS India and Hungary
Participants: Jayati Goswami, Sharmita Bhattacharya
Highlight: It was an interesting virtual exchange program to share the cultural aspects of the two countries. Learnt about different historical places, cuisine, sports, literature etc of Hungary.

Asia Kakehashi Program

Beyond Boundaries 18-Mar-2021

Venue: Japan
Organized By: AFS JAPAN
Resource Person: AFS INDIA
Participants: Ashlesha Bhagat(XI)
Highlight: Ashlesha Bhagat made us proud by being selected in the most prestigious Japan Exchange Program. She studied in NAKAMURA GAKUEN SENIOR GIRLS SCHOOL I in Fukuoka Japan. She received a certificate of appreciation from Japan and is fluent in Japanese now. She returned from Japan this month.

AFS Global Conference

Beyond Boundaries 23-Oct-2020

From Date - 22/10/2020 To 23/10/2020

Venue - Paris Online

Organized By - AFS India

Resource Person - AFS EuropeE

Participants - Ms. Meena Kak, Ms. Anjali Chopra, Ms. Jayati Goswami

Highlight - The main highlights were critical thinking, empathy, focus on education, Importance of Intercultural competence, learning       of life skills and importance of virtual exchanges.


Beyond Boundaries 03-Sep-2020

From Date      31/08/2020 To 03/09/2020

Venue           Indore Online

Organized By        AFS India

Resource Person  Mrs Sarita Bhadwar

Participants          Students of Class IX

Highlight       Effect + workshop for students focused on developing the global 21st century skills and how to be a change maker in the society.

Host Family Orientation

Beyond Boundaries 01-Sep-2020

Venue                   Rajkot online

Organized By        AFS India

Resource Person Mr. Ajay Mehta

Participants          Ananya Karnany(X‑C), Mahey Jain(VII‑A)

Highlight               Mr. Ajay Mehta, a senior mentor of AFS India was introduced to the parents of Ananya Karnany and Mahey Jain who have been selected for 2020‑2021 hosting cycle. Mr Mehta explained to them the whole hosting process in details and also clarified all their doubts.  Virtual hosting will start very soon.

NSLI‑Y Virtual Seminar

Beyond Boundaries 17-Jul-2020

Venue                   USA Online

Organized By        AFS India

Resource Person  AFS

Participants          Aarav Bharany (X‑B)

Highlight               AFS East region family was the family of Aarav Bharany who hosted Italian student Roberto Andreozzi from Italy. They represented Bengal and talked about the highlights of Kolkata, cuisine, dress, Durga Puja etc. There were 4 more families who also represented their regions, and this was witnessed by 8 USA students as a language activity for NSLI‑Y Summer program ‑ a US Education Department Program

Cultural Grip over Virtual trip

Beyond Boundaries 11-Jul-2020

From Date 04/07/2020 To 11/07/2020
Venue Indonesia Online
Organized By AFS
Resource Person AFS Indonesia
Participants Ms Jayati Goswami, Ms Nabamita Dutta Gupta, Ms Sharmita Bhattacharya, Ms Sumona Dasgupta
Highlight A beautiful journey into Indonesian Islands like Sumatra, Borneo, Sulavesi and Papua. It was an ethnic presentation about cuisine, dances, musical instruments, their textiles of batik, basic culture and etiquettes. They also played the national anthem and taught basic words of their language. An enriching experience !

AFS Lets Meet

Beyond Boundaries 31-May-2020

Venue                          :  Kolkata Online

Organized By             :   Ms. Jayati Goswami

Resource Person         :  AFS Kolkata

Participants                :  Mr. Kanak S. Mukherji, Ms. Sharmita Bhattacharya

Highlight                     : As an AFS volunteer activity, we at Kolkata chapter arranged for a virtual call with our last year’s host families and host students, Anna Keyzer, Dontae Ryan II , and Roberto Andreozzi.

Effective Chapter Meeting Training

Beyond Boundaries 30-Apr-2020

Venue : Delhi Online
Organized By : AFS India
Resource Person : AFS India
Participants : Ms. Jayati Goswami
Highlight : Introduction to Pan India Volunteer coordinators, discussion on formats, agenda, action plans and managing time.

GYSD 2020

Beyond Boundaries 26-Apr-2020

Venue : Kolkata
Organized By : AFS India
Participants : Ms. Jayati Goswami, Ms.Sharmita Bhattacharya
Highlight : A beautiful collage made by Ms. Sharmita Bhattacharya and poetry and voice over by Ms.Jayati Goswami.

Global Youth Service Day 2020

Beyond Boundaries 26-Apr-2020

Venue : Kolkata
Organized By : AFS INDIA
Resource Person : AFS ALUMNI
Participants : Pranav Choudhury, Rushil Khajanchi, Sanskriti Jain
Highlight : Prepared and posted videos of COVID-19 awareness campaign, appreciating the health workers of AFS.

Japan Kakehashi

Beyond Boundaries 12-Mar-2020

From Date    :     06/09/2019 To 12/03/2020
Venue        :     Osaka, Japan
Organized By    :     AFS, Japan
Resource Person    :     AFS, India
Participants    :     Pranav Choudhury (XI B)             
Highlight    :     As a part of Student Exchange Program, we have one of our students – Pranav Choudhury studying in Osaka, Perfetural KITANO High School in Osaka, Japan under the Kakehashi program of the Japanese Government for a span of 10 months.

YES Abroad and AFS Italy

Beyond Boundaries 12-Mar-2020

From Date    :    06/09/2019 To 12/03/2020
Organized By    :         AFS, India
Resource Person    :    AFS, India
Participants    :    Anna Sofia Angelus Keyzer (XID), Dontae Lamont Ryan II (XIA), Roberto Andreozzi (XID)
Highlight    :         Anna Keyzer from Kentucky, Dontae Ryan II from Maryland and Roberto Andreozzi from Napoli, Italy had arrived in our country in July and they came to Kolkata to be hosted by us. Caring families of our academy hosted them for 10 months.

Student Exchange Programme, Aalen, Germany

Beyond Boundaries 17-Jan-2020

From Date    04.01.20  To 17.01.20    
Resource Person    Nandini Chanda, Darshan Singh Gill, Monidipa Lahiri
Participants    Students of Classes VIII - XI    
Highlight    16 students and 2 teachers from Kaufmanische Schule, Aalen visited our school for a fortnight. The German students were hosted by LSA students and the German teachers were accommodated in our Guest House.  Educational and recreational tours and trips were organised for the team and the host students of our school became wonderful guides and mentors to their German friends by taking them in and around the city, as well as a weekend trip to Mandarmoni. The visiting students and teachers were exposed to the     Indian way life, the cultural heritage and also the academic ethos of our Academy. The entire school – teachers, students and support staff welcomed the team under the guidance of the principal.

Hungary Peace Program

Beyond Boundaries 05-Dec-2019

From Date : 06/09/2019 To 05/12/2019

Venue : Budapest

Organized By :       AFS

Resource Person :  AFS India

Participants :         Students of Class XI

Highlight :Peace Program is initiated to foster mutual knowledge and understanding between ASIA and EUROPE, recognizing formal and informal learning and promoting Global Citizenship Education.

Virtual Class Exchange

Beyond Boundaries 05-Dec-2019

Venue : Class XI D

Organized By : AFS INDIA

Resource Person : Ms. Jayati Goswami

Participants : Students of Class XI

Highlight : The module 1 and 2 of Virtual Class Exchange was performed through a presentation. Moddule 2 will be performed by students based on research and charts on local community

Green Olympiad

Beyond Boundaries 21-Oct-2019

Participants    Students of Classes III - V
Highlight    The students from classes III to V participated in the Green Olympiad. They attempted the question paper and could finish the same on time. It was an enriching experience for the participants.

AFS Navratri

Beyond Boundaries 04-Oct-2019

From Date    04/10/2019 To 07/10/2019
Venue    Ahmedabad
Organized By    AFS Gujarat
Participants    Students of Class XI
Highlight    Dontae Lamont Ryan II, Srishti Maheshwari, Anna Keyzer and Roberto Andreozzi got the opportunity to explore Gujarat and learn about the rich cultural heritage of India.

Peace Programme

Beyond Boundaries 06-Sep-2019

Event: Peace Programme
Venue: Hungary
Organized By: AFS India
Resource Person: AFS
Participants: Rushil Khajanchi, Sanskriti Jain
Highlight: To learn about intercultural differences and promote world peace.

AFS Mid Term Orientation

Beyond Boundaries 06-Sep-2019

Event: Mid Term Orientation
Venue: Delhi, Chennai
Organized By: AFS India
Participants: Students of Class XI
Highlight: Language classes, one to one interviews on well being and quality circle.

AFS Volunteer Exchange Programme

Beyond Boundaries 30-May-2019

Date: 17/05/2019 To 30/05/2019
Venue: Budapest
Organized: By AFS India
Resource Person: Gabor Csikos
Participants: Kanak S Mukherji
Highlight: This was the reciprocator programme to Hungary as the volunteer from Hungary Mr Gabor Csikos had visited India in October 2018.

YES Abroad Program

Beyond Boundaries 03-May-2019

Resource Person: AFS
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: It was the last working day for Dane Liebermann, our exchange student from the USA. He departed from Kolkata on 5th May and he left India on 8th May 2019 after a 10-months stay with us.

AFS Annual Meet

Beyond Boundaries 23-Apr-2019

Event AFS Annual Meet

Venue: Delhi Hotel Annya
Organized By: AFS Delhi
Resource Person: AFS India team
Participants: Anita Chandra & Shrishti Maheshwari
Highlight: It was a great experience. Met the complete team, got to know about all activities. It was very well organised.

International Student Exchange Programme

Beyond Boundaries 30-Mar-2019

Event: International Student Exchange Programme
Venue: Rural Development Academy Laboratory School and College Boghura Bangladesh
Participants: 13 students from classes VI-VIII along with 2 teachers attended this exchange programme.
Highlight: The LSA team was received at the Hili Border. The students did 13 collaborative academic projects through interactive presentations and group discussions. LSA students attended a symposium highlighting the mass genocide during Bangladesh’s freedom war against Pakistan. Team India celebrated Bangladesh Independence Day by putting up a rhythmic dance show. They were also taken for various sightseeing tours to religious and archaeological sites. The students visited the 60 acres farmland where they had the opportunity to learn about rice cultivation, visited a dairy farm, a fruit orchard, and a vegetable research field. The students of both schools have framed a TREATY that has made both schools long term partners. The TREATY has been signed by Principals of both LSA & RDALS&C.
An overview: The students experienced a different culture and social order from very close quarters. They interacted with the teachers and students of RDALS&C and presented their own Academy with great respect.

Exchange Programme to Nepal

Beyond Boundaries 16-Mar-2019

From Date 08/03/2019 To 16/03/2019
Event: Exchange Programme to Nepal
Venue: Shuvotara 3 Angles School, Pokhara, Nepal
Resource Person: Shuvotara 3 Angles School, Pokhara, Nepal
Participants: Vanya Nathani, Vaanya Agarwal, Navya Khemka, Yug Kedia, Sara Gupta, and Saurya Bothra along with two teachers
Highlight It was an exchange programme for our upcoming International School Award. It was a great experience for the students, through thorough interaction with students and teachers of the school in Nepal. Our students were excited to teach the girls of class7 karate as self-defense. They did projects on:– Nomenclature Nuances; Zone-In: The Case of Space; Love Thy Neighbour; Comtech – Communication & Technology and Cast a Spell – Wonder and Magic.

AFS Annual Presidents, Board Members & Staff Meeting

Beyond Boundaries 09-Feb-2019

Venue : Ashok Country Resort, New Delhi

Organized by : AFS

Resource Person :  Ms. Divya Arora, National Director

Participants : Ms. Jaya Misra

Highlight : It was the first time that Kolkata Chapter attended this meet. We got an opportunity to display, in front of the Board Members, all that we have done in the session related to the  AFS Exchange programs. The work done by the school was appreciated at the National Level in front of all the chapters under AFS.

YES Program

Beyond Boundaries 02-Oct-2018

Participants: Students of Class X
Highlight: Kunal Mundhra (Class 10) and Shreyansh Jain (Class 10) will attend the interview on 19th November 2018 for the AFS session 2019-2020.

YES Abroad Mid Stay Orientation

Beyond Boundaries 02-Oct-2018

Resource Person: Mr. Roshan Sajan
Participants: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann
Highlight: Dane Rowan Osborne Liebermann (XI A1) attended the Orientation at Jodhpur.

Re-entry Orientation for YES Program 2017-18

Beyond Boundaries 11-Aug-2018

From: 09/06/2018 To 11/06/2018
Venue: New Delhi
Organized: By AFS
Resource Person: Ms. Divya Arora, Ms. Sonam Luthra
Participants: Students of Class XII
Highlight: Subhi Sarda and Akhilesh Jhawar returned from the USA on 9th June to India. They attended the re-entry orientation at New Delhi and landed on 11th June in Kolkata. They joined the school on the next day and have come back enriched with a number of ideas.

YES PROGRAM Gateway Orientation 2018

Beyond Boundaries 05-Aug-2018

Venue: New Delhi
Organized By: AFS
Resource Person: Ms. Sonam Luthra
Participants: Jash Shah
Highlight: Jash Shah departed for Delhi for the Gateway Orientation on the 5th. He departed for USA on the 7th of August 2018 where he will be attending the Arrival Orientation at Washington DC before he leaves for Arundel High School, Gambrills, Maryland. He would be returning to India in June 2019.